Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Win free tickets to top Comedy - Maz Jobrani Live in Muscat, by Hi FM

Yes readers, it's another amazing Muscat Confidential promotional give-away!

Thanks to Hi! FM and Darren Shortt, you and a companion could win free tickets to see Maz Jobrani and his 'Brown & Friendly' comedy show, live, in Muscat, on April 7th at the Crown Plaza.

Thats right. Free. Tickets are not only hard to get, but a pair of these babies would normally set you back 30 rials.

I have 2 pairs of VIP tickets to give away to Muscat Confidential readers.

Maz was here last year on the comedy tour show, and he's seriously funny.

All you have to do to be in the draw is either:
(1) put a comment in the comments section of this post with a way for me to contact you when you win; or,
(2) email me here at undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com

And that's it.

The draw will be held in a week's time at midnight on Wednesday March 24th using a super-random number generator, military level encryption and under the independent supervision of no less an arbitrator than Ms. Dragon herself. Winners will be notified by email and via the blog - anonymity preserved.

If you are one of the two lucky winners you will be emailed a magic codeword and you can simply pick up your tickets at the door.

Here at Muscat Confidential we are firm believers in the power of comedy. And the Middle East seriously needs a LOT more good comedy. Eihab Maqbool al Saleh of OHI and Hi! FM gets my congratulations for bringing this show to Muscat.

So, enter!

Photo: This could be you. Just enter a comment and a way to be contacted. Remember everyone will see it, so don't put a phone number. You can email us instead if you want


  1. Me! Pick Me! otheroman at gmail dot com

  2. Meeeeee :)

    oman . stimulus @ gmail . com

  3. not hi fm trying to get a positive spin from the 'conversation' on Muscat Mutterings is it?

    Or am i just cynical?

    good work in promoting a local gig in any case x

  4. ME ME ME =D
    stand (dot) alone (dot) m (@)gmail (dot) com


  5. I am abit confused about the code number that will be given to would be winner to collect his/het tickets at the gate, but what the heck, me me me me me karimhabsi(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. VIP tickets? you mean the front row that always gets picked on? lol

  7. Pick me! MShiel @ yahoo . com

  8. soooo - what about Tom Jones frebies

  9. ME also i want :D


  10. Good luck everyone ^^

  11. Me.... Meeee... MEeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! puhlleasseee ME :D

    kpawankumar (at the rate of.. yawwn) gmail(dot)com !

    U gonna be there UD? ;)

  12. me me me... kpawankumar (at) gmail (dot) com :D

    UD will u be there??

  13. ci06eea(at)gmail
    if my name came up i'll buy u a big mac

  14. MINE!
    psuedorange *at* gmail *dot* com

  15. What you mean the Times of Oman isn't comedy?
    But the contributions and the editor...it is like the Omani version of the office no?????
    Go on...just pick me - fuck the random selection bollocks!

  16. if you pick me....you won't regret it...ah famous last words.
    but it is a 'draw' after all n'est pas?

    I am a comedy addict and lover of your uhmmm blog.

    And would luv a couple of funny seats i mean tickets to a funny show.

  17. Maz Jobrani is coming to muscat!! MAn F****** kickass gotta ggo watch him!!!

    Contact me at solid102@gmail.com if I win :D

  18. 6 days to go to the big draw. So keep those entries coming, you have to be in to win! Yes, it will be a draw, so you all have a chance.

    And hopefully Hi FM will also give us some tickets to see Tom Jones too! Watch out for it.

  19. I Love All the Stand up comedy shows that come here to Oman.and, a Million Thanks to Hi FM.
    for making this possible.

    I really want to go. But, I really want to win the tickets. Otherwise, I will not go. its as simple as that !

    I can be contacted on 99 66 4 33 8

  20. Tania says 'Pick me sunshine!' Will check your blog on 24th to see if I'm the winner!! (ahem!)

  21. Have never been to a comedy show but would love to and am hence trying my luck.

  22. OOeee giveaways! :)

    I had a vision: ...And then God said......Give em to blazinpoops@gmail.com (yea yea hot shit)

  23. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    soul000 @ hotmail.com

  24. Hey Dragon.....way to go man....awesome work u r doin here....i have been wanting to commend u on the gr8 work tht u r doin but have been really lazy abt it.....ur maz jobrani draw finally got me onto it.....do consider me for the draw....nishanth(dot)nadarajan(at)gmail(dot)com

  25. Awesome promo...count me in!!

  26. so who got the tickets ?


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