Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Omantel fucks up our internet access.. again

Yes folks, you haven’t been able to comment on the posts recently, at least if you live in Oman. And in theory I haven’t been able to post either, because Omantel have also blocked access to blogger sign on. Muppets. But access to the blog is not blocked, fear not.

(Of course, the real reason for the lack of posts on my part recently has just been that I’m a bit flooded by work dealing with the international economic crisis, and well, to be frank, they get a priority call on my time, after the family. Because you neither pay me shit loads of money nor give me lots of cuddles and kisses. But I’m sure you’re OK with that anyhow.)

The Oman bloggers have been frothing about it, including Kishor and most hilariously as usual, Suburban, in her fantastically titled post Suck this Omantel. Now there's a mental image indeed...

So, I guess you’re now glad of the recent post on getting around the filter! Well, unless that post of mine is the reason Omantel are now trying to block Google images, translator, etc… Oops. Sorry folks.

I have no actual hard data yet on why Omantel have done this. (Does anyone else out there have a relative in Omantel?) Inadvertent & incompetent, or Nefariously deliberate? I presume incompetence, not just because its my default expectation setting for everything and especially applicable to OmanHell, but also because the browser just hangs, rather than getting the nice ‘Omantel says No’ screen.

I expect they should sort it soon. Its probably side-swipe from more fevered attempts to block the various VOIP providers. Meanwhile, if you’re desperate you can email me important comments and I’ll post them if you like.


  1. It appears that upon your blog posting, Omantel have fixed the problem! Hooray!

  2. Hey, I guess someone important is reading the blog... No names...

  3. ...I think now is the right time to post in chinese!! ;)


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