Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CAYC Commodore summoned to the headmistresses'office

It seems the Commodore of the Capital Area Yacht Club [a.k.a CAYC] has been summoned to the headmistresses' office, according to my sources.

Her Excellency, The Minister of Tourism, has called for a 'very urgent' meeting with him, front and centre in her office tomorrow.

Topic no. 1 on the agenda?
I presume, maybe, the total lack of any action following her executive demand last month that they please evict themselves as of October 1st (and despite the case being sub-judice in 2 separate courts).

But that's just a guess.

[I'm not a lawyer. But obviously Her Excellency is well advised in such matters by her senior staff. Such an instruction from her Sovereign Ministry - especially one allegedly sent on letterhead above her signature - must have be based under a clearly agreed legal authority, vested in HE, duly exercised under the State law under the watchful eye of an independent judiciary, and even includes, I guess, sufficient delegated authority to enable land ex-appropriation and arbitrary compensation. Obviously.)

I stumbled across the eerily appropriate myheadmistress.co.uk. Talk about taking one for the team Commodore!

Photo: Not something one would ever find in the office of HE the Minister of Tourism. That would be ridiculous.

A google search for "spanking school headmistress" probably gives you an idea of what's in store for the poor old sailor! Naughty boy!


  1. needing support for the next Americas Cup bid - or suggestions on how to survive when all around you are against you

  2. Seems time for HE and Omran to start paying some serious attention to all those other massive tourism development that don't really seem to come off the ground very well, and stop fooling around. Really wonder why HM puts up with all this incompetence at MoT.

  3. Ibrahim- probably because MoT is one small smudge on HM's window pane of incompetent agencies.


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