Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shameless Plug: Construction Law Advisory Services in Oman

Construction doesn't always go to plan, and especially with the growth of so-called 'off-plan' purchases of property and the expansion of construction activity of all types in Oman. Disputes can unfortunately occur between the various parties involved.

So I'm pleased to be able to highlight the services of Paul J. Waters, manager of the Construction Law Advisory Services Division of respected local law firm Dr. Abdullah Alsaidi & Co Law Office.

Paul has become our first prestige advertisor here at Muscat Confidential. You can see the new link at top right. Below is a summary of their services and contact details. Please tell him you saw the ad here at Muscat Condifential.

All advertising revenue is being donated to local charity Dar Al Atta'a.

The Construction Law Advisory Services Division for Dr. Abdullah Alsaidi & Co Law Office is managed by Paul Waters, Senior Legal Advisor in Construction Law. Paul has many years of experience working for both contractors and consultants, many of which have been in the Gulf region.

Paul holds a Bachelors Degree with honours in Quantity Surveying and a Masters Degree in Construction Law and Arbitration. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and the Society of Construction Law (Gulf)

Construction Law Advisory Services
At Dr. Abdullah Alsaidi & Co Law Office we understand the importance of having access to highly professional legal consultancy Services from an Omani law firm specialising in construction and contract law. In dispute situations, we can offer our extensive knowledge and practical experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures, such as arbitration, in order to provide our clients with a tailor-made solution to suit their exact requirements.

We welcome commissions for a wide variety of construction consultancy services on flexible and cost-effective terms. Our aim is to provide our clients with a professional service which addresses their needs at any stage of their project. We are always available to discuss your exact requirements.

Paul J. Waters BSc (hons) LLM MCIArb
Senior Legal Advisor – Construction Law

(T) +968 2479 9755 / +968 2470 0595
(F) +968 2478 6580
(M) +968 9672 4436
(E) paul@omanilaw.com
(W) www.omanilaw.com

For Dr. Abdullah Alsaidi & Co Law Office.
Advocates, Arbitrators and Legal Consultants


  1. I know Paul well, an excellent chap and thoroughly professional.

  2. Just a thought, but shouldn't the advert point to the website of the advertiser, and not back to this blog?

  3. Dear Paul,
    Do get to know the lucky folk who have purchased in the Barr Al Jissah Residences project.

    This should keep you employed for quite a while acting on their behalf to resolve the many issues that are current out there and those yet to surface........

  4. usually association memberships are window dressing to hide a lack of a law degree.

  5. anon,

    Yes, but if you read the post you'll see he has a Masters Degree in Construction Law as well...

  6. I find the above comments (anon of course)both ignorant and insulting. Yes, there are degrees floating around Oman that are not worth the paper they are written on but in the case of Mr. Waters he is not only very highly qualified but a specialist that Oman is lucky to have. His integrity and experience is unique in Oman. We are talking real qualifications and real degrees that have been 'earned' in UK not bought in the sub-continent by the incontinent!


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