Friday, December 5, 2008

Need a job? Call for Omani Mystery Shoppers looks fishy

Yes, its a job even you can do, Muscat Princesses!
This ad for Mystery Shoppers caught my eye while pondering the implications of job opportunities in the Sultanate:

Service Checkers / Mystery Shoppers for Oman
Job Location

Job Description
Being in business since 1996 has made INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK one of the industry leaders in Mystery Shopping. Our strategic focus and dedication is to provide innovative, technology - driven Mystery Shopping programs, custom designed to exceed our clients' expectations in quality, performance and expert support. But at the same time, delivering accurate measurable data in a timely, efficient manner. Mystery Shopper – Service Checker INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK is a well known global company focused on checking the quality of customer service, by using the method of Mystery Shopping. ISC is currently looking for people of all ages who are thoughtful, have an eye for detail and with good reporting skills, who reside in Oman, to analyze the service provided by various commercial outlets: restaurants, clothing or shoe shops, jewellery boutiques etc.

The link takes you to their website.

Hmmm. This sort of operation is often a scam designed to get cash out of you, not to actually employ you. If anyone can be bothered trying to see what happens, here's the link, but on no account use real names or send them any money or bank details! You've been warned.


  1. It's for Khimji's..... and as far as I know, not a scam.

  2. While the advertisement is not a scam, the company has a history of not paying on time, and sometimes not paying at all.

    Google has the beef on it.


  3. My wife did this in the past and got paid for it ok.


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