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DeVere Oman - Locally somewhat bent "Financial Advisors" - caught engaged in activities outside their license.

** Hi there! Google has brought you here because of the extensive comments section, which is full of stuff about the activities of the De Veer Group of Financial 'advisors'.

In fact, this post has become one of my most popular of all time, because some commentors have said that in many of the internet places similar information has been posted, lawyers from The Group have shut them down. That has not happened here, and I certainly have not experienced anything consistent with such rumours.

So, go read the comments, and feel free to post new ones. If you're interested in Oman, read some other stuff, or even 'like' Muscat Confidential on facebook! **

It's a slow week.

But common knowledge is that local franchise of Global Financial Advisory Giant DeVere Group were totally busted by Inspector Al-Plod a few weeks ago for running yet another Ponzi scheme we caught too late engaging in investment activity beyond the scope of their licence.

Those with children at Muscat British School Muscat probably already knew things were afoot with DeVere. And my sources confirm that the local Omani sponsor of the franchise was also taken into custody to, ahem, "assist with inquiries".

It does however, seem unfortunate that the very man who was parachuted in by DeVere Central Command from Switzerland/London/New York a few months ago, to sort things out, and specifically tasked to deal with the obvious AWOL bonus-driven Ponzi action going on local 'problem', ended up getting arrested and thrown in jail by the ROP, along with the local guy who, let's face it, probably belonged inside from the start.


That the problem with the local outfit here in little ol' Muscat had been generating a strong enough stench to cross oceans was obvious.

That the guy DeVere Central finally sent out here to "sort it out" on the QT, one Mr. Brent Mayhew, was subsequently temporarily arrested and thrown in detention for a few days, was unfortunate to say the least.


Next time chaps, maybe try first engaging with the local ROP/Ministry of Commerce/CBO beforehand ? They can and will help.

That the Omani "sponsor" [he cannot be named, even here at recently blocked MUSCAT CONFIDENTIAL, because of media defamation laws, sorry*] was also totally busted is a great sign. We don't like Ponzi schemes when you get caught.

*try asking Google Oman

(And thanks for the prompt RT)


  1. I was pestered by some of their clueless representatives last year. It came to a point rather than put the phone down I asked some diagnostic questions, then they put the phone down!

    I've known for over a year they had, er , should I say...problems. I also know what they have been up to which would be illegal in UK under financial regulations!

    UD, some of this is common knowledge in certain circles!

  2. Yeah, they were after me for a while as well - I sometimes think firms like think that no one has ever heard of Google...

  3. I have a colleague who has invested with DeVere Muscat, though I don't know exactly what he had invested in. I just called him to alert him to this column, and he said he's been very happy with DeVere so far. Are ALL of the local franchise's investment opportunities Ponzi schemes? I hope my friend hasn't lost his money!

  4. get a life, no one here even has a clue what these guys do, I am a client and they offer great service and exactly what they say they are going to, I am completely happy with the products i have and I checked that they were exactly the same as what I could get in the UK with the same companies,

    Idiots, get some knowledge before you start a witch hunt.

    1. Why do you remain anonymous then??!!

  5. Re De Vere I think you should know all of your facts before entering into this sort of rubbish on the blog site. Firecracker

  6. there are always two sides to every story, I have been dealing with them for some time and they have always given me excellent service and advice, bella

  7. Devils Advocat

    I noticed that you worship everything that UD types and assume its fact, its like a bible to you !!! LOL. I can almost predict what your comment for every article !!

  8. Yes, yes my advisor Mr Bernie....can't remember his last name.....says all my investments with him are going great.
    I get statements all the time showing wonderful consistent returns of 10% p.a.
    I am hoping to keep this rolling over until I retire rich.
    I am so pleased I have got all my friends and family invested there as well.
    Shit i am a clever guy!
    Dec 7, 2008

  9. We got bothered by this lot too, and literally had to scream down the phone at them to stop them phoning every week! Having had several bad experiences with "finacial advisors" I wouldn't touch any of them with a barge pole.

    If the ROP have got their finger out and arrested people and their Omani sponser then there must be something wrong.

  10. These guys provide an excellent service. I am a client and found them to be helpful and professional and my investments are doing really well. Starwars

  11. Lost of anonymous comments without the balls to put a handle to their claims, probably prompted by DeVeres!

    I have experience with them and wouldn't touch them with your barge pole. My opinion based upon my experiences which I am entitled to! I have off-shore investments and have a lot of experience in this field unlike some of the clowns trying to sell me some of their products - FACT!

  12. Anon you are right regarding DA. Just wait and see for his reply, he will use expletives and throw everybody out from the forum.

  13. Devere and Partners are wonderful!

    Just search in Google. Hundreds of hits. All complimentary...oh, hang on...hundreds of complaints...gosh and golly.

    So why do so many Anonymous people praise them?

    Shooorly shooom mistake?

  14. Anons, you may not always agree with DA but at least (s)he has something to contribute to the discussion.

  15. DeVere are a complete bunch of fucking no hopers - all ex double glazing salespeople who probably fucked that up too. I mean who in their right mind would want to involve themselves with these tossers? They don't even have an office in London - arguably the largest financial centre in the world. Speaks volumes.

  16. You are a very clever guy aren't you DA - not!

  17. Actually, they do have an office in London, two in fact since 2009. Mind you, they were fined and kicked out of Singapore in 2008 and suffered a similar fate in Panama a few years earlier, surely a first for any company in Panama.

    I have been watching them since 2004, just after they sold a policy to a friend of mine that was an absolute rip off. That is what the specialise in...oh, that and setting their lawyers on sites which publish negative comment about them. Which is why so much of the interesting Devere stuff on the web has disappeared. Classy people.

  18. I really don't know why I am bothering to even give this web space time - De Vere do have an office in London and many of the Consultants have financial qualificiations. As I said in my previous blog make sure you know your facts. I wonder how many of you bloggers have any qualifications? Not many by the content I have seen.

  19. Seems the Devere sales staff have got a part-time job...coming on here as anonymous! Very transparent, as transparent as their sales pitch!

  20. You have got it wrong again. If you are referring to my comments I am nothing to do with De Vere. I just know a bit about them. You don't seem to know what you are talking about much do you. I am no more anonymous than you. Firecracker

  21. Fascinating reading the financial depth of the posts. OK so I have dealt with de Vere, but... they don't have my money! It is invested! And I deal direct to the investment company! Middle men yes, but isn't that what they do?

  22. Seems like we've touched a raw nerve, Firecracker. You are a sensitive boy, aren't you!

  23. I have dealt with de Vere and though I did not lose any money, the service was poor. I have also had them in my office giving the hard sales talk - it was difficult to get rid of the person.

    I also heard from 2 independant sources that the investment policies they sell are the most expensive in terms of admin fees and that the de Vere consultant makes more money than they would with other policies.

  24. Which one of you is Mr Kevin Farrow?

  25. All I know is that if some guy keeps hassling me to give him my hard earned cash to invest (well invest a small portion of my cash for the 1st x years while the rest of it goes into aiding his purchase of a Jag XJR, crocodile skin briefcase / shoes / Armani suit etc etc). He will constantly get the same response which is no. Until he can't call me any more cause he has kicked out of the country (I hope).

  26. I've heard that Brent Mayhew lives in a very large villa in Al Ghubrah near to the Indian School. Where does he get the money to rent that ??

    It is my understanding that deVeres have been chucked out of a few countries in the past. How long before Oman follows suit ?

  27. heard de Vere office in Oman is closing (check for yourself) which not thinks me is not a positive sign of de Vere being innocent in this financial stench

    we are dumb dicks for dealing with these people -live & learn all

  28. I love it. I used to work for DVP in Europe, with few exceptions they are mostly double glazers, auto sales, etc. Really great at selling you a plan, and some advisers at providing maintenance and service on it, but most will never be around longer than 6-12months. Their biggest fault is they poison the well not just with lack of experience and mis-selling, but by calling nonstop every expat they happen to find. I still work as an IFA and I still get that look sometimes when I tell people what I do...Oh, your one of them, now I am going to get bothered non-stop. 75% of them do more harm than good. I am not going to leave my name because Nigel Green has long arms and deep enough pockets to hurt my business. Just watch, this whole discussion will be gone in 3 months.

    1. Agreed, as another IFA!

    2. "Just watch, this whole discussion will be gone in 3 months." Wrong there then. But correct in other places.

  29. i cant believe this blog, i use them, no problems, good service, im making much better returns than in my bank, but the big difference is i read all the documents before i signed, i knew exactly what i was doing, and every 3 months i get a prompt to have a look and check if all is going in the right direction. people who feel they have been 'ripped off' only feel this way because they have not checked what they are doing before they do it. So who is the stupid one? the references to ponzi schemes is totally wrong, you need to check the dictionary before you throw around these totally ridiculous accusations, devere never touch my money i pay it directly to the institution i am investing with. I am a senior VP with a major international organisation, and have recommended them to many of my colleagues, all of whom have had no problems. cypster

  30. Want to know a bit more. Just seen this website written by a former DeVere guy. Had a fall out maybe! It opens up a can of worms.

    1. seems to be blocked? any fresh ideas?

  31. Devere is not a ponzi scheme. Just 75% of its advisors are crap and that is a direct result from the management of the company.

  32. I know Devere & Partners, they are a good people...

  33. I was missold a completely inappropriate product by De Veres (they seem to be registered as different names in different places)

    Be warned they are not Independent Advisers despite what they tell you. They are not all trained in finance and they are in it soley to take as much commision as possible? I am not against commsion but I am against people mascerading as 'consultants' working in your best interests.

    They mislead and misrepresent and they use products that create a conflict of interest between you and their own best interests.

    A 'low commision policy' has turned into nothing but payments towards commission and management fees, you pay this before any of your money is invested for you. I am down $55,000.00 in the first 18 months - nice if you can get it. they will tell you everything but the truth about the commission.

    DO NOT TRUST THEM and DO NOT pass on the details of your friends - they will tell them you have recommended them and will make them a lot of money - yet they have yet to do anything for you at this point except commit your earnings to their commission pot.

    They will make you feel obliged to pass on the details of friends because of all their valuable time YOU have taken - remember they contacted you.... you owe them nothing. refuse and you will see ther etrue colours.

    Beware and stay clear of them.________________________________________

  34. Devere and Partners are a sales company not an IFA company. There salesmen are just that and they have very little experience or knowledge of finance, just a lot of well oiled sales talk. Trust them at your peril!

  35. Hi all,

    This all makes very interesting reading. I am about to embark on Devere's training course in London for the post of Financial Advisor and the comments I'm seeing are giving me mixed feelings. I understand that you can earn a significant commission but I would like to believe that the products and the company I am going to be working for are 100% believable. I have not yet heard from any FA's who are currently working with Devere but would welcome there's and others constructive ADVICE!

  36. Like any industry there are good and bad people in it. All I would say is check the credentials of the person you are dealing with. All the advisors firms here deal with the same good quality regulated investment companies based in isle of man or guernsey so its just the quality of advice that you get to go with that. Check they are qualified, ask to see testimonials from happy clients. Find out how long they have been here, anyone whose been here a couple of years or more looks after their clients.

  37. They recruit sales people from all areas, they promise them the earth. Most advisers they have, have not been financial advisers in the UK but are let loose in various countries. A vast majority return to England when there money runs out and they cant get new clients.
    I feel a bit sorry for them, however they shouldnt be doing the job that requires knowledge of the investment world and qulifications that take time to gain.
    There products are massively front end loaded so that vast commissions can be paid out eg if you do a regular savings investment and have to cancel it within the first 2 years you wont get anything back, this is because there are huge charges built into the plan.
    They claim they are IFA'S this is also misleading as they stick to the same companies that give security for the investment capital this doesnt then allow you to see other potential companies that could possibly have lower charges and pay less commission into devere, to cover the mass of people that draw from the commission from one sale.

  38. If you join de vere as an adviser you would have been told about getting appointments made for you etc etc. I did the course about 5 months ago, you have to pay for your flight out and all the accomodation costs etc, when you get there you then have to make your own appointments and find your own clients even if the location has coordinators, this is never explained to you and is always brushed aside in discussion. I would advise you to investigate before risking your money.

    1. And please mention all of your office costs are your own i.e. phone bills, renting office space, etc!

  39. Anonymous
    Well having just been successful. I specifically asked about appointment making and was told outright that 'NO' - 'one didn't have to make one's own appointments'. Clearly integrity is in doubt already!!!!!

  40. well one was talking to one that was honest not like the rest of us, you work there anyway.....twat.

