Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another exclusive interview: Bi-Lesbian Omani 'Scudder' from Community Queer

In the second part of our little mini-series on the Omani Gay scene, Muscat Confidential is proud to have been given an exclusive interview with local blogger Scudder, from Community Queer. She is a bisexual, but prefers women. She is also Omani.

(Part One can be found here by the way: Interview with An English Gentleman)

Photo: There are just as many Bi-Women and Lesbians in Oman as anywhere else. No matter what many people might want to believe.

Personally, I've always found it to be a tribute to the incredible power of hormones that there any women at all who are actually interested in men. Shallow and stereotypical it may be on my part, but I've always figured that if I had been born a woman, I would definitely prefer to have been also born a lesbian. Women are, in my experience, generally harder working, more balanced, more loving, more generous, smarter and (it seems almost too obvious to say), tend to look much better naked.

Scudder agreed to share with us her observations, experiences and advice on being bisexual in the Sultanate of Oman. Note, "Finn" is her male (and queer) co-blogger at Community Queer.

Muscat Confidential: Thank you for speaking to us Scudder. First of all, how big is the gay scene in Oman? Is it just in Muscat, or is there an active scene in say, Nizwa or Salalah?

Scudder: That's the thing. There is definitely a gay scene in Muscat, and undoubtedly in Salalah and Nizwah as well, but it is so hush-hush between those involved that you cannot determine the exact numbers. There are small gatherings here and there, and certain places here in Muscat are popularly known for their once-a-week 'gay' gatherings. It's mostly word of mouth stuff… Finn and I have each other, but entrenched in conservative society, it's almost impossible for a true community to form. We started our blog hoping to create a way of truly connecting with Omani gay youth.

MC: How do you get dates? Given the attitude to homosexuality in Oman, it must be pretty tense trying to figure out if the person you're keen on is amenable to a proposition!

Scudder: Haha, dates. That's a sad topic. As the female half of Community Queer, I can say with some certainty that it's easier for me to get dates with women than it is for Finn to get dates with men. There are many girls I've met, Arab and well-educated, who have been more open about their 'unconventional' desires. At the same time, in terms of getting a date, it's no where near as easy as heterosexual dating probably is. Being as closeted as we are, our feelings for others are often in the closet with us, things we cannot openly share with those we want to connect with. Honestly, there are a lot of women around here confused about their sexuality, especially among teenagers. Sexual experimentation is not a myth in that respect …I think it just takes honesty with yourself and your closest friends. Tell people (but make sure they aren't CID and/or narrow-minded). Muscat is small and a friend (granted a tolerant, accepting one) could be connected to someone else who is gay or bi or lesbian. And they could know others…

MC: Do you know of anyone who has come out to their family in Oman? If so, how did it work out? Would you ever consider coming out?

Scudder: No. Things like that are really not spoken of around here. I could never come out to my family. My mother might understand, but the rest of my family would probably have me stoned to death.

MC: What is the attitude of the ROP? Are they 'actively' seeking out homosexual activity, or ignoring it, or even consciously turning a blind eye? Is it easier for lesbians and bi-females than for male gays?

Scudder: Homosexuality is illegal in Oman. I have heard stories about police seeking out popular places where gays gather and jailing them, but I'm unsure of the real truth behind these stories. I know if any activity is caught in public, even behind tinted car windows, that's definite jail time. As much as possible, I think the ROP is making efforts to seek out homosexual activity, especially if it were flamboyantly displayed. They probably don't care too much about foreign homosexuals, but if they knew Omanis were gay...

MC: Have you ever been subjected to harassment for your sexual orientation, or subjected to threats? In Iran and Iraq (and unfortunately many other places) we read of vigilante gangs murdering homosexuals. Is this a problem in Oman?

Scudder: Just the typical ignoramuses with ugly words at the tip of their tongue, the sort of people who make assumptions based on your clothing choices. It's surprising how many shallow, thoughtless people are around. Since no one is openly gay, many are saved from such murders as in Iran and Iraq.

MC: Do you think that homosexuality will ever be decriminalised in Oman?

Scudder: Not in this kind of ignorance-fuelled lifetime. We can do what we can with the words we have in the hopes that people can find empathy and understanding in their hearts. But in a country that stands on religious foundations, it is unlikely that it will be decriminalized any time soon. All I hope for is a change of mentality from complete denial/disgust to at least tolerance… I think I have enough faith in Oman for at least that.

