Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The way rich people meet women in Muscat?

I couldn't resist bringing to your attention the ad (as spotted by omnipresent Muscati) for a... part-time, female, very personal assistant for an occasionally visiting CEO. Wow. What a guy! Can you picture that conversation?

'Hey Frank. Get those recruitment boys to fix me up with some little hottie for when I'm in Muscat, will ya?' ... 'Yeah, on the company payrole, obviously. We'll call her my personal assistant as usual. I'll want her with me on the private jet later too, if she works out, OK? '

Job Ad for young, charming and accommodating little hottie. Would any readers thinking of applying, please copy me on the email, especially the pictures.

Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008
Category: Jobs Offered
Region: Oman

Description: We are looking for a young & charming female PA / Companion for our CEO, who visits Oman, from time to time. She should be positive thinker, competent in her job as an executive PA, attractive personality and stays cheerful.
She will be required to stay at the selected five star hotel, along with the CEO.
Attractive Salary will be offered to the right candidate.
We are a Dubai based multi-national company, and this assignment may lead to permanent employment in our Dubai office, with possibilities of global travel to accompany the CEO.
Please send your CV + picture to; .


  1. LOL! I am sure they will find someone.....if not Omani may be a Filipino or Indian.......

  2. your a muscati reblogger ...

  3. Anon - I often am indeed - Muscati is always to busy to follow up these days...

  4. A member of staff in a five star hotel in Muscat, I won't name the one, once approached me for a card, having seen me at my relaxed and mischievous best at a party a few weeks previously. (He was staff).

    "Madam," he said, "we often have gentlemen arriving who are looking for nice company..."

  5. Lol.. nice one UD .. i did notice this on muscati's blog 2-3 days back and ended up at that particular site (wise ppl can always have a lil fun finding the site)
    And i did go thru a substantial number of ads, quite humorous and was shocked to see how many jobs are available for PA's ;-)


  7. Nice to know that someone actually follows my shared items.

    I originally began adding things to the shared items list so that I can remember to read them later when I have the time, and also because at work Google Reader is available but the actual blogs are blocked so I can read in the reader without commenting and when a blog doesn't have full feeds I can only read the full post when I come home... and that's if I remember.

  8. Omanization at its finest :)

  9. Hmm.. very interesting. And here I am a Filipino-Canadian about to take off to work in Oman as a teacher. Not bad for a part-time work, ha ha ha.. though I wouldn't be considered young, in Omani standards, I dont think. Good job on the exposé, I've been following your blog since another Oman expat friend recommended your site. Good intro and warm-up for me to a culture that I am going into next month!

  10. A 'multi-national company' that uses gmail! LOL!!

    Great blog dude! Thinking of moving to Oman from London, it seems to have it all. Sea, sun, sand but no sex :-(

  11. "this assignment may lead to permanent employment in our Dubai office" You mean if the CEO is satisfied with her services?


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