Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best website guide for Off-Roading and Camping in Oman

Off roading (aka Wadi bashing) in Oman is one of the many reasons Expats love this place. The winter weather's reliable perfection, the vast expanse of interior and coastline with few people, few dangerous fauna, and the friendliness of the locals all combine to make Oman one of the world's best places for camping. Cheap fuel and 4x4s help a lot too!

Bar Al Hickman Beach, borrowed from Jan Schreurs' fantastic website

I get a lot of requests for info on camping, so I thought I'd save me - and you - a load of work and post the link to what is I think the best resource out there on camping: The personal website of Jan & Lilian Schreurs, a Dutch couple who have lived in Oman for ages and done almost everything there is to do off road in the Sultanate of Oman.

Jan & Lilian Schreurs' web site

Check it out. You will NOT be disappointed. All the standard tours are there, with maps, photos, hints, GPS, etc etc etc. And Jan seems to be a geologist, so if you like rocks, there's lots of that stuff too.

Disclaimer: Warning
Be aware, going near the interior's Oil Installations, International Borders, or the Oryx Reserve without permission may result in you being detained/shot at by the ROP and/or Army. Don't be stupid.

And don't go unprepared into the desert. If you do not have enough water and get stuck you may die: read Jan's comprehensive notes on how to make sure you wadi bash safely.

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  1. Check out the Geological Society of Oman's (GSO) web site (www.gso.org.om).

    Some of the best geology in the world is on your doorstep here in Muscat and a few minutes to a few hours drive away. BUT TAKE NOTHING AWAY, leave it where it is.

    Jan Schreurs is a reknowned geologist, currently he is head of geological services in PDO and he, Lillian and his family are some of the nicest, most decent people I have ever met, despite the fact they are Dutch!


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