Sunday, May 2, 2010

123 Orion gig raises 400 rials for Creative Learning Center! Plus details of another event promoting Cancer awareness at the Al Bustan, May 6th

One of the features of 'the Expat life' is how people get together to entertain themselves more often than they would back in the real world. There's more of a community than in your average big city.

I'm happy to report the sell-out gig on Thursday night by band 123 Orion raised 400 rials (~US$1000) for local good cause the Creative Learning Center.

And I'm told by a several reliable sources that the evening was a big hit with everyone: the fish and chips (with paper wrapping) was excellent, as was the band, the vibe, and the venue. Muscat Daily even sent a photographer (perhaps all is forgiven? I'm sure Mohanna will add a generous contribution to the final tally to the charity in return for the free column inches...)

Next time Erich, you may need to think about a bigger venue! Or at least more often than once a year.

Well done to the members of 123 Orion and their friends and fans. Some kids who need help will be better off as a direct result of your generosity.

123 Orion in action at the Royal Flight club! photo credit Mairi Thomas

123 Orion Mayday gig for charity

Muscat-based band, 123 Orion, celebrated May Day by playing a gig to raise funds for a local charity at the Royal Flight on Thursday 29 April. This is the third year that the rock group, under the stage names Blind Boy McBracken (David MacDonald); Erich Sarbolis (Jon Goodliffe); Hawk Timimi (Omar Khammas), Muffin Burt (Jenni Eden); Steed Scotia (Stephen Monteith); Titus Chump (Max Goodliffe); Vanya Helsingborg (Tess Goodliffe) and Ziggy Gibson (Liz MacDonald) have played their unique mix of original songs and cover versions to an enthusiastic public. The band have been together, with a varying line up, since 2004 and have played in a number of different venues as well as outside gigs in the desert and on the beach in Tiwi.

“Our original songs have been inspired by living in Oman; themes of the sea and seafaring folk travelling to Zanzibar as well as the events of our own personal lives such as in the song ‘Garden of Eden’” explained Vanya, one of the lead singers.

This year’s event was raising funds for the charity Creative Learning Center who offer creative learning activities for disabled children in Oman. A raffle held at the gig included an opportunity to win works by local artist Jenni Eden and photographer Mairi Thomas as well as exciting kitchen appliances such as a lean grill and a free descaling at Hawk’s dental surgery!

“Although we all have our daytime activities whether as teachers, technicians or dentists, we love the opportunity to play music – even better when we have a chance to raise money for charity and excite our audiences” added Vanya.

123 Orion are currently working on an album of original songs, ‘Into Orbit', which they plan to release at the end of 2010.

Don't forget to register for the free tickets to the comedy gig at Muscat Rugby Club. Just comment on the post or (even better) send me an email. The draw is tomorrow!

And finally, there is another charity gig picked up by the organisers of my facebook fan page: the Omanternity SpringFest 2010! A live music event on May 6th organized by for the benefit of the National Association for Cancer Awareness. The association aims to increase awareness about cancerous diseases in the Sultanate of Oman.

When : May 6th, 2010
Time : 3:00 PM onwards
Where : Seblat Al-Bustan, Al-Bustan Palace Muscat
Tickets : 4 Rials per person, tickets will be available in limited supply at door, bazar currency available on day.
Benefiting : The National Association for Cancer Awareness

Live Music: (Confirmed Bands :Verse 6, Attention, The Dead Beats, Fuse)
Charity Bazar: Various participants will be exhibiting items for sale including foodstuff, clothing items and other things.
Raffle Draw : Including a Samsung 32″ LCD TV,


  1. has no info on this event. And if the tickets are indeed limited, where can one get them in advance? And I assume this is primarily a concert, so there is nothing for kids?

  2. Tickets are available foe sale at:
    - Godiva in sabco
    - Candy boutique in Bareeq Al Shatti
    - National Association for Cancer Awareness.

    or you can send an email to:

    There will be families time from 3-6 which will include a kids area.


    More on the Indian intelligence and ROP cooperation that lead to arrests and extradition of a suspect to India. Major terrorattack in Muscat was averted. Thanks God!

  4. Hi you can get more info @

  5. Thank Dragon and many thanks to 123 Orion.....


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