Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh yes - more free giveaways to fantastic comedy! Amer Zahr show 2nd June!!! And another burger joint opens.

Lucky, lucky readers.

What with the on-going tales of drugs, burglary, ever increasing road deaths, unemployment, animal abuse, Ministry of X (place your favorite Ministry here) self-serving incompetence, power shortages, and damn hot weather arriving earlier than ever, who doesn't need a good laugh?

So Muscat Confidential has another free giveaway to see awesome comedy for you. 2 pairs of free tickets to comedian Amer Zahr, playing on Wednesday, 2nd June at the Crown Plaza.

Big thanks to Darren Shortt from Hi! FM for fronting the tickets. (those photos just keep giving and giving - don't worry Darren, the negatives are safe)

So, how do you win those tickets? Well... its the usual deal.

Either place a comment on this post (with a means of contact and remember it's public) or email undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com, and you are in to win. The draw will be held on Wednesday 26th May. Regular readers will know that our draws are based on military spec encryption, drawn under the peerless authority of Ms. Dragon and a very good friend from the senior branches of His Majesty's ISS.

Each pair of tickets is only worth 30 rials [US$75], so even if you don't win I think it's a bargain to go and buy a pair. After all, how much is a good laugh (the best aphrodisiac yet discovered gents) worth?

I may even attend...

You have to be in to win.

In other news,

Burger King Oman finally returned this week, at a petrol station on a motorway in Qurm. Hmmm. Salubrious. Cars were backed up pretty much all the way to Ruwi. Yes, demand for high fat high salt industrial fast-prepared edible American franchise crap quality cuisine is almost unlimited here in the Sultanate, especially amongst the discerning, genetically-diabetic-prone youth. There's just sooo much to do of an evening!

Photo: Yum yum. It may have taken them 18 months or so to get a license, but here it is! Burger King returns. Pic ripped from local blogger me of mine RASHAD NSOULI.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

The story as to why their license took so long to get is still to emerge. Any readers with an insight there?

And do they actually employ any Omanis? You know, the ones who's unemployment I keep hearing about?


  1. I really don't get this Burger attraction... I spoke to a female Omani colleague the other day and asked if she was worried that men's waists were rapidly growing. She looked puzzled and said she hadn't noticed. Its a good job the dish-dash is derigeur, as waist band alterations would otherwise become the Number 1 profession... Maybe the Ministry of Health were (sensibly) behind the delay in licence approval?

  2. Hey Dragon,
    Great work on the tickets! Been reading your posts for such a long time now that it has become a habit!
    And honestly, how did you like the meal at Burger King? I am presuming you got a taste of burger(s). I've been getting really bad reviews of the I am still wondering if I should go there or give it a miss!
    I'm not too sure about the story of their license, but one rumour that was doing its rounds is this - Many years ago, when Burger King had an outlet here, the son of a high ranking official found something inedible in his burger. The wheels got into motion and the biggies took away their license. And it seems the same biggie/s had issues with the outlet being re-opened again! (Not sure if this is the truth anyway!)

  3. Hey Anne, I know your eyeing the tickets, well guess am I! Hope someone gets the hint:-)
    About burger king...well my husband who did his schooling here in the days when burger king ruled, has rave reviews about the burger and the milkshake. Apparently at the time, the combo used to cost just RO 1.
    On the delayed opening- well, I would love to give them some PR tips!

  4. Hi Anne,
    the rumour about the inedible morsel is ficticious, they closed because it wasnt making money as a business high rent high franchise fee & obligation to continually open new sites. All the premises were rented so they could retreat without too much pain. The clown at the arches owns some of his sites so they're in for the long run. As for the BK licence... maybe it took a while to get permission to open without any omani staff?? I dont actually know.

  5. Dat be good choice mon..

  6. Never mind Burger King - social scene looks like it's hotting up!

  7. The worst service and the worst food....i had to fall in line for
    an hour just to get a lousy looking burger. Mcdonalds is the king
    of burgers!!!!

  8. bad location lousy food, bad service mcdonalds is still king!

  9. I liked BK, so im here just for the tickets :p

  10. Well, I did hear that the reason they didn't open for a zillion years was because ... they couldn't get the clearances for the staff ... and unfortunately the unemployed Omani youth were .. unavailable?

  11. BK,,,hmmm, Location: Wrong, Building size: Small, Parking area: Tight, Food: After all these years, still need magical touch(except the shakes :-) ), Reason to take such a long time to re-open: Bad management with cheap mentality....for more write to:
    Thanks people and take good care


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