MC: There are a lot of 'body building' mags on sale in Oman. Are body building and gyms a common cover for homosexuality? Specifically, are the Rock Bottom bouncers gay? (I probably won't be able to publish the answer to that one, but still curious...)

Scudder: Hahaha. Honestly, I've never thought about the Rock Bottom bouncers being gay. They are HUGE, but they get paid for their girth. Sorry. Dirty pun haha. I guess there is the stereotype that those who pay more attention to their looks are probably gay, but in this case I really have no idea.

MC: I guess Finn would be better at handling that question! OK. Where is the region's most gay friendly city?

Scudder: I'm not sure. I think Lebanon is the only country in the region with official gay bars. I remember an aunt of mine saying that homosexuality is most prevalent here in Oman which brought it to the rest of the Middle East (in a disdainful tone of voice). Obviously, we don't know the exact numbers. Homosexuality in Oman, from what you hear, is not pretty. There are many married men who reject the idea of being a 'homosexual', yet participate in 'homosexual activity', because somehow that doesn't make them 'homosexual'. That's why taxi drivers think it's okay to stick their hand down passenger's pants. You're only homosexual when you have romantic feelings for your sex object which is a sickening perpetuation of denial and ignorance.

MC: What would be your advice to a young person in Oman who thinks they're gay, or bi? What should they do? I would imagine - as in the west - growing up gay in a small village must be very lonely and worrying.

Scudder: Be honest with yourself, though I know from experience that it seems like the easiest thing to do is stifle who you are inside. No one around you needs to know, but YOU need to know YOURSELF. It feels like you're alone, like what you're going through is the worst thing. But, cliché aside, you have to embrace the beauty of who you are. Read, listen to music, marvel at art – realize that some of the greatest artists and thinkers have been homosexual. Embrace that.

MC: How do you avoid getting set up in a straight marriage? It's commonly gossiped that many gay guys (and girls I guess) just get married to get it over with.

Scudder: Get good grades and flee the country. Study for as long as you can. Come visit once in a while, but make your home elsewhere. If it's marriage you are escaping, you have to be far, far away. As a female, I will never reach the age where my family will stop pestering me to marry a man, which is a possibility, though an unlikely one. Hence, my life devoted to academia. It is expected, no, required, of men and women to marry and have children. Marriage is the priority. Love is often a bonus… you hear all these stories about gay men and women marrying to shut their families up, then searching for alternative outlets for their sexual desire… It's incredible, the kind of underground drama going on behind the veil of the 'Perfect Arab Family.'

MC: Again, thanks for sharing with Muscat Confidential and my readers. And good luck with the blog, especially now you've been through the blocked/unblocked drama!

Scudder: Thanks!

Anyone - straight, gay or bi - having sex is strongly advised to read about protecting yourself and your partner(s) from harm, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. See Wikipedia - Safer Sex.

And anyone looking for 'straight' answers about real sex and sexuality from a fantastic gay Agony Aunt can do no better than columnist Dan Savage. Recommended reading if you're over 18. Note, this week's column is an absolute classic.


  1. oh boy, bigotry, as homosexuality, is global.

    that's a very risqué photo by the way, as mc gets blocked by omantel in 3-2-1...

  2. OMG I'm just worried about the girls in the photo, what if a family member reads your blog? They'll get killed!

  3. very frank and brave and wonderful.. but somehow it hurts.. i'm confused.

    can i ask something? i don't really know if i'm attracted to women but there's a very special girl i love so much that sometimes i feel like kissing her or sth... only that girl.. does this really mean i'm not heterosexual and i've been lying to myself???

  4. Wow I don't feel at all inspired by this interview. The girl says she fears being STONED by her Omani family. Really? Stoning in Oman. Get real.
    You have human rights here. And yes they may hate you and cut you off...but stone you...not likey at all.

    And families in the West also cut off their gay off spring all the time, so what ...we risk it and it hurts but in the end we build loving communities which nourish our true spirits. This is the challenge of life.
    Did you ever watch the film HARVEY MILK?

    I have yet to hear of any prosecution of consensual adults in a homosexual relationship in Oman.

    Dubai and Qatar have tried but the international community has come to the cause on more than one occasion.

    The Middle East is moving towards a more sexually tolerant place...there will always be hate as long as their is religion (which professes love, yet all religions I have come across have so much hate and intolerance I wonder if they really believe any GOD or Creator would shake their hand and say 'good job' lots of hate and fear you have spread..mabrook on being filled with hate.

