Friday, December 5, 2008

Oman gets into the Bulgarian bridge building business

A strange little article in the oft over-looked on-line periodical: News Bulgaria about how the Sultanate of Oman has tendered to build them a new bridge over the river Danube, providing another connection between Bulgaria and Romania.

Who'd have thought we were in the bridge building business?

Oman interested in the construction of Danube bridge 3
Updated on: 05.12.2008, 11:55

The government of Oman has decided to participate in a competition for the concession of the construction of a bridge over the Danube near Silistra. This was announced by the mayor of the municipality Ivo Andonov, cited by Radio Shumen.

He has received a letter from State investment fund of Oman.

It announces that a team of international consultants, hired by Oman team, has presented extremely good data for the strategic location of the bridge.

The concession procedure should become active as soon as possible. Silistra mayor Ivo Andonov said that he will seek cooperation from the Bulgarian government in the next days.


  1. Oman state fund is investing also in Superborovet, a huge real estate project
    If am not mistaken it was delayed due to local problems
    Bulgaria is not exactly a peaceful environment to do business

  2. I believe Bulgaria is rated as the most corrupt country in EU. Kinda figures. It would therefore be good to get a handle on who is promoting this.


  3. Are the locals giving them corruption training?

    Sorry! :) Couldn't resist it!


  4. Omani corruption is really kindergarten compared to the post-doctorates of the USA and Western Europe, or the grad-level skills of Eastern Europeans.

    Why are Omanis bidding on this bridge? Diversification? Are they going to set up tolls to achieve their IRR?

  5. Agreed.
    Japan was the place that stunned me the most!


  6. Project is operated by State General Reserve Fund - build, operate, transfer.

    (Incidentally, I hope they put up mega warning signs before they start charging tolls on the Sur road, otherwise the barriers probably won't last long)


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