Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A question for the reader: Oman for Gay Expat?

While I'm away, one I'd like to pass to my many readers and facebook fans.

Answers please (as comments) to a fellow reader of Muscat Confidential, who asks:

Hello there,

I may be moving to Oman, I am from [Somewhere in Europe] and I am gay. I have a partner and we have been together for 6 years. We are thinking about getting married.

Now I have the chance to move to Oman for work and we are quite worried about him getting a visa. Since homosexual acts, per se, are outlawed, I would like some recommendation by perhaps another expat on how to proceed when requesting the visa. Should we say we are married? should we look for an alternative?

By Anonymous on Sexual Adventures in Oman on 7/26/11

Over to you. My answer soon.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apologies - still alive, just still on vacation


I realise I've not posted for a while. Sorry if I worried any of you.*

All is fine in the Dragon's Lair.

I'm still on vacation. Or Holiday, depending where you are. I got very busy flying all around collecting treasure and spending quality time with Ms Dragon. And then I went on vacation.

I'll be back on-line presently. It's all been pretty quiet in Muscat anyhow it seems, and with all the joys a summer Ramadan is about to kick in, I guess it's 'run away' to other places for a while for many of you as well!

Meanwhile, send me emails if you have any news.

* No, no conspiracy, not in/just out of prison, nor ill, nor in any dire straights what so ever. Nor am I in Oman.