  41. Your integrity is in doubt as you work for de vere and your one of the people that lies for them. I sat in a room full of people and was told that we would have what they call coordinators making appoinments, why else have them, you train them to do the job but dont allow new starters access to them, that makes a lot of sense ?????

  42. de Veres Scam
    See for yourself and make your own decision:

  43. Devere and Partners ScamMay 23, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    Here is the situation with DeVere and Partners:

    Commission only. No financial qualifications needed whatsoever-just salesmen required. You WILL be cold calling and digging for your own clients-no matter what they tell you. You will get NO support what-so-ever from the management, why you ask?

    Devere and partners business model is simple: throw hundreds of commission only desperate money-hungry fools at the business and some will stick, those that do stick will make a lot of money for Devere, the 99% that don’t will fail and go home broke.

    It costs devere nothing to send someone around the world who is commission only, who pays for there own accommodation and flights and expenses-they even have to pay towards the devere office costs!! If you fail, what has it cost DeVere Group-nothing-they don’t give a shit because some other fool has fallen for there dodgy spiel and is ready to take your place and so on.

    Nigel Green, the MD, told me to my face at his little presentation in Knightsbridge London, that he would guarantee me two appointments a day and 50K in the bank within 10 weeks-who falls for that crap!

    DeVere and Partners have over 70% staff turnover. They sell products that are banned in the UK due to the excessive charges.

    A single £500pm savings plan over 25years will earn devere (not the salesman) £6,300 in commission and not only that, the first 23 months payments that the client makes NEVER gets invested (it’s a front loaded policy) so all the clients premiums, that’s £11,500 in total, goes in commission and charges!!!!!!

    Devere should be banned from business, yet there are plenty of gullible expats who buy there crap-it amazes me!!

  44. Be careful of Phoenix Investments who operate out of Bangkok. They are also bent and take huge comissions up front on your money. Kenneth Golby is the Brummie running the show and is to be avoided at all costs.

  45. Couldnt agree more, they need exposing. I had exactly the same experience. They told me I would get appointments. Its only when I phoned the manager in the location that I was meant to be going (after I had completed there sales course)that I was told that I would have to find my own clients, what a load of cheating dick heads. That Nigel Green is a BS and should basically be banned from everything. They also tell you that they have a 90% retention of to some of the recruiters that have to find stacks of advisers jobs when they come back from trying it and running out of money, not a good word from anybody. There plan (as noted above) suck and I cant believe advisers would sell the shit and be able to sleep.

    1. One day they'll have their come-uppance! I too am an ex-de Vere person who is a qualified IFA in the UK. It cost me a fortune to do what I did for 6 months, plus the lies involved in the entire process. Even their name still makes me shiver!!

  46. This is de vere latest job ad via internet job search. Notice it says appointments booked for you...........Jeez what crap. How can these idiots including Nigel Green state this when it does not happen. this company should be exposed and investigated to the full degree.

    deVere Group - International Financial Advisor

    Overseas opportunities to join the world's largest international financial advisers with over 40 global offices*

    deVere Group, the world's largest firm of independent financial advisers, are expanding dramatically and offer exciting new opportunities to work abroad. We are currently looking to recruit driven entrepreneurial individuals who possess a healthy mix of independence, passion, and drive and who are interested in living and working in one of more than 40 fantastic locations around the globe.

    As a Financial Adviser, you will help international investors and expatriates to find financial services that will suit their medium to long term requirements.

    We Offer:

    Full training and development to achieve international qualifications
    Exclusive market leading products
    Impressive uncapped tax free earnings
    Appointments booked for you
    Defined career path
    Ongoing support
    Global opportunities

  47. Ken Golby lived here in Oman for a while to milk his clients then left, leaving a sidekick, who then left, followed by another gullible soul. Phoenix are as bad as deVere and should be banned from operating here, but sad to say they are still milking clients. When will the powers that be wake up and smell the coffee ?? Get rid of the charlatans and leave the genuine IFA's to do their work

  48. Hi,

    I work for deVere and the fact of the matter is we help expats with sales plans not bank accounts.

    What that means is the client WILL retire confortably and not have to worry.

    The only problems I see is some lonely motormouth with absoloutely nothing to do has decided to have fun at other peoples expense.

    NO-ONE here can claim they have been ripped off or missold, if that was the case then believe me we wouldnt be the best at what we do. All we have is a mentality where people are talking about the latest scandal and scaring the hell out of everyone else.

    Job well done Mr. Dragon and cronies, if some aged client with heart condition who is nearly 65 and due to retire reads this it will kill him.

    We are a permanent fixture of the worlds offshore financial system and despite all of the slandering and bad-mouthing, nothing is going to change this fact.


  49. Note above Mr nob head says 'sales plans' kinda tells you everything doesnt it. You sell 'sales plans' wow what a product. That you do indeed, you sell crap, front end loaded rubbish, with as long a term on it as possible for extra com. If a 65 year old reads this he will be better off as he might not let you rip him off. Your background, yeah probably car sales.

  50. I have a meeting on Friday at there Knightsbridge office, I am from Ireland so i have booked flights and I am getting very worried about what I am reading, I was told that qualified appointments are made for you, you advise these prospective clients on what products we recommend for them and and you are paid commission on what u sell. i am assuming that they expect u to harass people to get your appointments, very worried accountant

  51. Hi everybody I also have an appointment for an interview next week but after reading this I am certainly not going to go. The famous old saying "when something seems to good to be true" its normally to good to be true! and this is the case here I cannot believe I have been so gullible.

  52. This is what happened to me, these are true facts.

    I was a UK based adviser, I completed the course was told that my presentation was fantastic and I came top in the exam. I was then offered a postion, you sign the contracts at the end of the course, the most rushed bit there is !

    Right from the begining I was told that devere provided appointments, I was told by the recruiter that I would get 2 a day but would need to contribute to the prospecting if things were slow.

    Ok, I was then told to call the manager of the location I was going to, I did this, the manager then straight away said 'have they told you what happens when you get out here', my response, 'yes, I do what I do best I advise the clients that are put in front of me by the coordinator etc etc, managers response, 'er no thats not what happens, you wont have a coordinator, you will have to find your own clients and write business before we will look at this'. My response, I see thats not what Ive been told at all, how many coordinators do you have there' response ' 25 split over 2 offices for 25 advisers'. My response, 'and so you cant spare me any help from any of those coordinators,' response 'no thats not how it works'.

    I then e-mailed the trainer saying that I had just spoken with the manager of the location and what has been said contrasts to what I have been told by the recruiters, the adverts and the discussions in the classroom.

    This was there e-mail, 'We have looked at the position and feel that we cannot offer you what you want and therefore are withdrawing your contract.......

    I mailed them back saying all I wanted was what I had been promised to me by the company.

    If (as its been said on here) devere are the largest IFA in the world, are so frigging great, give great advice, etc etc, why, WHY do they lie, well thats because they are cheap salesman and that starts right from the recruitment stage and cheap salesman with no ethics lie.

    I rest my case.

  53. I too am considering joining Deveres and going to the Knightsbridge meeting this Friday, but am very concerned having read this blog. The recruitment agent also told me I would get 2 appointments a day. I have been an IFA in the UK for 20 years, but then went abroad for the past few years and so cannot sell Financial services in the UK without relicensing... I thought if I can work abroad again without needing to get relicensed then fine, and if they make appointments... even better.... But looks like that's not going to happen then!!! I am considering another organisation who sell FS to expats but they are much smaller, however, they have been honest with me and told me that I would have to find my own clients by cold calling and networking etc, so maybe I should join them instead.. what do you guys think? So does anyone know why new recruits do not get apointments made for them at Deveres? Is there a qualifying period in time or commission? Is there anyone out there that works for Deveres and can give me an honest answer? I was thinking of going to Germany or Luxembourg.... how are things there for Deveres?

  54. I worked in the offshore industry for several years and from my experience there are more dodgy companies than honest ones. The products themselves can be effective, like regular savings plans, as long as they're sold honestly and client expectations are kept realistic. Therein lies the problem, mis-selling and lack of decent service.

    The best advice for potential customers is to tell cold-callers to shove it and only speak to companies you've been recommended. Even then check them out thoroughly and ask questions, if they're legitimate they won't mind answering properly. And for anyone thinking of working in the offshore industry, the main thing to judge is whether they're genuinely client-focused or just after commissions. If you care about customer service you'll avoid the latter. I don't think it's fair to tarnish all companies and IFAs with the same brush, but do be weary.


    This is the guy who was one of the leading consultants there.

    Further information.
    If you apply as a graduate you are told you'd be staying at the company villa with other co-ordinators..... false.
    You were told that there was an intensive training programme.... false.
    Financial advisors are told to push the longer financial terms.
    Please do yourselves a favour.
    Be happy with what you've got, dont deal in anything you are not sure about. If it sounds too good, dont do it. Beware of penalty charges, dont sign up to a 15 year term if you think you'll be offshore for 5 years.

    I left after a few months feeling highly educated from the ways of the sales world. Was sucked in by the 'intensive training', 'accredited qualifications', 'options to travel'....when you are 21 it sounds great. Im slightly older now and have realised as a self starter that the best way to absorb financial advice is if you educate yourself first.

    By the way the singapore office was shut due to non-compliancy....

  56. I am a car Sales Executive and i am slightly pissed off at the remarks placed on this blog. Everyone has to earn a living somehow.



  57. One of DeVere's senior UAE managers was in front of a US Judge last month for traffic offenses. Their Singapore operation was shut down a few years ago because they had unqualified people giving advice. Their UAE offices have been raided twice in the last two years by police for drugs and for employing people without visa.
    What a class company. Certainly there are a few decent advisors with them but when the majority haven't a clue they shouldn't be messing around with people's retirement money.
    I am a fully qualified UK IFA by the way...the industry is thankfully changing and only professionals will be giving advice in the future. All the double glazing salesmen will have to go back to selling used cars I suppose.

  58. I have had the unfortunate experience of working for DeVere and I would warn anyone considering joining them not to!

    I am a fully qualified UK IFA and I know that people have been suggesting that the DeVere staff are not qualified and are ex car salesmen etc, but at the recruitment stage, DeVere promise to provide full training for all staff. Therefore, it is not the fault of the individual who is applying for the position and hoping to make a living for themselves in a new career. It is that of DeVere who are falsely promising to proivde that individual with the knowledge that they require to fulfil the job role.

    Like many of you on here, I was told that I would have appointments made on my behalf when I started working for DeVere. Unfortunately this was not the case. In fact, the only person who had a coordinator at that time was the manager! After working there for a few months I was advised that my coordinator would be arriving, but I had to pay him half of the money for his flight as well as a monthly fee which went towards his living expenses. This was not dependant on any deals being made and was in addition to his share of commission on any deals made.In my experience, I was told that the coordinator was my responsibility i.e. for me to support financially, but when DeVere wanted to make changes to coordinator/consultant partnerships, they could do that without discussing it with any of the consultants.In other words, the consultant pays for the coordinator, but DeVere owns the coordinator. DeVere do not pay for anything!

    My manager was completely unhelpful from start to finish and when asked for advice all that he would tell staff to do was to follow the DeVere script. In fact, on the very rare occasions that he did provide help, he told people to sell products that were not the most suitable for the clients anyway!

    To survive in the Devere minefield, you have to be a certain type of person with the ability to survive in a cut throat sales environment and with no morals when dealing with peoples' hard earned savings!

    If anyone from that company every approached me I would not touch their products nor would I recommend their products to anyone else. Furthermore, if anyone would like to have advice on whether they should go for the DeVere interview, I would strongly advise that you reconsider your options. They will promise you the world, allow you to move yourself and family (If you have one) to a foreign destination and drop you like a ton of bricks if your face doesn't fit, without even providing any proper training to allow you to excel in the job.

  59. hello,

    i have been working as a coordinator for one of the branches for 10 months now and im truely upset with how much time i have wasted here. When i applied for the job i was given high hopes and told i would be trained and looked after. When i arrived to my destination i was given no traning and the consultant who i worked for was the worst consultant in the office signing the least amount of deals and with no proper experience. after wasting 6 months here i changed consultant who at the start was a little better however still has no clue.

    I was told half my accomodation would be paid for and half my flight after 3 months. When you get there you realise that the consultant pays this. I feel that even though you are hired to work for devere your efforts in the company are bound by your consultant and whether he can sell or not. I feel my finances are dependent on my consultant and that because of that i get treated like some kind of slave and assisstant. DeVere still controll my job here even though technically i work for my consultant.

