Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am not in Canada...

Or female, obviously (who-ever that wanna be Sherlock Holmes may be)

I have just been so totally freaking busy working my claws to the bone, earning my vast salary - and combined with a total post Ramadan/summer/Eid lack of any news I can blog about. Or, at least, nothing note worthy I can say without breaching either various legal confidentiality agreements or the law...

OK... I've been feeling blog-lazy too.

And I can't even blame twitter... sigh

But I was thrilled to see the first Twestival of twitterers in Oman. (sp?) The net might just save the Middle East...

Now that I've posted, at least Jet Driver can blog again!!!

And meanwhile you can all read great Omani blogs like Dhofari Gucci (see blog roll), oh, and a great 'observational' blog I stumbled across recently by an American teacher in the wilds of Oman, describing the total and (at the same time) hilarious dysfunction that is the product of your tax dollars and the excellence that is the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman... Check out Eyes Wide Oman, by Claire. I'm a fan.


And don't worry, I am still here in country, and will get of my fat green tail soon,. Be assured am certainly not tucked away in the Dark Castle... (but thanks for the rather brave and supportive emails. You know who you are...)


  1. UD

    Yes, nothing worth writing about. I know what you mean.
    The place tends to go into the dead-zone after Rammers.

    One will rack one's brains and see if anything falls out.


  2. UD I blogged for years but such is the demand it takes upon you that it takes over your life. I maybe set up another blog sometime but simply don't have the time. Keep it up after all we can't get anything out of the newspapers!

  3. Dammit, so the theory about you being Cush was wrong. Sigh

  4. Wait a minute!! Angry in Oman stopped blogging on October 7 saying she was off to Canada. Muscat Mutterings stopped bloggins on October 8 saying he was off to the airport! Maybe HE's Cush! The conspiracy continues..

  5. Welcome back to the blogisphere UD.

  6. Oh Nadia *insert chuckle*...wasn't it you that said 'being anonymous is fun'??? :-)

  7. This is pretty random, but I stumbled upon your blog in a google search. I'm trying to get hold of someone at the Oman Tribune to remove my name from an article (I was falsely attributed to a quote in an article written by a former colleague of mine in the UK). I've tried emailing the address listed on the Oman Tribune website, but it always bounces back (and I've been trying for months). Any suggestions for me?

  8. Carly- Suggestion: don't worry about it. No one seriously reads the Tribune anyway.

  9. Abdullah - Thanks for the reply. The only reason I'm looking into it is because I have a very unique name, and when my now-employer googled me, they found this bizarre article that didn't make any sense when put against my CV! I can tell the Tribune isn't very careful about fact checking or anything! Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't worry about it. Thanks again.

  10. Carly- Just happened to have access to Tue edition of Tribune. Here is contact info in the paper. Editor-in-Chief: Abdul Hamied Bin Suleiman Al Taie, , PO Box 465, Muscat 100, Oman. Ph +968 24499500 Fax +968 24498938.

    Good luck in clearing your unique name.


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