Sunday, November 30, 2008

1 year Anniversary

I just realised it's been a year of Muscat Confidential. I've enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. And thanks for reading.

You're here in this traffic chart below somewhere I bet. And IMHO, you make a difference. Thanks for stopping by.

If you invert the graph there is a scary similarity to world stock markets over the same period. This is entirely coincidental.


  1. Good wishes from a regular reader of your posts.

  2. Elf Mabrouk, ya sidi!

    So what do the red and the yellow signify? Readers amused vs. readers appalled?

  3. LOOL! Good one Muscato.

    I think the yellow and red signify unique visitors vs. page views/hits.

    UD, I thought it's been more than a year, but congratulations anyways. Happy 1st anniversary.

  4. Congrats!
    I thought your blog is older than an year!
    Yours blog is the first blog I read and got inspired to blog!

  5. Thanks guys.

    Amjad - you are of course correct. Its more a 1 yr & 2 month anniversary, but that doesn't sound so catchy! LOL.

    And yes, visits (yellow) and page views.

  6. Congratulations UD!

    It's a smashing blog, which I hope you will continue with!


  7. Congrats. Ur blog has lived upto the name of what a blog shoud be.

  8. Congratulations !!! everytime indoubt of whats happenng around in Oman. I check you blog cause its one news feed that I can rely on here. Cheers ... pl keep the updates going

  9. You know I'm a fan, but it doesnt hurt to say it again. Great blog, keep up the excellent work.

  10. UD, that graph doesn't say how many visits your blog actually receives, why is that a secret?

    Congratulations anyway though! :D

  11. Blu_Chi

    Well spotted. Isn't the trend what's important?

    In absolute terms, in November Muscat Confidential hit 10,000 visits a month, about 350 a day.

    More posts about Lesbian sex in Oman might get that hit count a lot higher... Sex sells.

  12. Congratulations!

    What a year and 2 months it's been!

  13. lesbian gay homosexual sex heterosexual camels beach drugs dunes alcohol ocean prostitutes hashish bustan romp muscat sale chedi royal narcotics booze gold prince wadi money jeep offroad purebred princess hookers stallion oasis

    The above keywords are my humble anniversary gift - here's to making this post the most visited post on the blog =D

  14. Congratulations on an extremely successful first year. Here's to even more posts in the second year.

  15. Well done dragon, keep it up :)


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