    Intolerance has strength only if you allow it.

    When you stand strong and live in the live fully.

    Bi ? really....? lol....I am bored of all the Arab girls I meet who say ..oh i am an immediate disclaimer that is why i won't date them. Excuse my doubtful nature, experience in the Gulf says...the girls all say they are Bi and the Gay boys all say ....not much at all.

    Have yet to meet an out and proud Arab. Where are you all ?

  5. Hi Dragon, I'm with the Boxter guy (or is it gal?). Anyway, I guess its back to the dark ages from now on in. For a while there I thought you might pull thru' and achieve something. I just hope nobody finds the girls in the pic - even if it was a joke. Bye, bye, Willie D.
    P.S I'll try and keep my promise... Honest.

  6. Are we sure these two are actually Omani? Their blog and writing indicate that they are Arab but not Omani.

    -Omani in US

  7. It's a sad thought that two people could be in love with a same sex partner yet be forced, or feel obliged to marry the opposite sex. I imagine this would be worse for Lesbians!

    Is it true Rock Bottom is changing its name to Cock Bottom?

  8. f.l.m--- I think you should be asking that question to a Doctor, not a Blogger.

  9. Sup sup hot them two,mmmm i would like to join them :)

  10. :) where did you manage that picture?
    You know, most women arelatently bisexual. so if as anon1 says he's met a lot of women who say they are bi, then it just could be that the actually are. and i tend to think that arab women spend more time in the company of other women than mixed crowds (i could be generalising) because of which, it may be natural that they explore their sexuality with other women.
    As for persecution because you're gay, world over aren't there homophobes, albeit in varying degrees?

  11. also abdullah: why would flm ask a doctor of all people about wanting to kiss someone?!

  12. UD

    I am a flower to your blog since a while. Please respect the religion and culture of Oman. Whether they are Omani or not, it is really rude to post such a picture.


  13. Previous Anon.
    They aren't Omani. Plus I think I could take 100s of photos like that every day. They could be just kissing each other in greeting.

    Isn't it against the 'religion and culture' for you to have such a dirty mind?

  14. Anon

    "Please respect the religion and culture of Oman."

    Here is a little wake-up call for you.

    Homosexuality and Lesbianism is part and very big parcel of the culture of Oman.

    Culture, by definition, is anything that happens, traditional or otherwise, in a country or region.


  15. Hey UD,

    Keep up the great work of informing us expats and Omanis alike about topics not covered in the mainstream pathetic Omani media (not necessarily their fault since there is no such thing as freedom of press here).

    Anyways, when I first moved to Muscat 2 years ago, I was introduced to the concept of "The Omani way", which my PRO said was men having sex with men. He told me that he loves women (and is married with children) but occasionally sleeps with men for fun...of course, he is always on top, otherwise he would be a "khaneeth" (aka fag). He also warned me of the taxi drivers. Many times, I have been propositioned by them for sex. One even kissed me before I smacked him and ran from the car. Now, I have lived in more than 15 countries in my lifetime, most of them in liberal European ones, and I have to say I have never experienced as many homosexual advances as I have in Oman.

    A friend of mine who is an ER physician at one of the government hospitals said he often treats both men and women for injuries sustained due to rough anal sex...some of them are only children! He said the ROP doesn't intervene when child rape is reported because it is seen as a "family issue".

    By the way, when you are in the mall, open your bluetooth setting on your mobile phone and you will see names such as "anal lover" on the list. Many gay men find each other that way.

  16. How could they be real Omani when thier writing and line of thoughts is 100% westren and British to be precise ) . There is something here that doesnt fit and posting that picture doesnt make it real. My guess is that its 2 expats posing as local.

  17. UD

    That is a silly justification. Please never talk about Omani culture if you cannot differentiate between a greeting kiss and a lesbian kiss. Then, are we really talking about greetings here to have "a greeting kiss"?

