Friday, November 28, 2008

A typical case of human trafficking in UAE

For those who thing this whole human trafficking thing is a figment of some do-gooder's imagination, here's a nice tale of modern slavery in the UAE that was reported yesterday.
Gulf News

Could this happen in Oman?

Italian visitor denies charges of rape

By Bassam Za'za', Senior Reporter
Published: November 27, 2008, 23:28
Dubai: An Italian visitor has argued that he only massaged a Filipina and denied her accusation that he imprisoned her in a hotel apartment and raped her twice over a period of three days.
The Filipina claimed that she left her husband and son in the Philippines and flew in to Ras Al Khaimah where she had been promised work as a maid.

"Four days after my arrival the labour agency handed me over to the Iraqi suspect who promised to recruit me as a waitress," said V.S.

"Instead he brought me to Dubai and locked me up in the apartment. Shortly afterwards the Italian walked into the room and raped me in the bedroom during the first day. They locked me up for three days and I.M. also raped me the second day," she added.

She claimed in her statement that she was unable to fight off her abusers and that she failed in her attempts to cry for help and run away from the apartment.

"I cried for three days and repeatedly insisted on the suspects to take me back to RAK. When they took me down to the parking lot, I saw a compatriot and cried out for help," she alleged.

An employee at the hotel confirmed her statement. The trial continues.


  1. UD

    This seems to be a rape case to me.

    If somone kidnapped a French lady in the streets of London, imprisoned her in a room and raped her, will this be a case of Human Trafficking?

    Better still, a Dutch firm put an advert for Secretaries in a Spanish newspaper, got the secretaries in an Amsterdam hotel, raped some of them, will this be a case of Human Trafficking?

    Its rape, that what it is.

  2. And she'll be shooed back to Manila with a free flight and no justice for the bastards concerned.

    Or worse still, BLAMED for her attack but a draconian system happily adhered to by bigots and hypocrites.

    Mark my words.

  3. It may be just a rape. However the difference is that here media will not report it, there is no system of fair trial by the courts and in all probability everything will be swept under the carpet. This gives the criminals the confidence that if they commit crime against expats they can get away with it easily.

  4. Karim,
    No, I disagreed - its not just rape. This woman was specifically lured to the UAE, taken from the airport, and locked up as a prostitute. That's human trafficking.

    Yep, deportation almost guaranteed.

    Well, there was 1 story here earlier this year of a brothel being busted, and both pimps and prostitutes being sentenced to between 6months and 1 year in prison. But indeed no details.


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