Friday, October 30, 2009

Interview with Dance Event promoter Bakh

Here's an interview with Bakh, one of the DJs who held their first VICE dance event last night. I am told around 70-80 people showed up - mostly in costume - and all seemed to have fun. As usual, too many guys and not enough girls, but this is Muscat... Reports on the music were OK and the beer was 2.5

But as a first event, not too bad. I don't know if having Rock Bottom downstairs was good for business or not...

Muscat Confidential supports SMEs. We need more such enthusiasm.

Here's the interview.

> 1/ Why are you starting a dance event company? Who is your target market?

For fame and fortune, of course!

Jokes aside, we feel that Muscat is a place that strives to seamlessly
blend traditional charms with 21st century jet-setting lifestyles.
People here work very hard, but to have a good time they go to
neighboring Dubai, Beirut; even London and Ibiza. There is an enormous
void in the quality and variety of local entertainment!

We want to contribute to this city's nightlife. To those hard-working
(and hard-partying) residents and guests, to those that have
discerning tastes and a thirst for quality electronic dance music, we
offer well-produced events to the soundtrack that rocks underground
dancefloors world-wide.

> 2/ What's your background? How did you end up in Oman?

I was born in New York City and spent my childhood in places like
Soviet (and later Independent) Russia, Sudan, Abu Dhabi, Western
Europe. I started DJing and throwing parties while in college in
Boston over 10 years ago. Since then I moved back to NYC, started a
family, got my MBA and was invited to contribute to a start-up
business here in Oman. In the meantime DJing took me all over Boston,
NYC, Miami, Zurich, recently Dubai, and now Muscat.

> 3/ What sort of music will you be playing on Thursday?

Our specialty du jour is freshly baked house + techno, straight out of
the oven. There are three of us performing on Thursday, for a total of
six time-slots, so you can expect to hear many different takes on the
deliciousness, like deep, vocal, dub, disco, electro, minimal,
progressive and balls-out slammers.

> 4/ It's a Halloween theme for your first event, and you've said 'No costume - No entry' ... but that sounds like it might stop a lot of people from coming. What really happens if people just want to attend in casual clothes?

People have purchased masks in Carrefour, Markaz Al Bahja, the Muttrah
Souq. Plenty of creative ideas on the Internet; here's a collection of
YouTube videos to start

There is no need to over-think this: simply dig deep into your (or
your partner's) closet. I am sure Mrs. Dragon will look spectacular in
Dragon's tuxedo; whereas the Dragon himself in Mrs. Dragon's stilettos
and stockings will be the highlight of the night. VICE is an equal
opportunity party and no cross-dresser will be denied entry, you have
my word!

We want this to be a very special event and we're doing our best to
make it so. But we can't pull it off alone. Our guests, their positive
attitude and untapped creativity are an integral part of the
experience, they are the ones that will make VICE a true Halloween

I would like to personally thank Undercover Dragon for giving us the
privilege of extending our message to a lively and enthusiastic
audience such as You: the readers of this blog.

We hope to see everyone on the dancefloor, shaking their money-makers
to the finest house + techno music ever played this side of the Hajar

One love,

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  1. According to the interview, Bakh the DJ has an MBA. Impressive. But does it stand for 'Music Business Administration'? hahahaha


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