Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 Omani youths jailed for dangerous driving

The national disgrace that is Oman's driving and resulting death toll needs more reporting of drivers receiving penalties. But why is this story only reported in the Gulf News today? As per usual, nothing in the Omani English papers.
Gulf News
Two Omani youths jailed for rash driving
Published: October 19, 2008, 00:03

Muscat: Two young Omani nationals have each been sentenced to two months in jail and asked to pay a fine of 600 Omani riyals for "dangerous driving".

According to a report in government-run Arabic daily Oman, the primary court in Shinas, 250km north of Muscat, found the two youngsters guilty of rash driving that put lives of others at risk.

The paper quoted the public prosecution as saying the car had no insurance cover or even proper brakes.

The licence of one of the youngsters, who was showing off a trick when the vehicle skidded off the road, has been cancelled.


  1. Am sure these are just common weak kids who have no strong backing. If they were kids of important people, am sure they won't even know how a jail looks like.

  2. Because you can't report ANYTHING in this bloody place!!! Trying to get some sort of news on to the radio was impossible, even though the papers publish stuff. Granted it is mostly lame crap but still... they are terrified of anyone knowing the truth! Which we all do because it is before our very eyes..

  3. Everyone's pissing up the leg of the man on the can, and so the system becomes rotten all the way through. Mammon rules. There is NO shame. There never was. The centrifugal nature of the system just encourages more of the same - and so its better to be on the inside than on the outside. Get it anyway you can. If you are a good guy you gotta hang tough. Its not easy. Sic transit gloria mundi.


  4. Maybe this wasn't reported in Oman newspapers and reported in UAE newspapers because Shinas is closer to UAE than Muscat?

    he he he ...

  5. Angry
    nice one...

    not these days, surely?

    anon idiot 1
    its the mushroom way to relate to a population: keep them warm and in the dark and feed them bullshit. Grows great mushrooms!

    Cynical white boy, or a shrew synopsis of the human condition?
    You decide!

    Not by ferry it ain't... oh, wait, yes it is.

  6. To all other anonymous idiots:


    1/ hit Name/URL button, you know, the one above anonymous

    2/ pick a nickname

    3/ hit publish

  7. Mmmmmm. A great way to grow mushrooms? Nah, not by a long, long way. Just look about you. Sure, it certainly seems that there are lot of apparent mushrooms, but you need variety to get enjoyment out of mushrooms. Can we expect mushrooms to be mere mushrooms forever? Dunno really. Yesterday maybe, but not today.


  8. There is no use catching some children only. A good number of people (including expats) within the city are always driving aggressively, showing full beam light and perennially talking in the mobile phone, which unfortunately ROP is not catching. In many most (except taxis and gas vans) Omanis are very gentle and allow you to enter the line when you join from a service road, whereas Indians will never allow another Indian nor will help. If an Omani is jumping line he will keep quiet, because he is scared of them.

    The biggest problem for an expat is that you don't know arabic. After an accident you don't understand what the Omani is talking and ROP is also not very happy if you don't know arabic. Under the new system of minor accident, how will you determine who is at fault, if you don't know arabic?


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