Friday, May 21, 2010

Updates: 123Orion charity, Muscat Rugby club fundraiser and last chance for free tickets to Hi FM Comedy night!

A few weeks ago, local Expat band 123 Orion did a gig at the Royal Flight to raise funds for local good cause previously featured on the blog, the Creative Learning Centre. The gig was a sell-out and a great success, raising 400 rials [over US$1000] and providing great fun and entertainment for the folks. Well done 123 Orion and special thanks to Jon G.

Photo: Members of band 123 Orion presenting their cheque for 400 rials to the Manager of the Creative Learning Center. Great Job!

Meanwhile, the 'A ruckin' good time' comedy show at Muscat Rugby Club on May 13th was also a hit, and raised loads of cash (over 900 rials!) for the local rugby team. Well done to Mr. & Mrs. Sythe who organised the event. Mr Sythe is a local blogger and author of Muscat Mutterings. Muscat Confidential reader Delirious in the Desert won 2 free tickets to the event and sent this review:

Local comedy show fundraiser big hit at Muscat Rugby Club
All in all it was a great event and fun was had by all - it was well coordinated and sounds like the Rugby boys will get almost a full strip for next season :)
My hubby and I missed the first 3 comedians (we had friends who arrived in town that night from Abu Dhabi and their plane was delayed, so our dinner plans were pushed back).

We did hear that 2 of the first 3 people were awesome, but Mr Sythe would be better versed to speak on their performances...

However, the first comedian after the break was FANTASTIC - an Omani/British guy from Qantab who rocked the house with his jokes about his flight attendant days, as well as growing up in a fishing village /multi-cultural household / and the challenges of explaining traditions like Christmas & The Tooth Fairy to his Omani friends. He had the audience in hysterics and was sent off stage with a round of applause!

The next guy was a Kenyan with a strong American accent, and bless him - he struggled through his performance due to a lack of audience reaction, but nevertheless he finished his set and held his head high. All credit to him though, he approached people after the show and requested feedback - although I wasn't game enough to be honest with him since I immediately thought of the old Jack Nicholson quote "You can't handle the truth" from that Tom Cruise movie!

The final comedian was hilarious and had a huge presence on stage, quite literally. He was an big Omani guy dressed in a rusty coloured dishdasha and matching kumar, joking about sports, sex and cars...quite the line-up. He was a real character and had everyone laughing and cringing at the same time!!!

Overall it was a good night had by all, judging from my sore cheeks and head the next day. Our friends from Abu Dhabi had a good time too and commented that it was the best amateur comedy night they had been too in ages.

Cheers for the tickets!!!

More free stuff! HiFM Comedy
There's more comedy on its way, and you still can enter the draw for one of 2 pairs of free tickets to comedian Amer Zahr, playing on Wednesday, 2nd June at the Crown Plaza.

Either place a comment on this post (with a means of contact and remember it's public) or email undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com, and you are in to win. The draw will be held at midnight, Wednesday 26th May. Enter now!!!

You can also buy tickets by calling the HiFM booking line on (+968) 955-55699

Amer, already a feature on ABC network's "Politically Incorrect" show, is so funny he's just been given his own sitcom vehicle on US TV this season. So for 15 rials a ticket it's a bargain.

And lastly,
Omani Legal Eagle BlueChi, currently on a work experience programme in the US Congress, had the bad luck to get assigned to Congressman Mark Souder for the Legislative Fellowship Program he's on.

Mr Souder, a right-wing 'Family values' Christian Republican, was forced to resign last week after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with a staff member!! See BlueChi's blog here. I'm told BlueChi was live tweeting the event as it happened.

The most unusual thing about the event that it was a female member of his staff... Blue Chi is definitely getting a real tour of US politics!

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