Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Crime and Punishment in the UAE - What assholes

In today's Gulf Snooze News today, 2 articles that really underscore the attitude of the law and authorities in the UAE to crime and Nationality. [thanks for pointing it out Z!]

Before following the link, can you match the crime with the punishment?

Case 1: 150 rial theft
Some Indian workers stole & sold 150 rials [US$400] worth of scrap metal.

Case 2: Aggravated Rape
An Emirati raped an American in her home.

Sentence A: 6 months in jail. Sentence B: 12 months in jail.
Which crime got which punishment?




Tough call? Not for the good judges in the UAE, and I'm sure not for you either.

The two Indians in Case 1 got 12 months & deportation.

The deadbeat Emirati rapist got 6 months.
6 lousy months. I can only hope some of the vast numbers of Indians in the jail rape him repeatedly while punching him hard across the head every single day he's inside serving his time.

The UAE maintains its current Muscat Confidential Rating: "Best Avoided"... The entire place is insane. And if you're an Expat, no matter how important, you're disposable. Building high rise gleaming towers on the back of slaves clearly doesn't impart civilisation.

Here are the stories.

Case 1: A year in prison, followed by deportation

Gulf News May 6th 2010.
Dubai: Two workers have been jailed after a court convicted them yesterday of stealing one tonne of iron scrap from the company where they worked, and trying to sell it for Dh1,500.
The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced each of the Indian workers to one year in jail after Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir pronounced them guilty of theft.
Prosecutors accused the two accused, 23-year-old S.M. and 34-year-old M.R., of stealing the iron scrap.
According to the chargesheet, prosecutors accused S.M. with forging a company document which permitted him to sell the iron scrap.
When the two suspects appeared in court, S.M. pleaded guilty and M.R. denied his charges.
According to yesterday's judgment, the defendants will be deported after the completion of their sentence.

Gulf News May 6th 2010.
Dubai: A jobless man has been jailed for six months after a court convicted him of having sex with an American woman, who claimed he raped her.
The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the 22-year-old Emirati to six months in jail after he denied that he raped the 26-year-old American woman and claimed he had consensual sex with her.
Prosecutors said the jobless Emirati secretly walked behind the woman while she was opening her house door, then he gagged her and forced her into the flat where he beat and raped her on her bed.
The Public Prosecution charged the Emirati, M.K., with raping the woman, who works in sales, after assaulting her.
An Emirati police officer testified that the incident happened in the woman's flat in the International City. "I headed to the location and found the woman in a hysterical condition and her face was bruised… she alleged that she met M.K. one month prior to the incident in a pub. She claimed that on the day of the incident he dropped her home and she took the elevator."
The officer said the woman claimed M.K. surprised her from behind, pushed her into the flat and subsequently raped her.


  1. I want to say the UAE is anti Western. But it seems all these cases come out of the emirate of Dubai. So let's say. Dubai is an extremist emirate run by goons. I am amazed they jailed the Emirati for 6 months. Usually they charge the women with prostitution.

    Dubai does hate Westerners that is a fact. They do love Russian mafia, Chinese mafi, Africa tribal mafias, Indian mafia, Pakistan criminals and mafi, people on Interpols 'wanted' list...they can find safe haven in Dubai.

    If you are a normal person avoid Dubai. Go shopping in Doha or better Europe.

  2. Thats F'ing disgusting. But I don't know why this is a big deal, as its nothing new. Has been going on in teh UAE even during boom years of 2007. I remember reading a case of 2 emirati's kidnapping a french boy and raping him. You can guess the punishment was ridiculously low - I think it was 3 months in prison and made a small section of the newspaper - just a few lines devoted to it.

  3. Atleast they gave the emirati some punishment (usually the case wudve been, as said by another friend above,the gal getting punished for prostitution or provoking the man with lewd gestures,provocative dressing etc)

  4. Dubai is for the (well connected) criminals, other expats survive only becuase of their luck !!!
    As UD said, avoid if possible.

  5. "Best Avoided" for expats, "Best visited" for Khaleejis (Gulfians) as its quite unlikely for us to be punished/imprisoned!

  6. Well maybe if they didn't pay them peanuts and paid them what they actually deserve, they wouldn't have to steal!! Yes, stealing is wrong, but not everything is black and white. These people get paid NOTHING compared to what they do for this part of the world. People need to look at the WHY not just the WHAT.

    And the wording of the rape incident is quite amusing, "A jobless man has been jailed for six months after a court convicted him of having sex with an American woman, who claimed he raped her." That in itself indicates that they believe it is not necessarily true.

    There is something wrong with this part of the world and it starts with Human Rights (or lack of more like it).

  7. It's not just UAE, Oman as well1 Indeed if we look at the Arabic countries as a whole rape is not taken seriously, difficult to bring charges and if you get that far including the intimidation then you have actually achieved something!

    I know of several rapes in Oman, the one that persisted regretted it as they got their revenge for doing 7 days, yes SEVEN!

