Thursday, December 18, 2008

Red light runners - beware of quick jumps at green traffic lights!!

People, please be extra careful pulling away from traffic lights in Muscat.

Today I swore I was about to see, at a distance of a few metres, a HUGE accident at the lights between Al Khuwair flyover and Ministries road, when a big Nissan Patrol, after the lights had been red for at least 2 whole seconds, instead of breaking just planted boot and roared through the intersection at what must have been over 80km an hour. Scary stuff. And I see it at least twice a day. Count it out. It's a long time. And Omani lights go green the other way as soon as the other side goes red.

Luckily, the other traffic stream were micro-seconds slower than usual tearing away, and he got away with it.


If I'd been a cop, I'd have pulled you over, dragged you out of the car, and pistol whipped you before shooting you in the knees, planting a knife in your hand, and seeing to it you did a long time in prison.

I hope you die a horrible, slow, burning death in a single car accident, really soon, and before you kill someone. I sincerely hope this

is how you and your SUV will end up, with your dishdasha coating the front windscreen and steering wheel of a car you are incapable of being allowed to be responsible for, after crashing into some huge inanimate object at extremely high speed.

You worthless, selfish piece of trash.


  1. UD

    There you go! That's more my type of blog-rant!

    Feels good doesn't it?
    You should see what I am going to write over the next few days!


  2. The way I see it - it's Darwinism at work.

  3. UD

    You saw a near miss, I witnessed an actual collision. Some years ago, I was working in Qatar and was at the Ramada intersection coming out of Chillies at Al sadd. I was heading straight on, there was a blue Honda civic in front of me, the lights changed from red to green, the civic accelerated, and a GMC suburban came from the right at what must have been 140km/h. The Civic literally flew few tens of meters and landed at the opposite side of the intersection destroying an HSBC ATM machine. Three Lebanese nationals died in the civic, and the Saudi driver of the Suburban was badly injured, and later on given 15 years prison sentence, too lenient if your ask me. From that day, I make sure that I never speed off when a green light comes up, especially if I am the front or second car.

  4. BREAKING NEWS! Blue City runs red light... Project totalled.

  5. Omani police men are allowed to draw firearm in cerain scenarios, running red lights isn't one of which.

    If that was sarcasm, then gun control isn't funny.

    Enjoy the daisies,


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