    I feel embarassed to work here as i know some people who have come and gone and compleetly unprofessional people who have no clue about what they are selling or have a clue about finances.

    i speak with clients daily who are happy but because its commission only we do not get paid on servicing them so if i client signs up for a 25 year policy to an middle aged consultant of 50 who cant get a job in the uk... who doesnt even have a pension plan of his own which is likely to return to the uk broke after 6 months what happens then to the client. there is not even a system or clients or records to find that we have to contact malta and thats when we have there details and they have got in touch with us some way or another.

    this post could last for years i have so many story's and negative comments.

    i have made no money here, and i am in debt from coming here straigh from uni.

  60. Just attended a presentation at Knightsbridge, and basically Nigel Green trotted out the same old B/S as the other postings shown here, so nothing is changing but there was a guy at the front who allegedly taped the presentation!!!!
    Almost certainly a plant based on everyone else's comments. Sad thing is people are desperate to leave the UK and when you arrive and pay for everything you are committed and don't want to lose face back home, happened to me once before but I cut out early and saved my money if not my pride.
    Nigel Green states: "We are a sales company run by salesmen" which is what everyone thinks they want to hear, they don't realise that salesmen without regulation and restraint will cut their own grannies throat for a deal especially when desperate and as for all the help and support you will get when you arrive, "NIRVANA" the easiest people in the world to sell to are other salespeople and NG is very very good at it. Beware if you are still considering going halfway round the world, I can promise you that you wont believe some of the characters you will meet and I don't mean in a good way.

  61. I think the bad deal that consultants & coordinators have with deVere is mainly through their own fault. It would seem that none of these people have ever heard of the saying,if it sounds too good to be true etc....
    I work for a recruitment company specialising in hiring IFAs BUT for some reason I ALWAYS, ALWAYS lose out to deVere. People do not want to hear an honest proposal, they want to hear what they want to hear.
    Say, I tell them the average income offshore by way of commissions would be GBP60K per annum (for SEA for example) they will go running off to deVere who promise GBP250K saying GBP60K is similar to what they would earn in the UK anyway, not taking into account that the income is tax free and that the cost of living is relatively low in that part of the world.I say people, check out the internet and do your own due diligence and most of all please exercise some degree of common sense and last of all ask as many questions as possible especially in writing. Why people persist on doing everything via phone is beyond me. Who on earth remembers what they had for breakfast yesterday much less a conversation several days back. And to my knowledge most people anyway all have a different recollection of the very same conversation.

  62. de vere i have found out are not what they say they are so beware!!! these are barrow boys done well out for the quick buck and not a care to anyone else clients or any one in the office !there is no training apart from demotivation a script to be learnt parrot fashion and contacts you have to find on your own which they take off you , no co ordinator to help ( even though promised) and you pay for everything up front no free rides here - the client is of no consequence to them as long as they have enough money to sign a contract so the sales man gets paid, by the way you only get 30% of the commission de vere keeps the rest and thats after 4 weeks !!! so you need mega bucks to start off say £25k to get you going !! and you receive no help until you sign at least 2 deals - and even then after passing the initiation of parrot style speechs designed to make the client panic( after all dont we all need about £10 million in the bank for our retirement thats what they say !! ) and sign up a deal - passing very basic qualifications which they say you must do (which you pay for) to make them look more legit and learning the lingo you are pushed because you didnt fit in (i.e. no a wide boy arthur daly type ) or were just not coniving enough ( pretend to be a head hunter to get people to contact you under false pretences !!) you are pushed turnonver of staff about 40 in 6 months do not work for them and do not sig up they are cowboys yehaa

  63. Stay clear from deVere and any of their companies, including PIC Middle East. My experiences are terrible - years of no help, erroneous replies, ignorance and great financial losses. When lodging a complaint, they are suddenly not longer "legally obliged, and you are more than welcome to find another financial advisor". This after the damage has been done, obviously.

    They do not keep their promises, they do not treat you as a customer and they accuse you of being the problem yourself without looking at the facts. I think their company lawyer Martin Byrne is VERY busy as he is one of the people who will use any method to shake you off - obviously to minimize losses.
    "Stay clear from deVere"

  64. I have had a good experience with Devere, I though they were very profesional and informative. They have working relationships with some of the best financial insitutions in the world. You can't please all the people all the time and yes of course there is going to be people that haven't made the Devere grade, they will be pissed off and have plenty of time of their hands to come online and write a load of crap about them. If I flew half way around the world and spent £1000's and couldn't do the job, this is the reality.. People come out to the offices and sit and look at the phone without picking it up and talking to potential clients, they download movies instead.

    I'd say that most of the neg comments on here are those people, the kind of people who never suceed at anything, they believe the world owes them a living..

    Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. well, it's pretty clear the negative comments about devere outweigh the "positive" ones and I use positive in a vague manner as all the "positive" ones are anonymous and dont have anything to back them up. what commissions do you charge then devere people?

  66. I am meant to be going to the presentation in knightsbridge next friday but after reading through all these comments, I am having serious doubts. For me to do this job, I would have to leave my daughter with her dad back home. It would break my heart to think a company would allow me to leave my daughter at home to move abroad for nothing. I would only move if I knew I could give my daughter the future she deserves through the finances I was earning. I was hoping I could earn enough money and learn enough in 5 years to be able to return to the UK and get another well-paid job with a UK company. I don't have savings to spend on accomodation, flights etc. How much exactly do i need to invest when I start and how much commission is earned by an average new starter? Also really concerned about the cold calling at start rather than being given appointmenta to help you I'm so confused now after all this reading!!

  67. I have been at the receiving end of a hard sell from deVere for the last 12 months and hopefully they will now stop pestering me. It is really clear to me that they have absolutely no intention (or ability) to provide sound financial advice, just to secure a sale/commission. If you don't believe me, go for it! Good luck. But do yourself a favour and get a second opinion first from an actual qualified financial advisor. I would bet a fiver you will be one of the future authors on this blog!

  68. Pinklady it's simple, unless as an 'employee' (loose term) you want to be treated like sh*t and cold call for a company that doesn't give a flying f*ck about its clients or you, run away! Otherwise good luck.

  69. Yet another complaint against DeVere...

  70. I work for Devere and have done since February I am an IFA and wanted a change of scene brought my family 2 kids and a husband 1/2 way across the world to the promise of all of the above, i had four weeks without a coordinator which I wasn't too bothered about as I am used to finding my own clients no prob. After four weeks I was told a coordinator had been hand selected for me and would arrive in 5 days time, the 22 year old had no idea of where to stay no transport, etc, so I collected him from the airport and put him up for 3 weeks whilst he found an apartment. On the day that he started in the office after a bit of a pep talk a bomb shell was announced that as of the day NO COLD CALLING, when I asked what the hell I was going to be paying him for I was told he could make appointments with introducers, what a crock... Eventually he moved to another office with yet another false promise. I remained and started to go further afield to get some business in which has worked. In the seven months I have worked for Devere I have put in business worth (to me) £55,000 less training costs, retention, coordinator and office costs bringing it to around £30,000 I have received into the bank almost 2,500.

    Can I also point out that to achieve this level of commission I have worked my but off and have not been 'selling' to near retired expats as some of my colleagues do i came accross one Orphan client aged 60 with a 20 year regular saving plan.

    My problem is with so much money owed to me where do I go from here, very little of our life savings left probably enough to last us until February, kids settled in school, nothing to go back to the UK for, there ar several of us in the same position. I have started working for a small company offering similar products but the company do not load the policy with hidden charge (None of which the consultant sees) I am hanging on with devere in the hopes I get a bit of money out of them but I won't hold my breath in fact when they find out that I am working for another company I will definately have to watch my back.

    Don't blame the consultants they are not the baddies in this senario, Nigel Green and his cronies are very clever and plausible but turn into bully boys when you leave your home and travel across the world for "a better life"

    I am signing anon for obvious reasons,,

    Oh Panorama are doing a program on Devere on 11th October

    Happy with family and friends.......can't have it all

    Pink Lady, these people have no heart and are hoping that the consultants run out of money then the manager from that particular office can then go in and mop up the deals and the leads then they won't have to pay any commission and you end up going back to the UK with your tale between your legs BEWARE

    glad I got that off my chest!!

  71. Just for the record the commission is 2% whatever you sell, not that the consultant sees hardly and of this as I say they just hold onto commission with fob off after fob off just waiting for you to run out of money and leave so they can pocket your commission and live it large

  72. I worked for deVere, I'm embarassed to say. I too got sucked into believing Nigel Green's sales pitch and ignored all the warning signs. Please, please anyone considering a career with them, don't do it, it will end in despair and disappointment. An honest and ethical person cannot succeed at deVere. Every negative post here is totally true, I saw it for myself. deVere have been and are being investigated in numerous countries and their office in Cyprus under the name of Inter Alliance Worldnet will be exposed on Panorama on BBC1 on 17 October. deVere's owner is involved in mutual fund- and Qrops companies to which client monies are sent, without the clients' knowledge. It's only a matter of time before the whole operation comes tumbling down. It's incredible that they've got away with things for so long. It may be as bad as the Madoff scandal!

  73. I worked for deVere I'm embarassed to say, having got sucked into their sales pitch. Please anyone considering a career with them, don't do it, it will end in despair and disappointment. An honest and ethical person cannot succeed with the company. The owner is involved in mutual fund and Qrops companies to which client monies are sent, without the clients' knowledge, and the company is full of crooked characters. Watch Panorama on BBC One on 17 October and you'll hear about Inter Alliance Worldnet in Cyprus who are wholly-owned by deVere. It's just a matter of time before the whole operation comes tumbling down and I just hope that investors don't lose everything. It's incredible how long they've been allowed to get away with things. The host of negative comments on this forum are all accurate but so much more could be said. This could easily be another Madoff scandal!

  74. many thanks to the last 2 postings, if anyone reading them STILL thinks these parasites are worth working for or doing business with, they need professional help! but I bet theres at least one more 'positive' posting on this board telling us all how wrong we are, what great service devere offer, get a life stop whining yardy-yardy-ya! cant wait for panorama!!!

  75. The ex-devere clients who have lost money should get together and file a class action. Maybe the ex-devere staff should do the same.

    I narrowly escaped losing a lot of money to devere a few years ago. Signed up for a Generali investment but pulled out during the first month after reading the investment documents and cross-checking things with Generali. It was going to be very slow-growing and very inflexible -- the opposite of what I'd been told. I often put paperwork aside, but didn't do so in this case. Thank God. Just wonder how many former devere clients there are out there who didn't bother reading the paperwork because they thought, reasonably enough, that everything had already been explained by the adviser. There are probably people who (a) don't yet realise that their investment will be a ball and chain or (b) realise this but are too embarrassed to admit to being scammed.

    devere have obviously done their homework in the way they target British expats. Referring to "IFA", "independent financial advice", searching the "whole market", etc. Music to the ears of British expats looking for financial advice, who will assume that these expressions mean the same thing as they do in the UK.

  76. Right, thats saved me the cost of a stamp for my cv! Who can recommend a decent reputable financial services company that I can work for?

  77. I worked for deVere in China, and I signed my first client up with a Generali Vision Plan.
    When the clients policy doccuments arrived there was a letter to the client explaining the 30Day cooloing off period.
    This was removed by my manager and the policy docs were sent without this letter.
    Basically deVere sell a good product badly.
    They opperate something simmilar to a boiler room, all high pressure, no training, call call call....More calls = More money etc etc.
    The manager's motivational speech was a joke... along the lines off" pull your fingers out or go home" ..."there is a revolving door here, and plenty of people in the UK want to fill your seats"...The competitive atmosphere in that office actualy leads to certain individuals stealing leads from their colleagues, management turn a blind eye to this because they just want the business...

  78. Regarding the comment from the poster who says that his manager removed the letter about the cooling off period, this seems to correspond to one of the complaints about de vere on
    "Check you have been given ALL the documentation provided by the product provider. I didnt and was misinformed and misled. I believe that the information and documentation from my product providers that I should have been given was deliberately witheld from me so that only verbal advise was available from their financial advisors. This I believe is because it is so easily disputed. This has cost me dearly ... "

  79. Some other names to note in connection with Devere, including companies and websites:

    (1) Inter-Alliance Worldnet/Inter-Alliance International (owned by Devere)
    "...deVere and Partners recently acquired the Inter-Alliance International (IAI) Group, which includes Inter-Alliance WorldNet..."
    "OFS Dubai is a part of Inter-Alliance WorldNet, which in turn is part of DeVere & Partners"

    (2) Expat moneyguide website (owned by devere)(

    (3) Web-based international broker "Programmes for Wealth International (PWi)", (owned by Devere) (

    (4) Shelteroffshore website (partnered/allied with devere) (,

    (5) PIC (Professional investment consultants)(affiliated to devere) ("P.I.C. is affiliated to deVere Group",

    (6) RT Financial in Brazil (owned by devere) (
    PIC in Dubai (

    (7) Siddals Spain (member of Devere Group) "We are pleased to confirm that Siddalls Spanish offices have now joined the deVere Group"

  80. History repeating itself:
    "De Vere Group, the offshore IFA, was among the promoters of the Beazley QROPS that has been struck off HMRC’s list of approved schemes."