    Stay safe & wise

  18. I hope those two girls get caught and it would be good riddance I hate queers.
    I am an open minded guy but not so open to the point my brain falls off(Credit to richard dawkins for that line). There is no defense for homosexuality you can go around jumping here and there trying to defend it with various things claim it to be evolution, science, religon etc etc but all you are doing in the end if trying to avoid the truth which is homosexuality is a disease which if left to spread can in the long run endanger the human species. As biology would tell you we have two sexes to breed we are programmed that way and that is how we function we target the different sex in order to continue the germ line that has been passed over by our parents parents parents to the first human and above. Once we start targeting the same sex (Homosexuality) or humans who are not ready to breed(Pedophilia) we have a basic human malfunction. SO why do we consider one to be a biological and psychological malfunction( pedophilia) while the other is completely natural?

    That is because the world today especially the west is riding the waves of political correctness. People claiming to be unbiased and free thinkers when they are anything but that. This is the disease effecting todays society too much political correctness people afraid to say whats on their mind or state facts in fear of offending someone " Oh no the homos are parading that means they are right in the head".

    The cure to homosexuality is the same cure for pedophilia. Both should be treated as a mental illness both should be treated by lots of psychology and heck even hormone therapy.

    I got a D in one of my reports in university once cause my f*****t ass teacher told us to write a paper on gay marriege but because i didnt not support it and i broke down every homosexual propaganda I ended up with a D.

    You can claim that homosexuality goes downt of reedom of choise but you must always remember that your freedom ends where it effects other peoples freedom. I am free to get me a harley choper loud as hell anddrive it in your neighbourhood at 3 am for hours if your neighbourhood is empty but ocne there are people sleeping there thats where my freedom ends.

    So to my fellow gay bashers, to my fellow speak your minders I salute you, for you are the roseful scent in this pile of bullshit called political correctness.

  19. Homosexulaity, lesbians kissing in public, burglaries, rapes and exploitation of workers....seems Oman is becoming a normal country!

  20. Anon
    You are an idiot. Thanks for letting us see that so clearly! Once you get past kindergarten level biology come back. (Of course in Oman, homosexuality can be passed on especially successfully through the gene pool because so many male and female gays are effectively forced to marry and have kids by bigots like you! LOL)

    The photo wasn't Omanis.

    Wishing Community Queer were expats won't make it so... they are Omanis. Albeit educated and articulate ones (unlike anon above).

  21. UD

    That is the dirtiest level of language in ur blog.

  22. this comment section is like punditry on fox news or an episode of jerry springer, loving it !

  23. Anon,
    I don't think so. One may note one of the most frequesnt words in the interview is "love".

    Glad to entertain. The ability of many locals (and expats) to think that by not talking about something makes it cease to exist is incredible.

    And yes, sadly it's not like Oman has a monopoly on bigotry and homophobia.

  24. i'll bite on Anon not being a moronic troll, and assume that he is advancing the argument that there is homosexuality is a psychological rather than a biological phenomenon. Leaving aside homosexuality seen in other species (by Anons argument, these would be the mentally ill of the species), there is research that indicates that homosexuality is actually a biological phenomenon that might provide evolutionary advantages to the species where it occurs- (full story can be found on other sites too if you dont have an economist subscription- just search for the title)

  25. UD

    Not everyone with Omani passport is representative of Omani culture. I remember working at large company and we had a lesbo with title " Al Said " but she was really a Western lesbo clone with an Omani passport because of the " Al said " link somewhere in her family !!!!. CommunityQueer are clones of your own society. I don’t know what the fuss is about.

  26. anon.. am sure that i am more religious and conservative.. and maybe less openminded than you. but i don't believe homosexuality is a disease.. even though it confuses me.

    am sure that i have seen the girl on the left somewhere before...

  27. It’s funny how everyone here claims I am an idiot, a troll and that I should pass first grade biology while no one here bothered to counter the points I posted.

    Well here is my say to what you said: Once you guys learn how to discuss things properly and counter arguments point by point instead of using ad hominem then we can talk till then this comment section is nothing but a giant circle jerk where it seems lending a hand to one another seem to be the theme.

    P.S To the anon who posted that article I stopped reading at "genes for gayness". Actually I didn’t it read like an article jumbled together full of opinion just to say in the end homosexuality is an evolutionary advantage. Pfft gay gene I will waver my car and my degree for anyone who can point me to this gay gene.

  28. GAwd...... another one on secret homos....

    1. I implore the Omanis... Ignore the article, do not react and these wud go away. Your reactions drive the frequency of these articles

    2.. Personally I dont mind if anyone has the sexual orientation for elephants (just an example)... provided that - (a) the elephant doesnt mind and (b) things are done in private space.

