Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Move to Muscat - advice for a political journalist

Another letter seeking advice from my readers (the last one went well...) for a proposed move to Muscat.

Dear Dragon,
I'd like to move there next year, for few months, longer if possible.

I am familiar with Lebanon, Egypt and Syria, but I have never been to Oman.

The idea is to do research and be actively involved in media. As a foreign political analyst, and senior reporter, it will be intellectually challenging, to discover the local socio-political arena, first hand.

I sent an email to Times of Oman, and I was wondering if you have other suggestions.


Well Journo,

I'd say go for it. Oman needs as muc of this as it can get.

You may not be able to publish anything of note while here, but a book later might work out for you.

And try to work for Apex or The Tribune. Or The National (out of Abu Dhabi - be a local correspondent). Oh, and start a blog once you're here!!!

There's so much more I could say about the local socio-political arena that I get weary just thinking about it... You certainly don't see much of it directly in the Newspapers here.

Readers - any advice? Descriptions of the local socio-political arena? Help!


  1. Don't, under any circumstances, reveal that you have any political, analytical, or research interests at all. You'll scare off potential visa sponsors faster than lightning.

    Try and be as anodyne and basically idiotic as all the other foreigners in the media (perhaps using the DJs on Hi-FM as a model), and you might just slip under the radar.

  2. Whoa there Muscato- I think you are only *trolling* but i will take the bait anyway. You are making an unfair reference to the Hi-FM DJs. I want to be entertained while driving my car waiting for some red light running or flashing light tailgating bastard to bash into me. I don't need to hear an intellectual discussion about the finer points of a political, analytical, or research subject. Also, I would try to be *anodyne* but I don't know what it means. Slipping under the radar sounds like Jet Driver's job. Abd

  3. Abdullah

    Don't drag me into this! :)


  4. Jet Driver can get anodynes under the radar? Where do I sign up?

  5. Muscato, maybe you wanted everyone to bite the bait so here goes.

    as a journalist, i find it unfair for you to label all of us as idiotic. By saying such things you are an idiot because, the laws of the land prevent any so called intelligent reporting. You cannot criticise, you cannot comment, you cannot report a road accident, you cannot report a crime, you cannot investigate.
    Even in press conferences, if any intelligent journalist asks an intelligent question, the person sitting on the dais is so dumb that he says no comments.
    you just have to be present in a press conference, then you will know who is the idiot.

    As for the guy who wrote the letter, my humble suggestion: leave all your journalistic ethics behind in the country you are coming from and come here as a novice. then you will be able to learn and report and write in a much balanced way.


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