Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Omanis wanted by Interpol

It's been amazing to see some of the stories making it into the newspapers lately.

Times of Oman published an article asking for CCTVs in Oman's high schools to get drug dealers ‘CCTV in schools must to arrest drug peddlers’, in a story by Oman's top Journalist Saleh Al-Shaibany. The article is unusual in that it admits there is a huge drug problem in Oman:

... The problem of drug trafficking has become so serious in the Sultanate that it prompted the ROP to establish a new department last week. Records show that once youngsters get hooked up to drugs, if they don’t get help, they may even commit suicide. One of the most prevalent problems in the country is the absence of dedicated rehabilitation centres to take care of this menace widespread in the Omani society.

A recent UNICEF annual report said, “The use of drugs among adolescents, particularly girls, is of concern in Oman. There is only one rehabilitation hospital for the entire country.”

Hospital Ibn Sina is the only hospital that offers rehabilitation for drug addicts but many feel that the centre mainly offers a short-term detoxification rather than an extensive treatment. For some reason, the government recently scrapped plans to build a specialized drug rehabilitation clinic at Al Khodh, close to the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

“It is good to see that the ROP is setting a new department. This effort will help reduce smuggling and sale of the drugs but will not help people who have already become addicts. We need a proper rehabilitation centre on par with the international standards where an addict can get at least six-month treatment,” Khalid Al Massoudi, a father of 22-year-old drug abuser, told Times of Oman.

Massoudi said that his son was given a free sample by some people who came to his school when he was just 15 and now he has become an addict. Initially, we didn’t know but when we started noticing expensive items missing from home, including money, and behavior of my son, we realised that something must be wrong with him. Late on we came to know that he needed cash to buy drugs for his daily consumption,” Massoudi said.

Excellent reporting Saleh. Although I'd have loved a few anon interviews with these addicts in school. If any of you high school girls are reading this, send me an email in between chasing the dragon on tin-foil. Unlike your male counterparts, you probably can read and write English. I can probably really improve your music selection too.

It was also interesting to see this report on Interpol issuing international arrest warrants for 3 Omani citizens. Despite the warrants being published, Times of Oman still can't bring itself to print their names or photos.

According to the Interpol, 46-year-old A.S.S., 32-year-old H.A., and 28-year-old A.B.S.S.S. figure on list of Interpol’s ‘Most Wanted’ criminals from Oman.

According to the premier investigative agency, A.S.S., an Omani national and a resident of Muscat, is wanted in several cases of counterfeiting, forgery and fraud cases in Oman. “His height is 1.68 metres and colour of hair and colour of eyes is black,” the agency said.

It seems we can admit our high schools are plagued with drug dealers and teenage girls on Heroin, but god forbid we actually name a criminal. Bizarre.

So here are those wanted criminals, in case you spot them in the queue at Lulu:

Suspect No. 1
Photo: Interpol wanted list. Said Khamis Ayil Al Salti

Said Khamis Al Salti, DOB 01/11/1965. Wanted for counterfeiting, forgery, & fraud. AKA A.S.S.

Suspect No. 2

Photo: Interpol wanted list. Saif Sahlouf Said Al Badi

Saif Sahlouf Said Al Badi, DOB 11/10/1983. Wanted for fraud. AKA A.B.S.S.S.

Suspect No. 3
Photo: Interpol wanted list. Ali Hooti

Ali Hooti, DOB 06/10/79. Wanted for Crimes against humanity, Organized crime/transnational crime, Terrorism, Crimes involving the use of weapons/explosives. AKA H.A.

This is the guy wanted for the bombing in India, and apparently is Omani born, despite reports.

And finally.

Speaking of photos no-one wants to print, look how happy HM looks, arriving in Croatia.

Photo: HM Sultan Qaboos arrives in Croatia at the start of a well deserved vacation. Doesn't he look totally GQ?