  29. hmm, your site got blocked by Omantel btw. On a more related note, I have yet to find the phenomenon of gayness to be natural when it comes to species with opposite genders. For those who believe in the human evolution from monkeys (I don't), I fail to capture any homosexuality interactions between them, biologically speaking.

    To anon about the gay article; People these days get PhDs with research that are found to be incorrect later on. Artificial sugar and diabetes anyone?

  30. Boxter, you called it (i.e. the blocking of the site) first!

  31. Ha Ha .. I can't help laughing seeing the animated unicorns now.

  32. Wow.. seriously.. I could be the most open-minded person around my folks and friends.. but did you forget that Oman is an Islamic country? wait... she says, "a change of mentality from complete denial/disgust to at least tolerance… I think I have enough faith in Oman for at least that" .. seriously? actually seeking for a change? get real. Duddette you don't even have the right to have that faith! oh, and where did her religion ever go to? we all do commit wrong actions, but one this far? all I got to say that this is sick.
    I can't really judge gay, bi or lesbian ppl, cause I will never understand what goes through their brains.. but actually encouraging such behavior ? you all know that this is never going to get anywhere and the point of accepting such ppl is never going to be proved, aaall about grabbing some attention and fussing about it. Great job! But that is how it's going to stay :)

  33. To the Anonyomus poster of March 7 at 7:01am..

    Yes Oman happens to be an Islamic country. So what. The world is the world. Sexuality is not defined by religion, these are fairy tales and propoganda from the dark control and put fear into an ignorant public mass. In Africa WITCH doctors are still used, people with AIDS are said to be of the the devil. Do you believe that too??

    Evolve Anyomos 7:01am..and keep your ideology and laws off of my body.

    Oman is a progressive wonderful country on this awesome planet.
    With migration, globalization, even Christian countries tolerate other religions and beliefs. Not all perfect, but that is the challenge of life.

    To move forward, to evolve, to grow, to not have our hearts and minds poisoned by polictics and religion.

    And for those who were asking,...yes i posted earlier in this thread..i am --ANONYNOUS from March 3, 2010 9:19 PM--and FEMALE...LESBIAN YEP.....we are here too.

  34. I've been here 2 yrs, & have only had harassment from South African Christians & some (ok 'a') Dutch folk!
    Everybody else (well the ones I've been out to- or that have figured)(Omani, Japanese, Italian, American, British, Indian, Filipino...) have been cool.

  35. I am unsure what your definition of being an ‘open minded guy’ means, because it seems you are contradicting yourself with what you have written.

    Homosexuality is not a disease. You can’t die from it, your body doesn’t get weaker. It doesn’t affect your organs. You say that if spread it can danger the human species? How can homosexuality be ‘spread’? It is not a disease and therefore not contagious, which is why there is no ‘cure’ for it. It is just a preference of sexuality. Fyi, homosexuality exists in nature as well, as does heterosexuality. Yes homosexuals cannot physically reproduce with one another, but that does not mean that it is a disease.

    Another clarification, paedophilia is when a person has sexual urges towards children, it does not refer to ‘humans who are not ready to breed’.

    You said ‘your freedom ends where it effects other peoples freedom’. What about their freedom? The freedom that you have been given to judge them and in your accusations of them being sick and unwell is obstructing their freedom of existing openly. You are guilty of your own accusation. Your freedom is denying someone else’s. Practice what you preach.

    And it isn’t about political correctness. It is about letting people be. To each his own. Oh, and by the way, an open minded person is one that is unprejudiced, one who accepts things that they cannot understand, and one who does not impose their views and enforce it on others.

  36. I just came across this blog, and more importantly the follow up comments. While there were various degrees of outrage and general concern about homosexuality and its evil ways, what I found strange is the casual acceptance that anyone that speaks English fluently, can present coherent sentences and does not necessarily hold the same views as everyone else cannot be Omani. Oh they must be expatriate, they must not be "pure" and similar nonsense. What is more alarming is the fact that no one paused and responded to that. I am Omani, my lineage is pure and can be traced back 700 years into the past. No I am not part of the flock, I believe tribalism is a waste of time and that lineage does not reflect on who I am; my own accomplishments do. I do not like intolerant people, I believe sexuality and religion should both be kept private and in the home. And to top it off I am a lesbian female Omani citizen where the government themselves cannot take my passport away because my lineage goes so far back, I cannot be considered an immigrant on any front. And no, I am not originally from Muscat. Purely tribal. Go on, deny it until you are blue in the face, but being Omani does not mean thinking in exactly the same way as you do, or the way your parents did. Believe me, your parents did not hold this view and thought very differently from their parents and that would become clear if you bothered to read our history. Unfortunately, it is this generation that feels the need to combat evolution [of thought, I am not talking about sexual orientation - such tolerance is far to complex a concept for our society] because the majority are not comfortable in their own skins, are unsure of who they are and their identity, so in turn feel threatened when someone so different holds the same nationality.
    Deal with it.

