Saturday, May 1, 2010

HH Sayyid Taimur calls out the Ministry of Manpower, and another awesome Muscat Confidential Promo

First, news.

A big Muscat Confidential thumbs up to HH Sayyid Tariq bin Shabib bin Taimur, Chairman of the National Hospitality Institute (a private training outfit for the hospitality industry in Oman), who was in the business section of today's Muscat Daily (they don't have a website, so I can't give you a link) pointing out how useless the Ministry of Manpower are. Despite having loads of training places available, lots of potential Omani trainees, and hundreds of potential jobs, the MoM just couldn't be arsed to assign the trainees or even pay their outstanding bills with NHI.

He even lists the things he's about the get action on via "... other Ministries concerned and authorities in Government" [read: Ministry of National Economy, MoF, and HM]. He is quoted as saying:

" NHI is...requesting the following solutions:

- pay NHI all outstanding debt immediately, for all work successfully completed;
- remove the conflict of interest [MoM run Oman Tourism College, a competitor];
- change the chronic processes for trainee allocation and payment; and
- quantify and confirm the scale of the [training] opportunity."

Nice one.

I do have a suggestion, Your Majesty**. How about appointing HH Sayyid as Minister of Manpower? He seems to have his shit together and the ability to apply common sense proposals based on a sensible appoach to achieve desired results, a fundamental ability we have all noted seems curiously missing from the skillset of the MoM incumbent...

HH is totally correct: there are a mountain of jobs in the local hospitality industry the new generation of Omanis could excel at, and that should pay a lot more than 300 rials a month too. The Ministry of Manpower instead of training Omanis for actual jobs we need and paying their bills, seem to want to focus on arresting and deporting poor down trodden part-time housemaids, construction labourers and gardeners, presumably to reinforce the natural monopolies of the industrial manpower giants like BEC and OHI. I wonder why?

HH also, demonstrably, has huge balls. I don't recall a member of the Royal Family taking on a Ministry before in a public press conference.

More please HH. So far, you've certainly made a fan of Undercover Dragon.

And in another exclusive promotion for our lucky readers, friend of Muscat Confidential and promising local blogger Mr Sythe of Muscat Mutterings has returned the favour* by offering a pair of free tickets to the upcoming comedy night on Thursday May 13th ("a ruckin good time" - getit?) in aid of the rugby players at Muscat Rugby Club.

Free tickets to Muscat Rugby Club's Comedy bash next Thursday night, 13th May!

It sounds like a totally fun bash. Muscat needs as much comedy as it can get (and not the Ministry of Manpower kind).

The Muscat Rugby Team could also do with a few corporate sponsors too, btw, as the management of the rugby club don't seem to be financially able*** to fully support, er, the people who actually play rugby. Interested? Contact Mr Sythe at mrsythe(at)gmail(dot)com

Usual deal: Put your entry in the comments section or email me at undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com, along with a way to contact you. The draw will be held this Monday evening (that's 2 days away folks), so get in quick!

An update on the Jefferson Starship-esque 123 Orion band's Charity gig, held at Royal Flight over the weekend in aid of the Creative learning Center tomorrow, BTW... I heard it was pretty good.

* He won 2 free tickets to Tom Jones from here a while ago.

** I do fantasize about HM being a reader, must admit... if only...

*** post-posting edit/clarification at the request of Mr Sythe.


  1. does the frustration of Sayyid Tarik explain why National Hospitality Institute opened a branch in India ?
    NHI Principal Robert MacLean explained
    “We’ve been listening to comments from Gulf hoteliers who complain that it has become increasingly difficult to find the right staff from India”

  2. Yes please free tickets!!!!!

  3. It's Tariq not Tarik...

  4. Anon,

    corrected. Sorry, just copied Muscat Daily. My fault!


  5. Dear UD,
    Can you tone it down a bit! Whats with the balls & shit :)
    As for NHI, All what HH Said is true. I just wanted to add one thing.
    A "Big" number of NHI graduates are not employable! They lack the will to work.
    I am not sure why?

  6. I think you will also find that the management of the Rugby Club do a hell of a lot to try and support the players but it is the players themselves who do not turn up to the bands, quiz nights, comedy nights, balls etc.

  7. we need more of this, ppl with balls n love of oman to speak up, wish if we all have the same right to do so ( freedom of speech) that is!! Some may comment and the govt or higher power many not like it, but need to keep in mind that what is said is from the love of Oman

  8. "I do have a suggestion, Your Majesty**. How about appointing HH Sayyid as Minister of Manpower?"

    It seems all this soundbite is for exactly achieving this? There are so many HHs and if all of them use short cuts to attract attention to poor management at various ministries, days will not be far a guy will come and say that I will be the HM. It is the role of media to criticise and not any interested party, and if the guy happens to be HH then there any many like you to support him for probably your own interests????

  9. Rugby is played by men with odd shaped balls.
    Car bumper sticker

  10. Actually I believe it is Tarik and not Tariq. If a public company is being affected like this by a process that doesn't work don't you have to tell the shareholders? I think it took a lot of courage and don't think it is to achieve some higher goal as the last anonymous said. Maybe that guy thinks that way...

  11. Question for everyone:
    What's the connection between HH Tarik and David Cameron??

    Anonymous coward

  12. I see NHI graduates everywhere in the hotels and as the success stories show they must be doing something right

  13. NHI staff on show at events like (the newly sainted) British Ambassador's QBP all seem to me to give the "face of Oman" which makes this such a wonderful place to visit and work. I hope the problems publically identified can be resolved quickly.The selection process for potential students should be able to minimise those lacking a work-ethic (see anon 1st May above). Likewise a living wage.....but bare in mind the basic training provides entry level experience and those with exceptional drive and ambition have the prospect of future advancement and reward. I wish them all good luck and hope those privillaged to exercise responsibility for such valuable training opportunities are able to step-up. Captain

  14. I would LOVE to be in the draw for a good laugh - thanks Dragon!

    Emailing you now :)

  15. Dear UD

    Well done for your great blog. If your intention is to keep everyone amused etc., then fine. However if your attention is also to get the relevent info to the Highest level of the country, then naturally you will have been informed that all the profanity / swear words in your articles will cause great offence and spoil the important message.

  16. Hi. I greatly enjoy your excellent site. Whether naive or not, I would imagine that we all hope that your blog is read at the highest level here in Oman. If so, I am sure you are aware that your increasing use of swear words / bad language (although reasonably normal to our generation) will only cause great offence in the most exalted areas. Can you not tone it down a bit? Your blog is too important to not have the best chance to achieve it full effect.


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