Monday, November 10, 2008

China announces half trillion package

OK team.

China just announced a big infrastructure stimulation package, DowJones and Nasdaq strongly up. Oil back to $65. And more OPEC volume cuts to come.

Sell that bounce.

And maybe roll with the dollar. For now... then move to alt currencies except pound on the dollar bounce that's almost peaked...

Personally I'm annoyed I missed the Aussie dollar at less than $0.6.



  1. $586 bln to be precise.

    Sounds to me like a pissing contest.

    What about them American auto manufacturers? They got $50 bln just before the $500 bln that overshadowed the news. Now they're out of operating cash again. Same with AIG.

    And contrary to popular belief that the bailout funds would be used to stimulate lending and thus the economy, the money is being used for acquisitions of other banks and annual bonuses !!!

    WTF !!!


    Here's the perfect business model:

    Step 1
    Start a company in the US

    Step 2
    Ignore all principles of sound management and drive the company into the ground

    Step 3

    Step 4

    /end vent

  2. I wonder, does the Dragon actually eat his own dog food, i.e. implement the financial advice he dishes out so frequently?

    -Omani in US

  3. He probably does. Problem I see is that he doesn't reveal the full spectrum of considerations needed to make such decisions with a net positive outcome.

    It would make sense if he was preaching to a crowd of knowledgeable equals.

    Though he often mentions that his advice be taken with a grain of salt and not using your life savings :)

  4. OIUS

    I got out of equities 6 months+ ago, and held 95% of my portfolio in US$ and rials, hoping for a rial revaluation and expecting an equity drop....

    The rial revaluation didn't happen, so wrong there. But the equity and $ bets worked.

    On the day trading on MSM - no, it's just advice. I'm not a day trader on MSM. But I'm old, so have seen a lot of this before.

    Now, I'd sell Dubai property short, and move to AUS$ and start picking up really core equity in US and Europe: McDonalds, P&G, Walmart, Unilever, Nestle, etc. And day trade Bank Muscat on daily valuation vs 2 week running average.

    Oh, and I'd already be out of Oman property...

    Its just a blog, OIUS. Just ideas and suggestions.

  5. Hello...I'n new to the blog...Will be moving to Oman in 09 as an expat from the USA...6 months without family then bringing them over mid-year...any leads websites for expat living options in Oman?

  6. new2oman,

    Welcome, and hopefully your family wouldn't be too grumpy about the mercilessly-oppressive weather at mid-year :)

    You can check out the stickies on the expat thread over at Omanforum:

    -Omani in US

  7. UD

    When you talk about MSM, you keep refering about Margin you used - day trader..

    to my knowledge there is no F&O market i dont think we can do day buy and sell on the same day..

  8. new2oman
    yeah, prepare them for the heat!!

    Housing is the big issue, esp in Muscat. Good you're coming early.

    Fair enough. But you can buy and sell on consecutive days!

  9. On the China theme, the Chinese defense minister is in Oman. Anyone know what that's about (UD?) ?

    - OIUS


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