Monday, October 26, 2009

Party Ticket Giveaway: And the winners are...

OK readers, first up, the (OK, OK, a few days late) results of the Muscat Confidential draw for 2 pairs of free tickets to the new VICE outfit’s rave dance event by BMB events, this Thursday at the Ramee Hotel in Qurm:

After a rigorous random draw, performed under the unrelenting supervision of Ms. Dragon (the ISS and ROP declined to attend, saying they trusted Ms. Dragon to act on their behalf), congratulations go out to:

Lucky winner no. 1
Melissa Dixon & guest. Melissa will be going as a Vampire French Maid accompanied by her zombie butler. Awesome.

Lucky winner no. 2
The anonymous blogger Local blogger Muscat Mutterings, who simply said he’s big and bad enough to go as himself and still scare the children.

Melissa and MM - your VIP entry details have been emailed separately.

Photo: Artists imaginings of a Vampire Maid... Hmmmm.

Hopefully we'll be able to arrange for more giveaways at Muscat Confidential in future.

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  1. UD: There is no need for your blog anymore. All that confidential news is being published by Muscat Daily including harrowing stories of philippino house maid, power cuts in MQ, gas delivery boys charing RO 4 etc. etc.
    You can take a long vacation now.
    I am not working for Muscat Daily, thank god, but they have price it at half the price of Times of Oman, just 100 baisas.


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