  37. Anon (August 7 12:44).
    Wonderfully put.

    It's a multi faceted issue that has it's roots in religion, culture, science (including psychology) and politics.
    And the main game is the POLITICS of all the aforementioned.

    What we see in Islam as it grows throughout the world is an intolerance of anything not explicitly condoned in it's teaching. In direct opposition to this is a new movement of fundamental Christianity, particularly in the U.S.A., which comes under the banner of Right Wing Conservatism (RWC).
    This RWC has it's claws firmly in the U.S.A. political system, and the Republican Party has used it to devastate nations that have different ideologies, and so called "radical" Islamic states or organisations use it to impose a certain way of thinking.
    Either way, both have made it quite clear that thinking differently is a crime against the state AND their God.

    If we read ANY religious scripture that promotes fellowship and tolerance (which both the Quran and the Christian Bible do), the overriding message is to respect each other's differences, help those less fortunate than yourself and be humble about your personal achievements. It's inconceivable that a God would be bothered telling anyone how a deceased person's estate should be divided between the family upon their death, or that you must pray in a dedicated building once a week / five times a day. These kinds of stories are made up by humans with designs greater than the God's wishes for His creatures i.e. for power over people by other people. Even the Romans put words into Jesus's mouth when he "proclaimed" that people should "give to Caesar what is Caesar's" when referring to taxes! God sent a son to tell people to pay their taxes??? I don't think so!

    So begins the marriage of state and church. Which can only be described as "a very bad thing." Unless you are the guy writing the scripture, which today equates to the "guys with the money."

    Regardless of your dedication to your God, it's much better to drive around in a BMW than a Nissan Sunny. Guess which driver has the most freedom within their society?

    Homosexuality, bisexuality and sexual experimentation have been with humans since the beginning of our existence on Earth.

    Consenting sexual activity between people is not a rite of religion or the state to control. No God who provided a man with a penis full of sensory glands, or a woman with a clitoris designed to produce pleasure would then enforce certain protocols regarding their usage! It does not make sense. It would make God a sadist!

    If someone loves someone else of the same sex, then what gives anyone else the right to deny that person the joy of expressing that love? Or enjoying the physical pleasure that they find in it?

    The old argument that it's against the law is moot, as the law is wrong. Yes, wrong, for the reasons stated above. Wrong for Christians, wrong for Muslims, wrong for Jews, wrong for Buddhists, wrong for Hindus; wrong full stop.

    Hell I'm not even gay, but the intolerance throughout the world is appalling. Particularly as soon as the argument turns to religion vs homosexuality.

    It's sure nice having a wife who is bisexual though....
    Give us a ring sometime. Let's all hook up ;-)

  38. Homosexuality is a Crime if Caught with 4 witnesses,if someone is so indecent to commit this act in the presence of people,then they deserve to Punished.what people do in their Private lives has nothing to do with me.and Homosexuals may Repent and start Good lives,as is the Case with a Homosexual(Luti) who Commited sodomy with His Slaveboy,and was Taken to Caliph Ali(A.S)and was Forgiven because of his Sincere Repentance.Also this Act destabiliizes the social Structure and is not is a Illness of the mind.

    The Homosexuality is something wich Arises in most Human beings,especally in dreams,the difference is Isalm says you dont need to heed those temptations whereas the West says follow your desires.even women haev esbian dreams.and people may experience homosexual feelings.the difference is we dont act on them.just as i dont act when see a hot girl on the street.just as i dotn act when i see a girl in a bikini.because i have ghayrah(shame)and a7sana(decency).we are human beings and not animals (haywan)we do not need to act on all our lusts and temptations,a Luti is one who commits the act of Of the People of Lut and not one who has some feelings!

    //­s/istheregene.html This is from a Orginization wich Studies Homosexuality the Gay Gene does not exist!

    plz show my comment ,sicne Free peeech


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