Thursday, October 30, 2008

Omani Street Racers

Pretty slow news day today. Market flat past 2 days. No scandals.

So its time for sports entertainment!!!!

Know anyone with a new red GTR R35 with the license plate 21135 A?

You may recognise him from his video street racing in Oman, hitting 260km against a corvette. Nice.

Own a nice corvette: Mastercard
Also own a GTR?: Mastercard
Recording the race while forgetting to not show your license plate: Priceless


  1. Come on Oman, there's already been three wrecked worldwide. Don't let the rest of the world beat you!

  2. Heheh

    I think I'll go and check this reg plate.


  3. No scandals? Go check the buzz on Galfar ... catch my drift


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