Thursday, October 15, 2009

Muscat finally gets a decent dance gig? VICE Halloween Event Ticket Giveaway - exclusively for Muscat Confidential Readers

In a another first for Muscat Confidential, you, dear readers, have the chance to win a free night out at an upcoming dance/techno spectacular on Oct 29th!

A group of internationally seasoned dance music aficionados, tired of the offerings in the standard Muscat night clubs, wanted an alternative: The result is BMB Events - "the finest house + techno parties this side of the hajar mountains", according to ex-New York DJ Bakh Inamov, who sounds like a pretty cool dude.

Their inaugural event is VICE: a "Halloween Costume Party fueled by House and Techno", this October 29th, at the Ramee Guestline Hotel, above the infamous Rock Bottom bar.

Their website is here:
we'reThey are also on Twitter and Facebook, but I won't hold that against them.

Music will be spun by BMB's founders:
DJ CEE.J (Muscat)
DUB BASS (Muscat)

The party is taking place at the specially decorated Mirchi Ballroom, which is on the 2nd floor of the Ramee, with a very, very, loud sound system.

A stocked bar of alcoholic beverages will be open until 2:30am, serviced by the Ramee Hotel staff. A Special Halloween dress code will be enforced: NO COSTUME = NO ENTRY

Entry fee is 10 Rials for the ordinary people, but the Dragon has wangled free VIP entry and tickets for 2 lucky couples, and we're giving them away here on Muscat Confidential.

Just email me your name, along with a short explanation of what costume you'll be wearing, and you'll be entered into the draw. The 2 lucky winners of a pair of VIP tickets will be announced here on Friday October 23rd, so get in to win. The draw will be supervised by the ROP, ISS, and Ms Dragon.

Send your emails to undercover(dot)dragon(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. "we're also on Twitter and Facebook"

    Freudian slip?....or are you giving yourself away?


  2. Halloween costume Shopping is in order.
    See you on the dance floor!

  3. so Dragon... wats ur costume ? ;-)

  4. JD
    Oh the horrors of a quick copy paste... "we" = "They" ... obviously

    I neither slip, Freudian or Jungian, nor "give myself away"... As if!

    Put in your entry! I can't wait!!!!

    My Costume? Awesomely good, probably something rather stylish yet incredibly gruesome... and while I might be there I won't be using a free ticket. In fact, you'd probably be better off spotting me by looking for the accompanying Ms Dragon's spectacular outfit, if it's legal...

  5. lol.. will keep a watch for the "not so legal" outfit and the accompanying person :-) !

    Now i am in a fix.. if i do come .. do i dress up as Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson !

  6. Salaam,

    UD, could you -If Possible- send me info on this event specifically how many tickets were sold etc.. Also if possible obviously could you send me info such as comments of those who attended the event that are both positive and negative and if all tickets were sold out?



  7. Shaji are u are reporter with Muscat Daily ? :-) That sounds more like a mini report that u want from UD !

  8. No no! hehe I am just curious of how successful this gig will be.. because I am working with some people who are willing to open a night club sort of place in the capital area and want to see some statistics on that particular seen.


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  11. UD

    "The 2 lucky winners of a pair of VIP tickets will be announced here on Friday October 23rd, so get in to win."

    Promises, promises!


  12. Hi All- in the absence of our Dragon's fire to illuminate the important issues for us, see It is awesome.


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