    Britex/Devere and Imperial Consolidated:
    "My husband invested 50,000 to this bunch, his life savings, and died in 2005 worrying about it. If anyone knows who insured this group, I would be grateful for the information. Also the company who traded offshore pushing their products hard. They were called BRITEX and changed their name to diminish their association with Imperial Consolidated."

  81. I know the faces, I know the company and I know the products. I worked for them. They're all an absolute deplorable shameless bunch of vermin to be avoided at all costs!

  82. I have excess of 11k per month and they advise me to invest 4k what should i do?

  83. I work for deVere and have done so for 2 years. I take exception to the level of viterol given to 'all' the devere consultants. I work hard for all my clients and take my responsibility to their financial well being very seriously. As with any one working today I am just trying to do the best for myself and my family. All the people I work with have a natural moral barometer and understand the difference between right and wrong - this is what ensures all the clients looked after by my office get the right advice for them.
    Many of the complaints have the stench of disgruntled ex employees, however I do empathise with those who feel the have lost money or been misold. However, in my experience people do not like to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions when things go wrong. With every bit of business we write we supply the client with copies of all the paperwork they have signed including the following;
    Client declaration
    Financial Advice record
    Know your client documentation
    Copies of the application
    Copies of signed illustrations (not exceeding 10%)
    Copy of financial questionaire (INCLUDING explanations of charges)
    Signed fund fact sheets
    Copies of all literature of the chosen product.

    All of the above is supplied to the client and they must supply us with a confirmation email of receipt BEFORE the case is approved by our compliance officer and BEFORE the paperwork is even submitted to the product provider.

    deVere have in excess of 50,000 clients globally, are FSA regulated in the UK, as well as many other jurisdictions, and have alliances with the Chartered Insititute of Securities and Investments. We also work with companies such as Duetsche Bank, RBS, Morgan Stanley and many more to offer our clients the very best.
    Again, I empathise but perhaps the disgruntled should take a long hard look at themselves before trying to blame all and sundry for their woes.

  84. To anonymous..invest or be poor in retirement. The job of an IFAs to encourage people to save. Not doing so is why the whole world is in a mess. that is what deVere do and frankly do well. Agreed room for improvement and some people who could be a lot better trained, but..the ex employees who have failed.. ahem..look in the mirror and blame yourselves

  85. Chris writes:
    "in my experience people do not like to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions when things go wrong"

    I'm a former client. None of the "advice" was in put in writing or signed by the adviser. There was NO written evidence of the "advice" or who had provided it. Charges were NOT properly explained. Commission was NOT properly explained. The fact that the investment would take YEARS to start growing was obviously NOT explained. I was misled about the nature of the investment, about devere alledgedly searching the whole market, about devere providing "indpendent" financial advice, about the supposed independent financial adviser being in reality a salesman with an invented employment history in the financial sector. The investment/devere/the salesman were simply presented in the way necessary to get a sale. The fact that the client has to sign off various documents, including investment brochures which have been explained in such a way as to get a sale (the client can find this out after they have signed) is simply the company covering its back.

  86. Hi all,

    I worked for devere in Europe for a bit, i'm not disgruntled, I simply left as soon as I started to see how the vast majority of untrained devere sales guys (not IFAs) were going out of there way to sell unsuitable policies to expats in order to obtain huge commissions.

    These policies are so heavily loaded with charges and fees that the FSA will not allow them to be sold into the UK (hence the devere FSA registered office in London does not sell them, its just a front).

    Chris, you and your devere pals should take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if you would buy one of the commission laden policies you promote. Thought not!

    You simply make a living at other people financial expense and lack of financial acumen.

    As I said I'm not disgrunted...more like ashamed.

    I cant wait to see the Panorama programme on you guys and would suggest that anyone who has some info on devere should contact the investigation team asap as it goes out in mid October. I know they are keen to speak with people (clients and former sales people) as I have talked with them myself.

    Here is there email address:

  87. "Robert Clarke wanted a career in financial services..."I'd arrived thanks to my mate, but most co-workers had seen adverts ... offering "high commission" from "an international finance company seeking highly motivated people".... For the first few months, I did not see anything wrong - I thought we were helping people earn money ... Later, I realised that we asked people how much they could afford to invest to ensure we sucked them dry rather than to protect their savings"."

  88. Here's the Panorama programme:

  89. I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who find the time to moan on these sites, and blame everyone and everything but themselves.

    I am not talking here about people who may have lost some of their investment at a certain point or people who were not told about a certain element of a product.

    I am talking about the idiots who apply for the job, love the idea, love the potential money they can earn and then never think of any of the negatives. You people expect everything to be handed on a plate to you and are not prepared to work for it. I am sure there are some offices for deVere where it is hard to get going and find clients, but I would expect that is the same for a lot of sales jobs worldwide.

    Now before someone replies harping on about it being a sales job....well of course it is. Everyday, hundreds of times you are sold to by someone or something. Every company anywhere in the world offers something or some service, and without marketing (sales through pictures adverts and other media), sales people etc people wouldnt buy or find anything.

    So stop all this crap about it being a sales job....of course it bloody is, all UK IFA's are salesman, they talk to you, find out what you want, go away and then come back and sell you the solution to meet your needs.
    Sales is everywhere in modern life and has been for some time, its in our culture, so quit the lame arse rants about people selling financial products, its just a process......cont...


  90. I have always found PIC Devere to be professional. Never had any complaints. Reckon most of these comments were posted by bitter n twisted ex employees who wasn't up to the job or investors who didn't bother to ask the right questions and tried to get rich quick by investing cash amounts way over their heads.
    Then again, i may be wrong, i will let you know in 20 years time...

  91. "I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who find the time to moan on these sites, and blame everyone and everything but themselves."

    coming from someone who him or herself has devoted a good few paragraphs to the discussion?!!! perhaps there's a correlation between the number of people who want to share their negative experiences and..oh yes..the number of negative experiences?

    i actually agree with the point about it being a sales-oriented job, i work in the industry and if you don't sell then you don't make a living. BUT...there's a way of selling properly and HONESTLY which means explaining all the charges, features etc. if you don't then you will inevitably get clients who feel they've been misinformed. and this is obviously where companies like devere are guilty because they appear to hire anyone regardless of qualifications just to go out there and sell sell sell. without really caring about the after sales service, which is vital if you're investing your hard earned cash for the long-term.

    devere is not the only company that have a "sell as much as you can to as many people as you can, don't worry too much about service because we've got a call center to find new clients" approach and i'm sure some of their staff aim to give a good service. but this culture and method clearly comes from the top so please, before i read yet another "look yourself in the couldn't sell enough..that's why you're so bitter" comment from one of their people, answer this; WHY is there so much bad press on the web about devere? is it really just some conspiracy cooked up by ex-employees and dissatisfied customers or is there indeed an element of truth in some of these complaints? honest answer, please?

  92. I used to work for DeVere, they are crooks, they are not qualified to give financial advice and they target ex-pats with heavy handed sales techniques..
    the first two years of your investment will be completely worthless, they pay the adviser, by the time you are able to see how badly your investment is doing the adviser will be long gone.

  93. I work for the BBC and I'm keen to hear from anyone who transferred to the Beasley Consulting Pension Scheme or from anyone who sold the product.

    If you wish to do this anonymously that's fine.

    Email me at



  94. I am a fully qualified IFA I joined DeVere many years ago. I tried to do the job properly, and did manage to do some good business in the first 12 months but given accommodation costs flights home, coordinator accommodation costs flights etc. Then they through high office costs at me.

    In short I spent £30,000 of my savings in my first year with them. They are cowboys, who play a clever numbers game. They actually make their money from throwing new advisers at new cities. So many that in the end they have close the office down, to go back to it five or so years later.

    They keep most of the commission, trails etc so make shed loads of money for the core directors and management.

    My advice is prospective clients and prospective employees steer well clear.

  95. The guy from the BBC must mean the Beazley Consulting pension scheme (Beazley with a "z").

  96. I failed to make money with Devere in Dubai a few years ago and too was promised a telesales co-ordinator on location arrival. This is a great opportunity to maker a fortune but do not rely on anyone except yourself. Listen closely here: Head hunt a top telesales person and take them with you and up to date data lists. Devere & Nigel Green are highly credible just like the many huge financial institutions they work closely with. Because they are so successful the in-office telesales organization can sometimes be in turmoil. I stupidly just didn't use my initiative and relied 100% on what I was told and blew this golden career opportunity.

  97. I attended an intro programme for De Vere a few years ago in a hotel near Heathrow, heavily attended. Nigel Green was the usual "enthusistic" and "happy/positive" sales person who used to sell insurance policies door to door in Slough...
    I expressed an interest and had to attend an "interview" in the Midlands. I drove there and went to the "office", my interview was NOT an interview and the final application form actually asked (apart from the obvious) for my bank account details, how much money I had in savings and my passport number! This is before any job acceptance. I normally know when things are'nt quite right anf this was definitely one of those moments. I was called by them & offered a position in Hong Kong, I declined, when asked why, I explained that I had some concerns about the business, my potential employer just said "fine, your choice" and hung up...neeed I say more? BTW I am an ex-car salesman!!

  98. deVere - The worlds largest independent financial consultancy group - according to them. They are definately large but certainly not independent. Their website also clearly points out that their consultants are trained - not necessarily qualified. Trained indeed, to sell a selection of high upfront commission paying products and recommend high upfont commission paying investment funds. Coincidently the group's CEO owns a fund management company based in switzerland which has a few. No prizes for guessing which funds are most frequently 'recommended' to naive investors.
    As many have commented before - avoid this lot like the plague.

  99. just to let you know, most of the advisors from devere are not even college graduates, they are just ordinary salesmen in the UK and when they go to the country where they would love to work they act as if they can beat any good bankers out there. they don't know anything about the financial world. all they know is the product such generali, friends provident and so on but when you ask them what's going on with the market today, they will start talking bullshit. those advisor who's been with devere for a quite a long time are the ones who sometimes (out of luck) gives a good advice but mind you they all want they're clients to top up so they will receive commission every now and then. If someone here will ask me how the hell I know about this...well, I worked with them for 5 years as an admin officer.

  100. Check out


  101. To Anonymous at November 8, 2010 3:13 PM're not a Devere rep by any chance? Or did you just happen to be reading a Muscat discussion board about them? On the one hand you say you were promised a telesales rep on arrival (and presumably didn't get one?) yet you're still happy to state Devere & Nigel Green are highly credible? That's very decent of you after being lied to? Hmmmm.

    I'm especially fond of the line "Because they are so successful the in-office telesales organization can sometimes be in turmoil." You mean to say their call center is so packed with gullible bods hassling every expat they can possibly get hold of that several telesales reps end up ringing the same poor soul over and over again? Yes, that sounds like complete chaos to me! This post is so transparent it's tiresome.

    I repeat the words uttered above...AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!

  102. I am sad to say I worked for deVere and am pleased to see that many people here are wise to thier sales spiel. I especially like the way they are on here as mainly anonymous trying to spin a different story.

    Do not do business with them and whatever you do, do not work for them.

