Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HM's Opening Speech lays the smack down and points to a tough stance on Governmental Corruption

His Majesty made his annual opening speech a couple of days ago to the Majlis [Oman's pseudo-Parliament] with the assembled great and the good of Oman's Government.

Most interesting for me was the pretty significant and explicit threat to prosecute those using Government office for enriching themselves. Both his tone, body language, and the high % of his speech dedicated to this point, are highly significant and buttress the recent public dismissal of 2 key people for alleged iffy transactions.

Go HM.

Here's a translation of that part of his speech. See what you think!

The necessary pillars for any sustainable development are good Government performances in different sectors, serving the country and citizens with honesty and dedication and putting public interest over all other considerations.

it is worth noting that the government’s performance in laying the groundwork for sustainable development relies on those [Government employees] carrying out their duties, as well as on their supervisors. This places a huge responsibility on the shoulders of civil servants who are entrusted with the work in the various Government Departments. If their work is carried out in an honest manner and with a spirit of responsibility, distinct from personal interests, then they will be happy and so will their country. But if they stray from the right path and consider the job as a means to achieving personal gains, influence and power, and if they shrink from carrying out their duties with complete honesty and dedication, they should be held accountable and legal procedures should be taken against them in accordance with the principals of justice upon which we have laid down the pillars of rule.

In accordance with these pillars we are required to not allow anyone to be above the rule of law, nor to let anyone unlawfully affect either the interests of our people as guaranteed by the State or the interests of the community as protected by legislation and supported by our laws and regulations. Therefore we emphasise that the issue of enforcement of justice is imperative and inevitable, and that our monitoring apparatus is alert and dedicated to carrying out their duties and responsibilities in order to safeguard the country’s achievements.

here’s part one too, although the link seems broken.

and another fuller transcript from Digital Oman.


  1. ... couple of days ago ?

    it was just... yesterday ?

  2. Amjad
    well spotted - I wasn't expecting to post it till after midnight... just a typo!

  3. hehe .. I'm just too picky :P

    anyhow .. great speech by HM indeed.

  4. I was intrigued by the photos in the papers where everyone was dressed EXACTLY the same, very automoton-like. Scary

  5. sambalicious - Scary?! No different from formal evening wear in the west where every man is dressed exactly the same as the other men

  6. I agree that the speech was excellent, and with your comment on corruption.
    The section on the revision of the state administration was also telling - if something is done.
    Simple example:
    Go to the 2007-2008 Oman Telephone Directory - Green Pages - Ministry of Manpower. Ring the main telephone number for the ministry at the top of the page - 24813259. You get a message saying 'Number changed - ring 24819000'. Ring this - a message says 'This is Al Hassan Group'!
    The first ten numbers listed under Office of HE The Minister were rung between 10.30 and 11 am on Wednesday 12 November. Not one was answered.
    "Serving the country and citizens with dedication" ?

  7. It is indeed an inspiring speech by a leader who has transformed the nation virtually with his own hands.
    As rightly pointed out, HM has minced no words in declaring that corruption will not be tolerated. Three cheers to that. If you look at the past, the ex-Muscat Municipality Chairman was commended and awarded for a good job during the aftermath of Gonu. But when caught in wrong-doing, the retribution was swift. It does indeed send a strong message.
    Another interesting thing is that HM spoke highly of the emerging sectors like ICT which have promising potential.


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