Thursday, March 11, 2010

Want to Advertise on Muscat Confidential? Ethical NGO? Viewing records smashed!

Thanks to YOU dear readers, I must confess, we are smashing internet records here at Muscat Confidential. I never dreamed the rants, gossip and occasional story from Undercover Dragon would prove to be of so great an interest.

Why, you ask?

Well, this week, despite being temporarily banned by the Government, this blog got more than 1000 visitors a day , for the first time ever, AND more than 1800 page views per day**.

Image: This week's Muscat Confidential traffic: Yellow bar is visitors, red bar is 'page views'.

I'm very grateful you all care that much. These are getting to be on-line kind of numbers that even corporate types get excited about in the region, let alone in Oman.

For those outside the GCC Media business, trust me, 1000 people per day on-line in Oman is a big deal. Internet penetration in Oman is at best 3% of a 2 million population (and thats obviously the richest part, and most of those don't speak English).

So, I'm making an incredible offer. To ADVERTISE to these fantastic people.

I'll run your ad here in exchange for providing a significant donation to a charity of my choice.

Let's be honest. My readers are dominated by filthy rich Oman based expats, & educated and sophisticated Anglophile Omanis who are not just highly literate, but who are typically blessed with obscenely rich parents too.

Who could advertise? I'm thinking car sales, banks, restaurants, educational services, recruitment, real estate, mobile phones,...

So. Send me an email. To undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com . Even if you're a small company, or NGO, and think your pitch might fit my readers, hey, who knows? It's not like I'm taking the cash personally.

Make me an offer I can't refuse.

This is a really limited offer, but you can maybe get in now if you're bold!

Meanwhile: If you are an NGO, non-profit, an Official Charity in Oman, or even just have a good idea for how to spend the oodles of cash I'll get from smart advertisers, and you would like to collect some sponsorship, let me know. You too should email me at undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com

Yes, the sky's the limit if only you could advertise on Muscat Confidential.

I have zero interest in taking sponsorship for myself; but maybe I can help an advertiser contribute to your organisation.

** Media types will be amazed to know that average visit length is just short of 4 minutes, documented.

Really. 4 minutes per visitor, 1000 times a day.

Hell, I read the entire local section of Times of Oman in less than 48 seconds...


  1. UD - You need to get your ass banned by Omantel more often!
    It does wonders for your popularity by the looks of the traffic.
    Is this a bloggers equivalent of a rapper getting shot or doing jail time on record sales!
    I am surprised that you havent been approached for advertising sooner.

    I always wonder when some bright spark is going to kickoff the local dubizzle site in Muscat

  2. Any idea what percentage of that is coming from outside Oman? Congrats!!!

  3. You know you are famous when people start quoting you in the arabic sabla political section when they talk about corruption in Oman.

  4. I wonder why nobody has approached you before. Maybe advertising agents are not that forward thinking, or maybe advertising your blog might be a little risky from an image point of you...especially after being banned...;) Personally i would have approached you more than a year ago and surely you would have accepted a much lower offer than you would accept now. Having said that, many congrats on those figures and keep entertaining us as usual.

  5. Keep up the good work. Bravo!

  6. This is great. I'm sure many have thought of advertising here. This page has been added to my Favourites..

  7. Wouldn't opening the doors for advertisements and sponsorship make you lose your anonymity, at least to the companies that are going to advertise their products on your website?

  8. I represent a company called DeVere and Partners and would like to talk about advertsing on your site. Please email me at cheerseasy(at)



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