  103. I worked in China for 5 months in 2010, I wanted to try something different. Mr Green gave a 1hr speech about the pros, he did mention some of the cons, as in being away from family etc. After a further interview they give you scope to go wherever you want in the world, but somewhat encourage you to go to offices where nobody else wants to i.e. Kuwait & Russia.They explained that you would be in a team that was already established in the country of choice so you would be ready to start earning. If you went as a co-coordinator you'd get 1/2 your flight re-reimbursed by your consultant and 1/2 your accommodation paid for providing you complete 6 weeks "see if you like it". You are responsible for your own costs which is an indication of why they are so sales orientated, Devere have no exposure to risk, you go out there, pay your own everything earn your own deals, if you make a deal, you earn a little (depending on the size of the deal) but can guarantee the company and seniors earn more. They would seemingly employ 20 people in the hope 1or2 are good rather than 5or6 that they know will be successful (the recruiters also work for high comms no doubt).People were coming and going on a regular basis, seemingly not told or without the common sense to check up on things first, some coming with a 1 month visa under the impression that Devere would help renew this when the time came, he was mistaken. Upon arriving you would be chucked into the cheapest hotel in town (at your own expense) and expected to start work within a few days. There would be no help in finding your own accommodation which was usually a minimum of 3 months stay, then you would have to be lucky enough to find somebody to help register yourself at a local police station, language barrier being an issue for most brits in a foreign country.Over your first few days your advised to make as many friends as possible, when they say friends they mean business prospects! This can be done in a number of ways:
    1. Directly meeting people out (at bars)
    2. Directly approach landlord/estate agent/a gym (they’d sell data to anybody)
    3. Alternatively you can go with cash in your hand to the office manager who can sell you a list of information provided by their dodgy contact at the hospital (providing medical records) or even better the Visa office (who provide name, nationality and mobile number).You then learn scripted pitches and your off! I would advise to be aware of people saying they had your details mentioned to them by an existing client, but when asking who that was im sure they'll suggest data protection and say they cant give you that information, ironic as there was no data protection when they get your details.People do succeed in this job but it is very much if your morals are in the wrong place you can get by. There are definitely some good guys out there but it's knowing who is and who isn't.The company have a poor reputation through alot of their sales guys who are trying to make a living, they are over the top, explain they want to just explain your options but then go with the intent of selling you a generali vision (generally the best commission for an advisor). The products themselves are high upfront charges so alot of the initial growth from your "regular" quarterly review may be inaccurate. I'm 23 but could easily say I was one of the most qualified guys in my office when it comes to finance but if you wanted to speak to somebody who knew about pharmaceutical sales, mortgages (not finance) IT consultants then there are several of those.The management always seem to contradict one another.The experience was a great 1 for me as it opened my eyes to trying to get a better understanding and taught me to ask better questions in anything I do. Definite eye opener but anybody who went and took the opportunity of working for the company and now slates them, should realize you can't always believe what your told and should take responsibility.

  104. Great post Indeed! Thank you for sharing

  105. They certainly have a *hugely* impressive SEO operation. I arrived here via Google, but first had to wade through 10 pages of results linking to countless DeVere-run websites and forum-spammed press releases. What genuine content I did find (mainly forum-posts) has been attacked with a mixture of legal threats and tragically obvious shills (come on guys, at least change up the writing-style a little). And much of the content that genuine posters link to has mysteriously disappeared.

    *What* they're burying under their mountain of press-releases is almost besides the point; the effort they put into burying it is enough for me to get the message: Dodgy As ****.

  106. Please don't touch De Vere's we have lost ten s
    of thousand of Pounds our Pensions if there anyone who can help us.


  107. I worked in the Financial Services Industry in the UK, as a fully qualified Financial Planning Consultant, for over 20 years. I then decided that I wanted to see a bit of the big wide world acquired a position with DeVere and Partners.

    Whilst on the week long training course, it became patently obvious that they were a bunch of crooks selling products with an incredibly high rate of commission which would have been illegal in the UK.

    The whole basis upon which they sold their services, revolved around the long-term monitoring of their clients' portfolios and never mentioned the incredibly high commission on the contracts. The lack of explanation of the high commission, being something which is illegal in the UK.

    By operating offshore, they avoid the very stringent Financial Services Legislation in the UK and sell products which, as I mentioned before, would not be allowed there. In fact, one of the main reasons the Financial Services Authority (FSA) was set up in the first place, was to erradicate the selling of this type of product and to ensure that the clients were protected from unscrupulous financial adivisors.

    In fairness to the men and women who were on the training course with me, the vast majority had never been in Financial Services before so, were unaware that they were being trained to sell products which were NOT in their clients' best interests. They had been lured into DeVere and Partners by recruitment advertisements stating tax-free earnings potential of £150,000 - £750,000 per year! This, incidentally, is on a 'commission only' basis. There is no basic salary which, explains why the sales people are so persistant because it's a simple case of basic survival. They are in a foreign country, fending for themselves, with absolutely no support from DeVere and Partners, at all!

    These 'innocent' individuals were completely unaware that they were doing anything wrong. It was only the fact that I had worked through the phenominal changes in the industry and had worked with a very reputable company in the UK, that I was able to see what DeVere were doing.

    The sales people were, in the main, extremely pleasant individuals who had done nothing other than want to earn a good living! They had no idea that they were being trained to sell inappropriate products to unsuspecting clients.

    As for the 'praise' for Devere and Partners, written in other posts on this site, I strongly suspect that they were written by senior members of their own management team.

    My advice to any potential clients of DeVere and Partners, is don't touch them with a barge pole! There are plenty of good quality and respectable firms out there, offering excellent financial advice, it's simply a question of making the effort to find them?

    Good luck!

  108. I am working on a story about abuses in the financial services industry in the Middle East and would like to speak with anyone that has complaints. Please contact me if you have information to share - Tks,

  109. Most of these comments are just complaints from people who have failed at deVere, all complaining "i was told i was going to get spoon fed everything and make loads of commission and life would be easy"

    If you believe that about any job i'd love to see your qualifications, Morons,

    and i do work at deVere and the witch hunt will be fueled by people who loose money and loose their jobs, investments will always go up and down. alots gone on in the last 4 years the risk is there with any company dealing with investments.

  110. You didn't need to say you worked at DeVere....your appalling grammar and spelling gave it away!!

  111. If your reading this Blog as a potential employee of De Vere, or as an investor you would have to be the village idiot to contemplate either.

  112. DeVere and Partners - so called financial planners and investment advisers - are quite amazing in their continual assertion that they are 100% honest and clean. They insist that all the negative press on the internet is written by perople who are out to get them.

    I don't know of any other company, in any line of business, that needs to maintain a dozen different websites to keep their customer complaints down. Surely there's no smoke without fire?

    My google search turned up:

    Is this really necessary - what level of internet complaints must this DeVere be taking? Is it poor investment results, mis-selling, or this link with Britex and Imperial Consolidated that they are trying to hide?

  113. Thank you every one for your comments; I was considering a career with the De Vere Group & a new life for my family & I abroad. However, after reading these comments I shall not be continuing my application for employment with them. If there is any one in Cyprus who would like to employ a fully qualified IFA who has morales please let me know. Thanks again

  114. IF you have morals then this is not the Company for you. I too tried it out and had the good sense to mvoe alone before packing the family out too, kinda try before you buy. I knew in the first couple of days that it was not for me. They sell products that are not supposed ot be marketed in many of the jurisdiction they have offices in and rely on a flimsy disclaimer signed by the clients to say that they are happy to sign up to English paperwork (european reguations require that the paperwork is made available to ALL client in their native tongue). In addition to this the "sign them up to what you can as they will not have you back once they realise what they have got" is prevailent. To cap all of this when senior staff work out illustrations with their commission schedules open besdie them and then make suggestions based on what they get and not how the fund performs you start to question morals. The individual concerned clearly had none and was far too thick to understand how wrong he was either. The appealing benefit to most of these fools (and this does not apply to the whole Company by any means) is that it is an unregulated environment outside the UK and they can get the type of jobs they only dreamt about in the UK but were too thick to qualify for. If you do want a career find somewhere that needs you to be regulated and then go to that office as you will be amongst other "moral" driven individuals. In addition check out the HMRC website for their QROPS. It was busted BIG time as a trust busting outfit and will have cost many clients millions in taxes, fines and penalties!! All the best and good luck.

  115. Hi,

    This is very interesting indeed! It is extremely hard to find anything about this company is Google, the only results that come up are the ones that are directly link to their website.

    What you are about to read is 100% FACTUAL TRUTH ABOUT THE COMPANY AND WHAT THEY DO!

    First off all I am a recent University Grad who is trying to find work... I heard about deVere when a family friend's son got offered a job at one of their "Exotic locations" as they say in their email (i think it was Dubai or Abu Dhabi office). So naturally i applied for them too. A day later an eager HR guy from their office in Malta emailed & called me saying I am perfect for the company and the role etc... It all sounded excellent!

    He arranged an interview for me which was held a week later at their London, Knightsbridge office... The offices were not fancy, I have seen decent offices in my time, having worked for well known Investment Bank's I know what to expect from a large financial institution when it comes to company profile in that front...

    It was not a one on one interview, furthermore it was not an interview at all! it was an "insight" which means there were around 12-17 people in the room all looking for work just like me, from various backgrounds...None of which had ANY FINANCIAL DEGREES what so ever! You DO NOT NEED A FINANCIAL DEGREE to get a job for this company. It was more than clear to me that the people in the room were all very gullible, desperate ex sales personnel.

    The presentation was carried out by a deVere employee (Apparently) who gas been at the company for several years (Once again apparently). He gave a mediocre PowerPoint slide show presentation about the company & what they do, how they do it and who their exclusive clients are.

    The presentation also contained information about how wonderful it is to work within deVere in regards to the uncapped commission and perks you get for your rewards. Apparently some cold callers earned up to 250-500k in commission in one year (according to the figures given in the slides), and these are young guys who have no degrees in finance or even PE! Just looking around the room made sense at the company profile... A Bunch of low life losers who were falling for the sales pitch of the job itself!

    It is no secret that they target "Expats" as they guy in the very cheap suit and shoes cared to explain in the presentation, he did mention that its a trading platform and that also I quote "Successful candidates will gain the opportunity to network and provide valuable support to Financial Consultants who advise a global client base on products and services available in the offshore market and work alongside some of our key strategic partners such as RBS, Deutsche Bank, Royal Skandia and Generali International." HMMM.... Is that really true? are they really exclusive with the banks above? hmm.... Then why is there nothing on that on google and noone seems to know who they are even on "Yahoo Answers" hmmm.... strange indeed!

    Two days later I received a call from them offering me a position in their Moscow branch, which is apparently the most profitable as no one in the WHOLE OF RUSSIA offered the same service.

    In return for your hard work, they offer: 50% of your accommodation costs and 50% towards your flights (home or holiday, i suppose).

    The job it self is non paid COMMISSION ONLY and involves cold calling (which immediately put me off)

  116. Hi,

    This is very interesting indeed! It is extremely hard to find anything about this company is Google, the only results that come up are the ones that are directly link to their website.

    What you are about to read is 100% FACTUAL TRUTH ABOUT THE COMPANY AND WHAT THEY DO!

    First off all I am a recent University Grad who is trying to find work... I heard about deVere when a family friend's son got offered a job at one of their "Exotic locations" as they say in their email (i think it was Dubai or Abu Dhabi office). So naturally i applied for them too. A day later an eager HR guy from their office in Malta emailed & called me saying I am perfect for the company and the role etc... It all sounded excellent!

    He arranged an interview for me which was held a week later at their London, Knightsbridge office... The offices were not fancy, I have seen decent offices in my time, having worked for well known Investment Bank's I know what to expect from a large financial institution when it comes to company profile in that front...

    It was not a one on one interview, furthermore it was not an interview at all! it was an "insight" which means there were around 12-17 people in the room all looking for work just like me, from various backgrounds...None of which had ANY FINANCIAL DEGREES what so ever! You DO NOT NEED A FINANCIAL DEGREE to get a job for this company. It was more than clear to me that the people in the room were all very gullible, desperate ex sales personnel.

    The presentation was carried out by a deVere employee (Apparently) who gas been at the company for several years (Once again apparently). He gave a mediocre PowerPoint slide show presentation about the company & what they do, how they do it and who their exclusive clients are.

    The presentation also contained information about how wonderful it is to work within deVere in regards to the uncapped commission and perks you get for your rewards. Apparently some cold callers earned up to 250-500k in commission in one year (according to the figures given in the slides), and these are young guys who have no degrees in finance or even PE! Just looking around the room made sense at the company profile... A Bunch of low life losers who were falling for the sales pitch of the job itself!

    It is no secret that they target "Expats" as they guy in the very cheap suit and shoes cared to explain in the presentation, he did mention that its a trading platform and that also I quote "Successful candidates will gain the opportunity to network and provide valuable support to Financial Consultants who advise a global client base on products and services available in the offshore market and work alongside some of our key strategic partners such as RBS, Deutsche Bank, Royal Skandia and Generali International." HMMM.... Is that really true? are they really exclusive with the banks above? hmm.... Then why is there nothing on that on google and noone seems to know who they are even on "Yahoo Answers" hmmm.... strange indeed!

