Monday, November 3, 2008

Oman Media awards itself a free dinner and an undeserved pat on the back

Yes, its Oman's first Media Awards celebration.

In a flurry of self promotion and in the spirit of 'any excuse for a free dinner', there are apparently going to be awards for best journalist, best newspapers, etc etc.


The winners will undoubtably get a plaque, and will crow about being the best in Oman. I guess it might increase competition between the papers. But picking the 'best in Oman' is not exactly setting the bar very high...

Quote of the article for me was this one:

“The awards will give recognition to the commendable efforts of reporters in informing people and create awareness among the public on different topics.

As everyone in Oman knows the papers here take about 3 mins to read cover to cover, as they are so generally lacking in content and consisting mainly of copy paste from the wire services, repeating anything issued by the Goernment News Agency, & reprinted press releases.

So, readers are encouraged to send me your nominations for Muscat Confidential's Alternative Media Awards, in the following catagories:
- worse article written by a local journalist
- most sycophantic article
- most full of hyperbole press release, printed verbatim
- best non-event to get on the front page
- most obscure connection blaming something bad on the American/Israeli conspiracy

Email your nominations to undercover.dragon (at), and please attach links!

Deadline Nov 9th.

Times of Oman - Media awards
Media gets its due: CPP to announce first media awards
Swati Dasgupta
Sunday, November 02, 2008

MUSCAT — To acknowledge the role of media and appreciate the contributions made by those associated with it, the first media awards in Oman for the year 2008 were announced yesterday.

At the press conference held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Saleh Al Shaibany, managing director, Creative Press and Publishing, said addressing the gathering that media has always played a very important role in Oman.

“Several Arabic and English newspapers have been launched since the time of Renaissance. Hence it’s essential to recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations,” he said.

This media award is a brainchild of Creative Press & Publishing (CPP), publisher of City Business magazine, and is the first annual media award in Oman to honour reporters, publications and advertising agencies. Emphasising on the role of English language newspapers in Oman, Saleh Al Shaibany said that since there are very few locals writing for English dailies, it had become all the more necessary to appreciate their efforts and awards like this was a step in that direction. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to National Bank of Oman (NBO) for supporting the event.

The awards have been divided into seven categories. They include the best English journalist of the year, best Arabic journalist of the year, best English daily newspaper of the year, best Arabic daily newspaper of the year, best English publication of the year, best Arabic publication of the year and best advertising campaign of the year.


  1. they are all useless- thats why i read you.

  2. Let's organize "Best Of Omani Blogosphere" instead.

    I nominate Muscat Confidential for best journalism in Oman.

    Suburban's Other Oman for the most entertaining funny as hell love/hate blog.

    This comment for the most sycophantic on this post :)

  3. My browser home page has a news feed from Google on "Oman". It is interesting to note that over 95% of all news concerning Oman is from sources outside Oman. I get more Omani news from the UAE newspapers than from the Omani newspapers. There is never anything of substance in our newspapers. With weak newspapers all 'news' is relayed by rumor.

  4. lol at 'muppets' used as a label for this post.

    -Omani in US

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