Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays & GCC Conference

Its more religious holidays, and yes folks, the turkey flowed as deep and wide as the champagne. The Dragon being therefore in a semi-permanent triptophane haze, no posts of late. No news either to speak of, as the swirling clouds of the GCC conference gather like something out of a Harry Potter movie, and real life is put on hold.

For those who still haven't heard via Kishor's blog, motorways are closed:
Monday 10am - 3pm
Tuesday 3pm - 8pm
With additional major jams, gridlock and hold-ups as additionally experienced.

[details, maps. etc, go to Kishore's post)

Good luck Muscat!!! I'm mainly on leave, so see you in the New Year. Best wishes 2009, etc etc.


  1. Happy Holidays and thank you for the informative, witty and open-minded experience that is your blog !

  2. WOW- who said blogs cannot be educational. I have learned two new words- anodyne, and now trip-to-phame or the highway to achieving your 15 minutes of Phame. Seriously UD, I had to go deep into the molecular biology handbook to figure out that comment. Anyway, here's wishing you and everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Abd

  3. Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year, haven't been reading your blog or any blog for a while unfortunately.

  4. If you are invited to a meeting, it's polite to turn up on time, so which idiot decided to delay his arrival by 1.5hrs, causing further suffering to the local citizens???

  5. I agree with you about 'Viewpoint' the rant of old Essa which is only there for him to vent his spleen at Israel and the USA. Would it be too much for him to comment on the biggest problem in Oman and one that provokes denial of Ostrich of the worst road safety record in the world, which unlike most other countries actually gets worse each year! No driver education, Omanisation of driver training and the corruption of testing ensures a consistency of road deaths, mainly by and involving Omanis.

    Nope, nothing will be said and nothing will be done.

    Son of the Devil

  6. Hi Gang- Please be tolerant as I put my other oar in the water. Reflecting on what Traveller said, I cannot speak for Shk Essa and his "Viewpoint" viewpoints, but I can speak about my dear Father who would also rant and rave about Global Evils. Then we realized he did this because after ranting and raving, he would get the attention he wanted but no one really expected him to do anything about it. I challenge Shk Essa to write on things he can do something about- like traffic accidents. Show some pictures of Omani children whose lives have been permanently shattered by careless drivers, or Omani families who have lost loved ones to law-braking drivers, or do an investigative piece of one of the biggest rackets in Oman- driving instructors for expat drivers. Essa, please write on things you can influence. Abd

  7. Abdullah,

    can't disagree with anything you say there but Oman's biggest problem is road safety an it is of epidemic proportions. It is caused by and affects mostly Omanis (FACTS).

    The attitude of denial does not work anymore and unless senior and respectable Omanis with influence bring this to the the forefront it will continue to get worse.

    Not once has uncle Issa address this most serious of matters although he did have a whinge at the Darsait roundabout (because it affects him) and his comments were ill-informed and typically ignor....rant!

  8. You must be having too much fun that you didn't update your blog for a whole week now.

    I hope you're enjoying it.

    Happy new year :)

  9. Yeah, you have to be carefull or these blogs can take over your life. But, yes, it's a holiday and back to work soon...hope this doesn't become like 'work'!


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