    Two days later I received a call from them offering me a position in their Moscow branch, which is apparently the most profitable as no one in the WHOLE OF RUSSIA offered the same service.

    In return for your hard work, they offer: 50% of your accommodation costs and 50% towards your flights (home or holiday, i suppose).

    The job it self is non paid COMMISSION ONLY and involves cold calling (which immediately put me off)

  117. When you work for Devere also you cannot write the company name under your job title anywhere you are registerd on the internet,because you are not allowed to do that.Also everyday get ready for "a kind of pub quiz" They will test your knowledge about anything in a randomly organised meetings.Dont expect any professional approach It does not exist.Managers are very confident and have no fear of anyone whatsoever. They can sack you for any reason and discrimination is common. Nothing is professional in there.Dont believe in these striped suits wearing nice looking guys !They act like they are working for British Embassy,but they are actually bunch of cowboys

  118. I've worked for deVere for a year now and have changed my life around and am proud to work for them. If it was easy to be successful then everybody would be. We advise people to save for their future and for their children. We protect their money and place it with the largest companies in the world so it is safe!!!

    I am proud to be helping people!!!

    Maybe people should be honest with themselves, people want success handed to them on a plate! Human nature dictates greed for money and then when some work is required people go two ways.. they have grit and the foresight to step out of their comfort zones for a while and see the big picture. Or give up, fail and go back to the sad lives they tried to get away from but couldn't, and then spend their time in denial blaming everyone but themselves because the lives they've had to return to only magnify the inevitable truth that's basically gonna be their level probably for life.

    Sorry people but the the truth hurts. I look forward to the extremely entertaining ensuing

  119. I also worked for Devere and Partners as a Sales Co-ordinator for a very short time in one of their European offices and it was a disasterous work experience I ever had in my entire professional life and it was the worst employer I have ever met.
    In London Nigel gives all these goody goody presentation and promises things like 50 % of your flight ticket and 50 % of your accomodation will paid (but they never say by who and how?)
    Here are the facts:
    When you are in London office first you have to attend the presentation of the company then you have to take numerical and psychometric exams and have to go through a so-called face to face interview.
    Then, you have to sign a form giving your bank details and how much money you have got in your bank account.It is because when you end up in the destination you have to survive on your your own money.
    50 % of the flight is paid,but 50 & of your accomodation is not paid by Devere.Your Financial Advisor is supposed to pay that money to you. You are only going to be paid a very small amount of basic salary that you have to live on and pay it back to the company as soon as you make money from the commission your advisor gets. Your advisor is not even getting that basic salary.The financial advisor works for DEVERE on 100% commission base.If he wont make any money he will not give you anything. My advisor did not even know that he was supposed to give me that kind of financial support.Attention! they may tell you that "No we dont pay 50% of your rent but we pay only 30 % of it.They are so clever that they will change Nigel's story !!!They expect you to survive on your own money. "These guys are themselves bankrupted/failed businessmen in UK, advising people on investment and making money in other countries.Get real people !

  120. When you end up in your destination you will not get any support whatsoever.Everyone in the office is competing with each other and some co-ordinators don't even have high school education. They are just British people having girl friends or boy friends from the local people there already living in there. These guys have no idea about the numerical or psychometric tests that you go through in Devere office in London They dont even know that you are promised 50 % payment of your rent for your accomodation.So there is a kind of double dealing and bullshit about proper employment.The working environment is very hostile.With a bold face Devere office manager will actually tell you that they provide you with a nice office and a nice chair and high- tech work equipments (but a very little salary which is only enough for two weeks in there.)They expect you to be proud of working under such working conditions You also have to work like a slave.

    I am a very hard working person but after I worked for them I can tell you that it is beyond hard working,you are a slave, You will be in the mercy of your appointed Financial Advisor and you had better get on well with him Otherwise you will be sacked which they do very easily on daily basis.

  121. "Bent" Brent is in Cyprus along with a couple of his sidekicks - beware everyone !

  122. The recent pro-deVere post said: I am proud to be helping people!!!

    Well here is my ensuing reply you talked of.
    Massive upfront commission that takes almost all the clients first 2 years investment.
    Completely inflexible and UNREGULATED products. A 25 year plan is what you guys like to sell yeah, yet the average expat life-cycle is 5 years.
    Generali Vision (providers of your popular and most profitable plan) admit most policies are cancelled within 8 years before they even break even....
    All sold by a bunch of guys who are financially inexperienced, mostly have no qualifications and from a company that is not regulated by any financial authority.
    Sorry did you say you advise people to save for their future and for their children...TWAT!
    Another post I guess from a financially inept self employed commission only barrow-boy with a cheap suit.... and don't forget the 'must have' white shirt!!

    From an industry insider.

  123. Not good - was already on my way to Dubai - someone told me to check this out before I packed my bag & trot to the airport - shocking!!

  124. I just spoke to these jokers today on the phone.. all lies.. unless the many people on hear are wrong in what they are saying.

    Can some one tell me if there are any companies out there you can work for as a sales coordinator who offer good advice for clients? i would be happy earning a fraction of what DVG advertise as OTE's


  125. I have worked for deVere now for over 3 years, The advice that we give is thorough and very well detailed and the majority of the plans we provide are some of the best in the industry, Yes there are charges but the charging structure is transparent and clients or potential clients are well aware of what they will be charged, I take it all the negative people out their are people who have "tried" and failed as they have the wrong work ethic, deVeregroup are a brilliant firm to work for so all you jealous and bitter people out there who are unhappy with your own lives, lets stop slating a company you know nothing about and try earning some money yourself!

  126. Wow, how funny is this blog. What a load of bitter people who havnt been succesfull in there chosen location or in life . I am currently a co-ordinator in the Dubai office and I have learnt so much in the time that I have been here and earnt more than I ever would have done in the UK. After coming out of unversity as an Oxford graduate the job market in the UK was almost non existant. Here I have learnt how to laise with clients network with my prospects and live a great life in Dubai. Here I can honestly tell you I have learnt more in the time I have been here than literally 2 years of university. And its so funny to hear people complaing of not getting paid 50 % of your rent etc.. I recieve virtually 80 % of my rent from the consultant I work for every month no fail. We have a great relationship and have taken on board over 100 clients that are all happy with the service were providing and help us sitting down with new prospects. Most of my clients are High networth Bankers,Lawyers,Accountants and your all telling me Devere is not trusted !! HaHa

    For all of you coming out to Devere to work give it a go what have you got to loose? It's a great experience and as a stepping stone alot can be gained. Believe me it's funny how many of the other 'most trusted' IFAS are just built up of advisors who didnt make the cut at Devere. Everybody sells the same products! Take a look at some of HSBC and JP Morgan's current staff history....DeVere !

    If your coming out here give it your best shot but please dont sell your house! Money doesnt come easy !

  127. To all the sleazy conmen working at deVere posing as satisfied customers and employees. I take it that you are the people that sucked up enough and screwed people to stay in the business of ripping people off. Your going down hill and fast and the scale of bad feedback reflects that. I worked for you and let me tell you I left with my head held high and I suppose you refusing to pay is just sour grapes too, not disgruntled but shame that I was stupid enough to fall for your bull however I do agree that there are people out there that will blame anyone but themselves but that is not me. I will make it without deVere and do so with integrity which is more than i can say for you crooks, no matter how much you lie to yourself's and others your the scum of the universe and is what is wrong with the world today. like most i could go through pages and pages of the dodgy stuff that goes on but i won't waste anymore time on you. The games up deVere, don't forget to let us know what a prison in Uganda is like.

  128. oh come on pal!! please....Oxford?? haha, not with that grammer....and HSBC and JP would never employ ex devere or even the sort of people employed by devere. That's why people work for devere....can get a good bank job...losers

  129. From:

    Mon 18 Apr 2011
    I applied for a job with the DeVere Group South Africa. After a week in training I was offered a contract of employment and one as a consultant to for DeVere as a Financial consultant. I was told by the trainer that the branch manager I was to work with was away at his bachelor's party and she was certain that telephoning him about my appointment would be useless as he would most assured be drunk, she said that she would speak to him on the weekend and that I was to come to work on Tuesday the next week which was the start of my contract. When I arrived to work on Tuesday the two managers of the Johannesburg office called me into a private meeting and enquired as to whether I believed that I had been offered a contract, I was also asked to leave the offices. I attempted to resolve this matter with the regional manager nad was then duly informed that I was not in fact in his opinion tough enough to do the job and that he didnt believ I would last three months in that office and that was his grounds for therefor not honoring the contract I had been given. This is an absurd excuse and extremely poor labour practise.

  130. Looks as if Devere has set up another company for selling financial products. It's even supposed to be "independent"!

    It would be interesting to know who the shareholders are and what the accounts look like.

  131. Hi all,

    I started on this blog last night after having attended DeVere's presentation. What I read is astonishing and heartbreaking at the same time. I am unemployed but have good experience in the Sales arena. Someone called those attending the presentation 'losers' on this blog. You Sir/Madam, are no less 'loser' then seeing that you were there too?

    Isn't it the right of all unemployed or not, to explore possibilities of a better job/earning? That's what I was there to see.

    Anyway, it was something the Presenter said during his presentation, that made me google 'complaints about Devere Financial Advisors', and I came across this blog. He said 'those of you that read and believe the Sunday Times, or other negative things about Devere, shouldn't really be here'. Not very clever of him, but that was enough for me to hold my horses, and check this out.

    There are very few positive comments from the supposedly successful Devere employees on this blog, but not enough or convincing enough to make me give it a go. I can sell not doubt about it, but I cannot cheat innocent hard working people (expats or not) out of their money - Never!

    Last but not the least, now that I think of it I was contacted by a 'boiler room' advisor many years ago who managed to get me to buy 'pink sheet' shares! I have no doubt now that he did quote his Company name as Devere, Belgium. OMG, one learns everyday and there is absolutely no end to scumbags that are prepared to suck the blood out of fellow human beings just to survive!!

    I'm off to continue my serach for a decent job - and well paying too. Believe me they do exist.

  132. In the UK, complaints about misleading recruitment ads can be sent to the Advertising Standards Authority

    The ASA has already upheld a complaint about a sales recruitment ad that exaggerated earnings prospects:

  133. Post which appeared in an online discussion about Devere a couple of years ago (no longer available online as entire thread was deleted):

    Part 1
    "Hi folks, I too have worked for Devere and Prtners.
    Let me take a moment to tell you all about what a great company they are:
    After spending four 6 hour training sessions with Devere I was let loose on my first clients 'Wow!' I thought - 'I must be bloody good because I have no financial experience or qualifications whatsoever!'
    I'm glad I learned my script like they told me too!!!
    I do my Intro (How does it go? ah - LSIS)
    L - Largest DV is the largest blah blah blah...
    S - Service With that many clients I'm sure you realise how important service is to us - yawn - yeah right!
    I - Independent Being fully Independent means we search the WHOLE market and always recommend Hansard, Skandia or Generali for regular savings or... wait for it Hansard, Skandia or Generali for portfolios...
    (Friends Prov are on the horizon but they are slow to pay commissions...)
    S - Security Cos its in the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey - you get 90% protection if the bank or insurance company goes bust - unfortunately this protection doesnt extend to being given crap advice...
    Now... confirm the client by saying - 'Does that sound like a company ud be happy doing business with?? Get 2 yes's and carry on..."

