Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New fines for traffic offences so far just a rumour

There's an email going around that the ROP has apparently raised the fines for traffic offences.

Finally, you might think.

This obviously follows on from the speech HM made on road safety last week.

However, while it seems a good idea, my sources tell me it is not (yet) true, although it probably reflects plans by the ROP to 'do something'. So while it may be true, it is not yet confirmed by the ROP. And the last one about 'confiscation' seems totally OTT, and would probably require a Royal Decree.

IMHO, it would help a lot more if the ROP actually just made an effort to enforce the rules they have, and stopped relying on speed cameras.

Here's the rumour:
This is to inform you that, as of today 24.10.2009, ROP has raised the fines, in which you please note.:

Radar violation: R.O. 35/- and upwards

No Belt: R.O. 35/- and above

Glass tinted: R.O. 35/- and upward

Use of cell ph: R.O. 75/- and above

Overtaking from wrong/restricted
path/speed lane: R.O. 75/- upwards

Driving w/o
license: R.O. 500/- fine, six months jail, vehicle confiscated and sold.


  1. Correct. My cousin is a senior policeman and confirmed the emails that were going around with these figures. Furthermore, there are ROP guys all over Salalah these days stalking girls with tint/guys without seatbelts and having a blast with their little notepad of fine forms. Sigh.

  2. Yet the Observer denies the rumors of the increase ... Oman.... nothing is ever confirmed.

  3. the email's English dosnt look right for an official announcment - and in any case it would be in a small box in the papers - wouldnt it ? !

  4. I thinks its a low-level leak from ROP working documents that's spread virally...

    Somethings happening, but the ducks aren't all officially lined up yet...

  5. See what Muscat Daily has done to Times of Oman, they have published this rumour as front line new!!!. Great improvement. Wake up time for guys at Times of Oman.

  6. But 'justcurious' the Times is one for a good hoax – they published photos of the live Neanderthal man's family, whose cave was cut open during the main road excavations at Fanja

  7. justcurious- Hey Man, did a Muscat Daily reporter bite you in the butt or whutt? You seem to have a 'real thing' for them. Chill out!

    I agree with Dragon. It was a low level, semi-official leak.

  8. Probably ROP testing the waters ;-) in a huge experiment ! and guess what.. they seemed to have grabbed everybody's attention !

  9. ROP again concentrating on the symptoms in stead of the underlying causes. Why always these silly actions, when it is so bloody obvious that it is the lack of adequate training/eduction of the drivers that is the key issue to be addressed if this traffic-disaster is ever to be resolved?

  10. Ibrahim- I, sort of, agree with what you say, but most of us don't get serious about anything until it affects the money in our pocketbook.

  11. A law is not a law unless it is engforceable! I have seen these come out from the ROP every year yet the same people jump lights, cut up other drivers, driving down the hard shoulder with no seatbelt and with a gsm in hand, the vast majority Omanis.

    Nothing will change we will still have an unacceptably high accident rate that continues to rise. This is just to show they are looking interested!

  12. Nail on the head Ibrahim, they are experts at putting a bandaid over gaping wounds!


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