Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do...

Strange little story today in the Tribune about juvenile crime. As per usual, no analysis.

It seems Omani youth are getting naughtier, and no surprise, mainly boys.

I'd still like to see one of the papers start a half decent court report.

No mention of course of the group fight & stabbing that took place in a local night club a couple of weeks ago, and that resulted in the subsequent death of some Omani youth.[Actually, later turns out stabbing was in Shatti, not in the nightclub. oops. As I had to tell the staff 'The floggings will continue until moral improves' UD] Its now a regular occurance in many of the pubs that groups of Omani lads fuelled by heineken and vodka red-bulls will find something to start a fight about.

I still insist the immature behaviour of most Omani late teenagers/20s is due in large part to a simple lack of sex combined with unemployment. Because it's so expensive to get married these days (~5000 rials dowry + ceremony etc), and the girls also want a guy with a decent job, most Omani boys have no real hope of marrying until their late 20s or early 30s.

And when you've been flushed with testosterone from the age of ~13, that's a long time to wait. Meanwhile you can drive a lowered VW Golf pimped up with pieces of Chinese plastic really fast, cruise Shatti, stare at the expat women, watch downloaded or blackmarket porn, and defend your manhood in the bars.

1,115 crimes by juveniles in 2007
By Khalid Al Amri
Muscat: The number of juveniles who committed crimes in the Sultanate in 2007 amounted to 1,115 compared to 1,059 in 2006, said HE Hussein Bin Ali Al Hilali, Prosecutor-General in a special statement to Oman Tribune.

“The growth in the number of juvenile crimes does not necessarily mean a growth in the trend as it may reflect alertness by the officers in tracing those involved in such crimes. The general prosecution investigated 23,701 cases in 2006 including 1,059 compared to 24,285 in 2007 including 1,115 by juveniles,” he added.

As for the major crimes by juveniles, Al Hilali pointed out that they include simple harm 225 incidents and 215 of them were committed by boys and 10 by girls. The number of theft crimes in 2007 amounted to 240 including 211 by boys and 29 by girls.


  1. Where was the stabbing? Rock Bottom?

  2. How do you handle the bastards looking at your girlfriends?

    I have already had to deck one individual who refused to take no for an answer to the point where he harassed my fiancee so much that she phoned me and I had to come and get her.

    He got a split lip.

  3. How do you handle the bastards looking at your girlfriends?

    I have already had to deck one individual who refused to take no for an answer to the point where he harassed my fiancee so much that she phoned me and I had to come and get her.

    He got a split lip.

  4. Poor boys. Brazil has no problem with lack of sex nor difficulties to get together, but we also have these facts here. It is a bit more complicated. Lack of transcendental values and opportunities? Unployement? They are the victmim of a rotten world. But, does muslins drink?

  5. I find staring back at them right in the eye with a hostile look generally works best. Perhaps a What the fuck are you looking at can be thrown in for added emphasis too.

  6. Its not so much the common or garden staring; it's when combined with the open mouthed drooling, or the (rare but occasional on the roads) gesture of tongues licking between 2 raised fingers that annoys me.

    I find taking down their license number and arranging for a late night surprise visit from the boys in dull khaki camouflage the best technique.

    And in the clubs? a superior & knowing smile, followed by the stare.

    And mace.


  7. I was thinking of having a telescopic steel baton or a good old baseball bat sitting in the car for emergencies.

    You got the mace locally or "imported" ?

    I like the surprise visit approach, you must have wastah then...

  8. Come on, guys, some people here seem to be too old to understand the young lads. They are everywhere in the world. I dont apreciate that behavior but maybe you too had this time in life. Make love, not war. Remember? Peace! Try to give a piece of advice to the savage ones, polite men.

  9. They are far worse than kids in Europe and the US.

    If kids leaned out the car window in Europe and shouted "Hey you! Five Rials!" - they'd have the shit beaten out of them.

    One tosser tried to pull my girlfriend's trousers down at a petrol station as he drove by - and then started crying when I caught up with him by blocking the exit. (My uniform works wonders sometimes!)

  10. boxster
    heh heh

    Oh come on. We're allowed to be a bit agressive. Not with the tame stuff, but some of it is pretty outrageous. And nothing else will stop that.

    nice story but forchrist sake pick/use a nicename


  11. Clarification:
    After further digging, the fatal stabbing ~ 2 weeks ago was in teenage hangout that is Shatti, near the Ramada but NOT actually in a hotel bar.

    Apologies. My source has been punished accordingly.


  12. L/G,
    I think you being so harsh on the people of this country which received you with open arms and protected you and gave you all the freedom you need if you disagree ask others who lives elsewhere.
    going back to the subject I have seen worse in the US, UK, Morocco, Holland and other parts of the world (I am even ashamed to mention examples).staring sometimes comes from curiosity in all over the world, people many times stopped me and ask where I am from? And some even went further then just asking!! But in the end there is good and bad everywhere I bet you Oman lean to the very good side.

  13. Renz,
    glad you can count.

    Disagree. I don't buy the common argument that 'its worse elsewhere else so stop criticising Oman' argument. People should realise that criticism is often healthy and the main way things get better.

    We're not being harsh on 'the people of this country', we're discussing behaviour by some Omani male youths that don't make those individuals look very good... Burying your head in the sand and pretending everything's perfect is not a very good way of getting things improved.

    And while I can appreciate your desire to put a positive spin on their actions, there is certainly a bit of 'curious staring', but then there is 'oggling while making obscene guestures and masturbating through your dishdasha'. Not easily confused.

    Yes, Omani does more than lean to the good side. Thats why we're here dear. The good stuff needs to be encouraged. The bad stuff needs constant vigilance and action IMHO.

    Of course, you can still blame the behaviour on the impact corrupting imported culture is having on Omanis precious youth... ;-)

  14. Renz,
    - First sorry to hear that you had bad experience you must be irresistible to have someone to masturbate on the street!!!
    - I did say there are good and bad meaning not all of Omanis but I agree to very few of them.
    - I did not disagree with all of you on the fights but things like drooling over our welcomed visitors!! I strongly disagree with their nasty behaviour!!
    - If I disagree with your comments you think that I burying my head in the sand!!!! There are many things I would say worth to discuss and to make change! I am sure you noticed some things needs improvement.
    - I was in the states for 7 years so I have seen a lot far worse!!!
    - Yes this few youth would been precious without the imported behaviours
    I wish you all wonderful stay


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