  134. Part 2 of post which appeared in an online discussion about Devere a couple of years ago (no longer available online as entire thread was deleted):

    "...This goes on for a while they ask for a 'Gentlemans agreement' that u design ur own investment and they go away to the WHOLE market (Hansard, Generali and Skandia) and find something thats perfect for them, I mean YOU...
    Then comes the fact find which is basically 'disturb the client into believing he has to have that retiement plan, education, plan or move his existing investments into an International Portfolio.
    Regaular plans pay about 4% of the total amount to Devere. So an investment of £500 a month for 20 years is a total of £120,000 - 4% of which goes to DV and about half of which goes to the broker who is doing your financial 'analysis'
    Portfolios - They will try their damndest to sell you an International portfolio bond in which to place all your cash, Bonds, Shares and other investments. Mainly because a bond will pay about 7% commission immediately.
    Then, they will offer you investments to go inside the bond as they will generat an additional commission. For example optimafund (a protected note by Barcays) pays a whopping 10%!!! so you stick £100k in Optima inside a Portfolio and DV cream of £17k - nice huh??? They'll usually mix it up with a property investment by Frontier or Premier Group and theres another proteted note called AlpInvester - another big payer.
    The problem with these Independent adviser companies is that you can check out all the investments they recommend - and most of them are fully legit - very good investment vehicles. But they aren't tailored to you in any way. Most are suitable for 'experienced investors only' and all have an element of risk which should be fully explained and isnt.
    Optima for example offers a 100% Capital Guarantee. WOW - u cant lose... Can you???
    Well, yes you can. You see there is Optima and Optima SELECT, the latter being a 1/1 geared version where the bank matches your investment £1 for £1 at a variabl interest rate of about 5%. Select version pays double commission...hmmmm which you think they'll recommend. Also, Select doesnt have 100% Capital Guarantee , but about 65%, hope they pointed that out...
    The cap guarantee only comes into effect at the 10 year point... Uh oh. So you put £100k into Select and after 10 years if it doesnt perform - no worries, you get £65k back!!! If only u'd left it in your 3% current account - u'd have £135k instead - darn...
    These people are NOT financial advisers - they SELL investments. Ask how long they've worked at the company, what qualifications they have. They may offer letters from other clients praising them - only tells you other people have been duped by the smooth sales pitch... I worked with them for 3 months - and I have since gained financial qualifications and have worked in the UK's very heavily regulated market and quite frankly these people were shocking... Nuff said, hope I have saved some expats somewhere their hard earned cash - by the way if I have I want 17% commission... "

  135. Obviously, as stated before, there are two sides to any story. I used to work for deVere. It is a great company, maybe not to work for, but they do have access to some great investments. deVere does have its fair share of dirt though. Most of the advisors working for deVere have no idea what it is they are talking about, most of them are either car salesmen, door to door salesmen, and even ex convicts. You do, however, get some very honest people as advisors, people who actually do have a degree in finance or economics, in short, people who actually know what they are talking about. Its all based on luck. Don't let them push you around for more money either, if you have personally reviewed everything and have come to the conclusion that you don't need to invest more than what you already are, there is no reason why you should listen to these British characters when they come in saying "you need to put more money in because of this or that". Be smart people

  136. Don Warthog ESQ IFAMay 31, 2011 at 6:24 PM

    It seems that the bubble has finally burst for Nige' Green & his slimy cronies...
    I too worked for deVere and "partners" a couple of years ago...
    After a sales meeting at Heathrow with 30 others, followed by a 2nd meeting with a very slippery "ex-pat recruiter" near Birmingham, I was "selected" to join a 5 day sales course taking place in Zurich.
    The course, hotel, breakfast and lunch were paid for - flights and evening meal on my expense. After spending the week memorising the script and listening to professional liars trying to brainwash you, I was "pleased" to pass the exam and offered a place in Cape Town, South Africa.
    I paid for my own flight and found my own accomodation, and began cold calling the moment I arrived to start work..from the word go it was a complete con. No back-up, no clients, no co-ordinator, no visas, nothing. The longer I stayed the more I realised what a bad situation I and my colleagues were in. The atmosphere was oppressive and depressing - we could hardly afford to eat! No-one was making any money, and it seemed that we were working outside of the law, and without any real support. I quit after 5 months, and got back to the UK penniless...I sincerely hope that anyone reading this will take heed and avoid deVere like a bad dose , and I hope and pray that Green and his lying bastard friends end up where they belong - in a dark damp prison cell where they will be abused and exploited and forgotten about, as they have used and abused their staff and clients.

    1. Guess what? I too had the same experience, in Cape Town as well. I am originally from SA but lived and worked and trained up as an IFA in the UK for some years. I wanted to go back and thought this would be the ideal opportunity. Like you, I discovered exactly the same and came back to the UK penniless. Absolutely rotten experience.

  137. Devere expands to USA and opens Miami office:

    Licensed to give advice to US nationals and expats in the USA.

  138. Its all lies , lies , lies with that company . Ive heard their Hong Kong operation is down to 2 advisors and one of them is under investigation for QROPS fraud. They have apparently "trained" their 21 year old sons to go out and spread the lies as they are so desperate for commisions. The end is surely coming to these horrid people .

  139. I totally agree ! These guys should soon end up in jail.As an "Employer" they are terrible. They are not honest,they do not care about how you manage your life in your destination country, they do not care about creating a good working environment either.Their offices are ultra modern and new,with new technological devices ,this is where they only spend their money in for you.You work in fantastic offices ,but as poor as back street people.Avoid Europe,because in these locations you will also have to pay some taxes that you cannot afford to pay from the pocket money Devere gives as "Basic Salary" every month.

    Every month you really struggle and it is the matter of "The survival of the fittest" They expect you to dress well and look rich ,but have your lunch in a cheap Kiosk where all the poor people who cannot afford to have lucnh, just like Devere and Partners employees.It is all about "Appearance " in Devere and Partners.Big companies are really fed up with them and their employees calling them.Employees also suffer from the bad image of the company during these cold calls.So make sure you can take it !!

  140. ex devere far eastJune 12, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    I worked for Devere and for what it's worth I actually enjoyed it. Made a bit of money, and left to become independant, all of my clients came with me, and I am now making a steady income. So Nigel Greene and Co, thanks for the opportunity and the training. EX DEVERE FE

  141. Just been told that i am the perfect person for them. Position in Dubai being offered. Asked to attend in Edinburgh for a presentation on the company.So glad read all this otherwise looks like i would have been giving up a decent job that i have just now and finishing my savings pretty quickly.

  142. I too was contacted by email, i phoned the recruiter and he told me that i would have a coordinator and I could expect 3 to 4,000 a sale in Dubai, im glad Ive read these comments, unbelievable stuff, aye boy.

  143. Worst firm in the world without any shadow of a doubt - if you type in ifa compl - into google it autofills IFA COMPLAINTS DE VERE AND PARTNERS!!! Out of all the fiancial services firms in the world - they come up.

    I heard the CEO is the son of a priest but reading this string he looks more like the son of satan.

  144. Ex DeVere Consultant (2008/09)July 28, 2011 at 9:07 PM

    I went to work for deVere in Asia after being made redundant from my company in the UK. I had been working as a financial consultant in UK for three years and had passed my FPC. I was amazed that I was one of only a couple of consultants in the office that had a background in finance. The guy in charge there John Brophy promised me the earth and I lasted 11 months before I ran out of money and had to return home on the verge of bankruptcy and my tail between my legs. DV have a terrible reputation for cold calling and harrassing expats. The only way I believe you could make it now would be if they opened up a brand new office in a previously untouched city but they have been everyhwere (and kicked out of several!). Its now a bit like a pyramid scheme and I wouldn't receommend going to my worst enemy. It has taken me three long years to get my head back above water.

  145. I have just attended one of their presentations at Heathrow.
    Difficult to decipher how many of these comments are sour grapes or legitimate complaints against the company.
    On balance I think I will go with the old adage of if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
    Even the ex DeVere employees who have commented don't appear to have made the serious money which was suggested as being the norm at the presentation.
    Tempting to go on the week's training course in Malta for a holiday though!!!

  146. Busted by the FSA/police and now in liquidation: a company whose products Devere has been pushing. Devere has been removing the company's name from the Devere websites.

  147. I notice that most of the pro-deVere posts on here are written with exactly the same writing style and all anonymous. Probably the work of the same guy, most likely an employee.

  148. The following post appeared on 9.9.2011 on

    "If you have bought a fund through the devere fund platform then you should ring up the investment house and check that they are aware of your purchase. Craig featherby from devere south africa and his team have been selling structured products with known banks that mature in a period of 5 years. your money looks totally safe. here is the twist....... the investment is owned by devere and not you and devere are using the money for working capital. Your statements will look great but they are not your statements.

    If you have took out one of these structured products then you should check directly with the fund company that they are even aware you exist. (if it was with a bank).

    If the investment was with a fund house then you might want to dig a little deeper, Devere own a number of funds that on paper look great but they are what we call boiler room enterprises. the fund you are buying in to is actually just deveres bank account.

    I worked for devere, why do i tell you the secrets, because they have gone to far with the recklessness."

  149. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  150. If you are being invited for Interviews or Career presentations, dont bother. As long as you are able to wear a suit and can learn a sales track of by hard you got the job. As stated previously it is all about commissions and selling highest paying products. This company has no interest in customer service or retention.

    As stated in previous posts, of course the managers fire you once you stoped prostituting yourself, since, who do you think will coin the trailer fees on your existing clients.^^

    I went to their Cape town offices after being called out of the blue, and i thought why not find out a bit for fun ( i was busy with other job negotiations). AS i was waiting to be called in I noticed the Financial Service Board License, which has to be present in any financial services providers offices, by law. In south Africa we are moving to the same over regulation... by the way. I noticed it was issued Feb 2011, i was surprised since i came across a lot of pushy salesmen on networking events over the last 3 years.... tells you something doesnt it?

    At least customers now can complain to the ombudsman and those muppets can be taken to the cleaners. I give them another 12-15 month and devere south africa will be history :D

  151. A lot of people are not happy with deVere: employees and customers. See the articles here:

  152. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  153. Anymore information on Kenneth Golby - have an investment with him and am now a little worried after reading this blog.

  154. it amuses me that with all these references to Devere being crooks etc someone has also reported the demise of Castlestone Management above, whose funds Devere promoted. [rest of comment removed by UD, but see ]

  155. Having Worked for Devere all they are interested in is the commission at the end of the month, They push anything that will make them money not what will benefit the client, conducting fund switches on a review when there is no need just to gain commission.

    They dont care what or who the staff they have working for them are in one of the offices have someone who was convicted to 15 years in prison, and the head of [UD: name removed] ZZZZ YYYY keeps women on just for his personal sexual needs even though he is married.

  156. I have a devere platform account, over the past month my account has been showing incorrect values, when the markets go up my platform performance goes down. When the markets go down my account goes down, hence i am now -36% overall!! I wish i had never heard of devere. There customer service is the worst i have ever come across, they dont care. I need to take some seriouse action, any suggestions?


  157. Interesting that Kenneth Golby gets a mention, I was a client before finding out some less than positive things about him from friends here. I quickly got someone else to take over my investment. Golby's your typical IFA, a lot of talk just to get your business, couldnt really give a damn about you. Id talk to someone else if I were you, just not Devere, they must be the worst.

  158. what happened to the comments regarding castlestone management? anyone know what's going on there?

  159. There is Financial ombudsman in UK.They can help you.Here is the website :


    Here is the website of Financial Ombudsman in UK.They can help !

  161. Only just sorted expensive last minute flights to Heathrow to attend DeVere presentation, and another flight to have a one on one meeting. Since then ive contacted mates in Dubai who said 'if i could offer you the wisest advice for the length of your career, stay well clear of them'. Ive been told the same from two completely different contacts. Part of me is so annoyed that i didn't do a forum search before shelling out on tickets i now won't use. But the bigger part of me is grateful that my loss hasn't been so much greater. Thank you so much to anyone who keeps people like me informed of corrupt companies like this. Its likely you've learned the hard way, but im so grateful that you shared it.

  162. I to recently was offered a job in deVere to work in there UAE office but after numerous conversations with various people not even associated to deVere, decided not to take up the offer! Since then, I have been in touch with other companies for similar roles & found they are more ethical & not there just to rip of expats & other people! These people are criminals & should not be allowed to operate as a business. Anyone serious about doing a similar role & wanting to work for an ethical company, check out... & I'm sure they will be able to help out!!

    My advice, stay well clear of deVere & globaleye

    1. They are criminals! Just look at Green's background with Britex. Enough said!!

  163. dear anonymous (02.12)

    where was the platform sold?

  164. I dont understand how an internation company could be corrupt. i heard they are partnershipping with JP morgan. They have invited me to a p[resentation which I initiatlly thought was an interview. Now reading this i am concerned, as I only have a few months left redundancy and dont want to blow it. I want a job with travel prospects, any ideas

  165. Yes it is possible.A corrupt internationally operating company . They are called "second hand " offshore investment company.They also sell the products of Generali,City Bank etc. but how satisfied the clients are is the question.There are lots of doggy things going on in there.

  166. I worked with Nigel Green when he a ran a Liberty Life Insurance office in Oxford Circus, London in 1987.

    They actually had us standing on the street dragging punters up to the office for the hard sell. A verbatim script and very clever psychology.

    An amazing experience and an amazing guy. I made money but learned even more, very early in life.

    Nigel Green - A rogue to the very core. Stay well clear.

    1. Not much has changed then. Green had us standing up at our desks harrassing customers by phone. We weren't even allowed to sit and do it! Some sort of boiler-room tactic to keep us motivated and project our voices better. Unbelievable, but true.