  8. Is,nt it about time these countries were stopped. What about trials in a European court!

  9. There are many incidents like these. Nobody wants to reveal / disclose these . You know why?
    Either they may be deported or screwed.
    Drinking coke and driving Hummer or GMC doesnt make you international. You have to learn to treat everyone equaly. and unfortunately that will never happen.. ther are lots of rape/ harrasments happenng to the developing country nationalities.. it doesnt come out in the light. This issue came out only because she was American. gues if she was Srilankan / Pakistani? Indian or so?

  10. I've spent many years living in Oman and I love the country deeply, but I have also lived in Dubai for the last six years and I can find many things in it to enjoy as well. It's a city of 2 million, with a local population of around 300,000 in deep conflict and denial about their culture and the overwhelming changes that have happened so fast. It isn't black or white guys- nothing like as simple as your condemnations suggest. Do the courts have a problem handing down proper sentences to locals- Absolutely. Is Emirati society often irrational about the sex/drugs/rock n'roll aspects Western behaviour? Sure, but they like the money it brings in too much to take the Saudi route. It is far from a perfect place. However, it also has many strengths. It is often open and honest in a way that people in Oman aren't able to be. (Educational failure- they admit it's they're own faults. Emiratization- it doesn't work, they know they're lazy and they're doing something about it.) If you watch and listen they talk about these things in public and in English. When they're good they often put us to shame in all kinds of ways and I often find them so much more pro-active than the average Omani.
    Slagging off is very cheap, especially when you never come here to find out for yourselves. Cheap and stupid.

  11. What about trials in a European Court? Would you care to elaborate?

    The simple fact is that rape is seen as a disgusting, humiliating and degrading act of personal violence in the 'civilised' world. In contrast to the Arabic/Muslim world where it is viewed as an assault with a friendly weapon. It is also used as a form of punishment in some backward Muslim countries - FACT, but not a pleasant one to write!

  12. correction, and facts, Oman is not like Dubai, i know of some young guys who did rape, and now are doing time 10yrs and others upto 15 yrs, so lets stick with the facts

  13. The one case I never forgot was of a 13 year old girl who got snatched from her own garden while playing then raped and then thrown back near home. She was accused of wearing provocative clothing of Jeans and T-shirt and the emarati got away free. Since then nothing has amazed me here. A rit Lady hit an indian crossing illegal on motorway and she got jailed. An Emarati kids ran a Brit girl at round about crossing and killed her - it was her fault. What can one say about the laws out here - F'd up. But there is one judge even the Emaratis cant escape - The All Mighty - and his punishment will reached them sooner than they think.

    A. A. Ali

  14. By the way as an Omani living and working out here I have had my share of crap - like we are better than Omanis or higher. Really - how considering most of you are immigrants or decendants or illeterate immigrants and your country at 38 years old has no history accept other cultures stolen history. They seem to think that the cheap concrete jungle which resemble council estates mean success and the fact that they can legal con people means they are smarter. Yes - more like story of Pharoah v Moses or people of Aad v Hud.

  15. To the guy who said Dubai is more open - dont know which Dubai you are talking about but the one I am living in has two faces as well. Yes one law for people with wasta and another for the rest. It has s facade of a modern country but deep down (the system, the laws and the mentality) it is no different than any other third world country. I have lived here for 20 years and I commute to Bahrain and Oman regularly and take it from me the locals here are unfriendly, backward and full of themselves.

  16. Agent ProvocateurMay 9, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    Well guys what do you expect this is endemic and goes beyond UAE... what do they say lead by example:


  17. really astonishing. UD I would like you to include in your studies the recent english newspaper started in Pakistan
    for while article recently appeared in must be intresting to read though it may offend you as it Pakistani point of view

    The above mntioned reports, one can condemn it is less. The whole story reported in way to show sympathy to emarati " a jobless emariti', a jobless who may be tense of his/her financial situations would never indulge in sexual activity. He could have also claimed the american women offered him money for sex, then what...

  18. Dubai the city haters love to hate.

  19. Well, there is it is. I think Dubai is internationally criticized because it deserves to be. Don't forget the public video on youtube from the Royals savage torture of an Afghani worker. The most vile....and guess what he got off. Verdict, he wasn't well. WOW...he even ran over the poor fellow with his vehicle, video taped it, and GOT OFF !!!!!!!!! The rape of the French boy was very public only because the family started an international boycott of Dubai. They were brave and had money to fight it.
    One of the Emiriatis accused of the rape was HIV positive and had a criminal record. Still this boy continues to be tested for HIV...imagine.

    Dubai is not a beautiful place. It is ugly.
    These are not rare cases. These are the standard. And there are thousands more that are silent due to fear.

    A city where prostitutes run rampant, but an expat kissing someone on the cheek gets thrown in jail.

    This is the real AD for Dubai tourism.

    With regards to the Pakistani newspaper article. I think Pakistan is not a respected country in terms of human rights, this is esp. true for women and children. So...this means that who cares what they write...they are living in the dark ages also.

  20. It almost reminded me of how american soldiers in Iraq get away what they did in Abu Grabe prison and other crimes in thier own courts excused as " an act done under stess " go figure.... Keep lecturing us dragon about how beutiful youe human feelings are....

    Devils advocate

    I thought you were told to shut that gap between your legs. Arabs did not cause the sexual mess you are in.


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