  167. Work it out. A Client gives money to an 'independant' advisory company owned by Nigel Green. The company places the money in a fund such as United Asset Management SARL (or other fund) owned by Mr Green as shown on the Swiss Register Du Commerce here: -

    Mr Green then has an awful lot of money under his personal control in a Swiss bank with which he pays huge incentives and lumps sums to those at the bottom of the 'pyramid' to keep feeding money into the system. They report figures back to the clients as if they are making great returns but occasionally 'fudge' the numbers.

    The advisers don't actually know what is happening because they are blinded by greed. This type of scheme has a very well publicized name...

  168. Recent article featuring Mr Green:,-warns-devere-group.html

    Recent article that includes this CV:
    "1998 - to date deVere Group Ltd GmbH, chief executive
    1995 – 1998 Britex International, offshore financial consultant
    1992 – 1995 Lansdowne Financial Services, managing director and owner
    1990 – 1992 Summit Marketing, director
    1988 – 1990 Royal Life Assurance, senior branch
    1977 – 1988 Liberty Life Assurance, financial consultant, manager"

  169. OMG just read the ft adviser article

    This rag must turn a big blind eye to the piles of bad press about devere, now why they would do that??? Shame on you ft adviser!

  170. There will always be bad apples in any global company. You really think that the likes of RBS, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche bank etc would work with a company for many years if they were as bad as some of these blogs suggest. Idiots.

  171. We are not idiots ! You are not well informed about Devere and Partners.They work with above mentioned companies like "second hand shop "They get special deals from them only to hoard money from people with very little and late gain or NO gain whatsoever.Check out the ethic of the business. But in today`s world
    " who cares the ethic ha ?"

  172. The point made by anonymous on 22 Mar is that RBS and kin are credible companies so by association devere must be ok, right? RBS isnt a great example, why were they bailed out by the UK tax payer and their CEO rewarded in the process?
    Im astonished how seemingly credible companies like Friends Provident, Old Mutual and yes RBS, Deutsche Bank can let the likes of devere sell their products. But lack of regulation and come-back means that they do. Until regulation is universal and global, there will always be opportunities for unqualified salesmen to masquerade as financial advisors.

  173. We are not idiots.The financial companies and banks you mention use them as " second hand "service and product provider. Do "YOU" really think that above mentioned companies would let Devere and Partners sell their best and most important products ? Devere and partners get a different deal from them.Do you really think that these companies let their clients know that Devere is one of their business partner ? Here is the fact. Clients who are interested in investing in Dutsche Bank and in Morgan Stanley kind of companies go directly to them.They do not get messed around by Devere kind of companies. It is actually Devere and Partners who is laud about doing business with above mentioned investment companies.Not Morgan Stanley,Deutsche Bank etc.Clients get different deals from each of them.

  174. Who claims Devere works with RBS, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank? Why Devere itself, of course, and its PR machine. Would be great to see some evidence from these companies themselves that they actually work with Devere. If they do, they clearly don't like to admit it.
    Something you'll never see:
    "RBS/Morgan Stanley/Deutsche Bank is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Devere Group". LOL

  175. I was offered a position at deVere but turned it down after doing further research. There are few things I can suggest to people genuinely wanting help with their financial affairs from a quality financial services firm. If you are ever approached by a Financial Consultant anywhere abroad especially in the middle east you MUST at all times look for the following:

    1. Is the company regulated in the country that it's doing business in? Ask for the name of the regulator and the company's regulatory licence number from the person who has called/approached you. If they pass this stage go to step 2.

    2. Check the scope of the company's licence. Firms may not be permitted to give investment advice but may only be able to give advice on mortgages or some types of insurance products.
    If they pass this stage go to step 3.

    3. Does the firm have a compliance department? If so request the business card of the compliance officer for the firm and request a template copy of a suitability report for a fictitious client.
    If they pass this stage go to step 4.

    4. Check the credentials of the consultant. If he/she is from the UK ask to see his/her certificate(s). They should hold at least Level 3 qualifications from the the Chartered Insurance Institute or the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI). If the consultant mentions that he/she has a Level 3 International qualification then he/she will be referring to the CISI 'Introduction to Securities & Investment (International Paper)' This qualification is very basic and in NO WAY meets the minimum qualification level required to give financial advice!

    New regulations coming into effect after 31st Dec 2012 in the UK are requiring a minimum of Level 4 qualifications from advisers (Degree Level).
    If they pass this stage you are in good hands.

    These simple steps in the above order will help you sort out the cowboys from the professionals. People work hard to make a living and its our job as pro's to make sure your savings work hard for you. Protect yourself by asking the above questions and the cowboys will stop bothering you!

    1. All good stuff, but on a point of technicality I would like to clarify something.
      Level 4 is not degree level. Level 6 is taken to be at this level. So, qualifications like MSCI of APFS ( CII) would qualify.

  176. people have to stop trying to reason with these devere idiots who write this crap in defence of their "employer" have to understand that the average devere employee is from the lowest levels of UK society, with little education. In medeival times they would have been referred to as peasants. They do not have the intellectual muscle to see through the rubbish they are told by Nigel Green and co.

    1. Partly true ! There is even "cook" among them by profession.However,there are also innocent employees among them too. Their good intention is always abused and they are victimised.They are not all from the lowest levels of society.There are some real British rich kids with no brain among the employees and they survive in Devere.One just wonders how ????

  177. Interesting post from (link no longer works, but still in webcache:
    Posted on 27 July from South Africa:
    "Am an active client of deVere and also analyst. Found out that the online fundplatform is giving wrong information and is modifying figures without commands from the user. Very triggy as you have no clue about your funds, profits and strategy. After warning DeVere, the said it was a rebuild of their website, ongoing for a year now! Am selling all funds, trust is absolutely gone

    Am an active client of deVere and also analyst. Found out that the online fundplatform is giving wrong information and is modifying figures without commands from the user. Very triggy as you have no clue about your funds, profits and strategy. After warning DeVere, the said it was a rebuild of their website, ongoing for a year now! Am selling all funds, trust is absolutely gone."

  178. This is what i did a couple years ago. I was invited to attend their weekly residential sales training course in Knightsbridge staying in a rather pleasant hotel. I realised after the first couple of days that Devere were frauds. I enjoyed a week enjoying food, wine and beer and tolerated the days nonsense. Knowing full well i wasn't interested in the scam they were offering and aware how worried some of the delegates were about committing to this rubbish i ran up a rather large hotel tab and charged it to Devere and that worm Nigel Green, most satisfying!!

    Stay away from these frauds!

  179. Guys n gals, today I was phoned by a girl from this mob - she said she'd came across my CV while browsing the internet!? - how the f**k did she get a hold of my CV?
    She said the usual spiel about working in various locations round the globe, earning 160k, and crucially, she said that this mob were an independent financial company that didn't need to adhere to the normal FSA rules - this set the alarm bells ringing.
    She asked how did it sound - I said 'that sounds amazing' as anyone would. She said she would send me an email with some info as this call had a lot of information to digest and I could go and do some research on the company. Guess what folks.... still waiting on that email from 11am this morning(it's now 10pm at night lol) My email address is at the very top of my CV btw ;p
    What a crock of shit - this whole company sounds like a massive scam (I'd never even heard of them before - had anyone else?)- beware. I mean what company expects you to shell out to work for them? To pay for you flight over there? Absolute nonsense.
    touch, do not, bargepole, with a - springs to mind ;)
    Best Regards

  180. They hunt your CV from and they also work with a recruitment agency that I have never heard of before.If you realy want to hear about how they do that scam ,just go to their interview and presentation in their Knightsbridge office.There will be 20 + people like you available and half of them will leave after the first part of the presentation... That is the real Alarm Bell.Beware .

  181. There seems to be so much negative press about this company....
    And theres not smoke without fire,

  182. When you work for them you are not even allowed to give the company name you work for in anywhere on the internet.Yes.It is not A JOKE.You are not allowed to write it in linkedin,Xing or any other professional networking websites.Obviously they are afraid of something and some information can leak out through this way.Beware !!!

  183. I worked for them for a short time in Europe. These guys are crooks. Do not under any circumstance use their services or work for them.

    Don't say I didn't warn you

  184. Wow, there posts always makes for some serious laughs and gasps !!! hahaha

    I worked as an IFA in Africa for company who's founder is ex-Brittex (deVere). Well, very much a "like father like son" type of story....same modus operandi, different name, except he might JUST beat Nigel in the asshole- and keeping his staff in financial slavery category,

    I am a qualified IFA and have worked with several different IFA companies, big and small...and I can honestly speak from experience.

    Most the the pro-Anonymous posts are most likely deVere people or their paid online reputation managers. They probably spend MILLIONS (which they have to recover from clients obviously) to get this stuff erased from the web.

    NO matter WHERE I've worked in the world, the stories...reports and experiences are the same. Most IFA's can't stand them, although 80% of them proudly base their training and prospecting methods on the deVere formula, so a bit of a double standard at the same time.

    I managed to get a whole deVere training manual from someone whoe attended a MALTA training week, but decided not to pursue the job. Interesting reading ! (actually, almost a xerox of the other supposedly non-related ex-Brittex company's materials I worked for !)

    Anyway, after some years I now love what I do, our company is TOTALLY anti cold calling and anti harassing people. You won't even so much as see a fact-find or any kind of materials taken to any 1st meeting which, by the way, will almost ALWAYS be via a genuine personal referral or a corporate /professional introduction.

    I have picked up SO many deVere orphans out there it's just not funny...and yes, there is life after a deVere screw-up if you act quickly. Many of the solutions are fine, its the wrong application, the ignorance and lack of knowledge that the deVere crowd excel in that's usually to blame....mostly anyway !

    I know how it feels when people give you "that look" when they happen to ask you what you do (talking outside of meetings now)...all thanks to the likes of deVere and their various alter ego aliases and minions. Its almost CULT-LIKE !

    I enjoy dealing with people who WANT to see- and deal with me and we absolutely HAVE to(without exception !) see our existing clients every 6 months, without fail....its company policy. A deVere sales guy would not last 3 days in our offices !

    I know it almost sounds almost to good to be true, but I had to go through 4 or 5 companies before I stumbled upon this rare find and I do consider myself very lucky.

    But because of their long arms and underhanded tactics even I have to keep from mentioning my name.

    I'll be looking forward to the day when the world is totally rid of the likes of them, anything they spawned and its offspring.

    Their days are numbered and places like THIS must be preserved at all costs so the word can get around.

  185. have recentley just come off the course after reading the comments i am pleased i am not taking things any further while it has cost me a few hundred pounds it would have cost me a lot more in the long run money which i havent got.

  186. I am considering joining deVere after being contacted by them. I have been interviewed and met Nigel Green at one of his Heathrow Hilton presentations. Like many people, I found the prospect seductive but something was still niggling at me.
    I have put many of the comments that I have read to the recruitment company and one of their area managers, who was kind enough to call me and talk frankly. Now both have openly and clearly refuted many of the claims regarding being charged rent for desks and telephone calls etc so someone is lying. Judging by the poor level of English and common schoolboy errors made in many of the contributors to this string, I would not be surprised If many have been written by the same person using different names. A couple of embittered ex employees or customers could cause a lot of problems this way. Let me assume, however, that they are all genuine. Where does that leave me? I mean people with a grudge or compaint tell on average about 18 people about it. Satisfied customers don't. So where is the balance? The deVere manager who called me is clearly not one of these ubiquitous car salesmen (I wonder, with so many of them working for deVere, who is selling the cars?). On the contrary, he was educated, articulate and frank. He has worked for deVere for several years seems very satisfied. He was aware of the type of negative comments made on certain websites but rightly suggested that I could easily find similar comments about almost any global organisation picked at random.
    Also, I am not a car salesman. I have an MBA, I speak English and German fluently and I have been in charge of companies in the UK, Germany, France and Austria. I am honest and would not sell any product that I did not believe in or which I would not buy myself. DeVere know all of this so why would they want me? Also, if they are as bad as people say, then why on earth are they licensed in the key markets?
    I have no desire to be tricked into something remotely illegal or immoral, which seems to be story based on the balance of the posts. I just finished working with the authorities to put one group of frauds behind bars and I got paid too little for it. I just decided that I want to put myself first for a change. I wish that someone with a balanced view and direct knowledge would put some perspective on this. Are they a really s**t company who seem to be incredibly successful or are they a successful company who a few disgruntled or embittered people want to s**t on?

  187. Well Good Luck and find out yourself about that s**t which will flow down on you from the top managers!


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