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No gays please - we're Bahrain and we're straight.

Following on from the post on 'No sex please', the Gulf News reported today that the Islamo-wackos in Bahrain are now calling for a ban on homosexuals entering the country and leading astray the delicate youth of Bahrain. They want the Government to 'stamp out' homosexuality and for the security services to be 'more vigilant' to stop foreign gays entering the country. They are worried their gayness is spreading to the local population, who are then having lots of gay sex and even worse, dressing fashionably and stylishly, neither of which would happen if only the security forces would act as all Bahraini boys are born straight, obviously.

How bizarre. It makes you wonder if these guys ever think about things at all. I'm trying to imagine the scene at the immigration desk...

Bahraini Immigration Officer: Welcome to Bahrain, where everyone is straight or they get a good beating. So, you are man, yes?
Tourist: Er, yes sweetie. What nice eyes you have.

Bahraini Immigration Officer: And who is this man there? Your brother? Your Cousin?
Tourist: Oh, we're just friends. We're here for a holiday for the F1 race. We've got a double room at the hotel.

Bahraini Immigration Officer: You are married?
Tourist: No. Could just never find the right girl, you know?

Bahraini Immigration Officer: Are you a homosexual? Are you Filipino?
Tourist: Me? Er... No.... I'm British.

Bahraini Immigration Officer: Really. But why you are looking like a pansy big girl's blouse!? You are having highlights and too too much jewelery. And you are walking funny and having a girly voice. Are you sure you are not a biter of pillows or a lifter of shirts, coming here to pervert the innocent and totally straight young Bahraini boys?
Tourist: I'm sure.

Bahraini Immigration Officer: Is that a piercing!?!?! I think you are like the gay poofter people I see on satellite TV who are very funny. You are like my little cousin Said who we don't talk about, who keeps wanting to be hairdresser and playing with the flower arranging.
Tourist: Oh, OK. You're right. We thought we could fool you. Quintin, the pink Dolce & Gabanna shirt was a giveaway, didn't I tell you!

Bahraini Immigration Officer: Next!
Oh it is you Mr. Michael Jackson! Welcome back to Bahrain! Welcome! Oh, and thank you for taking my cousin Said for a sleepover party to your villa last time. He said he had a wonderful time.... Enjoy your stay!

Like what the Middle East needs is more hate and decisions based on religion.

Call to ban gays from entering Bahrain
By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief
Published: October 27, 2008
Manama: Two Islamist MPs have renewed calls to ban homosexuals from entering Bahrain, warning that their presence in the country would "lead to social and moral depravation."

"The interior ministry has to act swiftly and promptly to stamp out homosexuals in Bahrain since the procrastination of the issue would intensify the problem," Abdul Hamid Murad, representing Islamic Menbar Society, said.

"They can be seen in many areas in Bahrain, but their presence in Manama, the capital, is very noticeable," he claimed.

According to the MP whose bloc commands six of the 40 seats in the lower house of the parliament, homosexuals were having "a negative influence" on the Bahraini youth.

"Bahrain already has enough social problems, such as the use of drugs, so allowing foreign gays into the country would compound the situation. The real tragedy is that many young Bahrainis have started imitating the style of the homosexuals by, for instance, wearing indecent clothes," he said.

The MP said that the security authorities should be more vigilant in deciding who can enter the country, claiming that they had a duty to preserve Islamic ethics.

But for MP Mohammad Khalid, the authorities should address the issue as "a tragic development that needs immediate and robust tackling."

Of course, this isn't new in Bahrain. Islamic parties have previously called for action against homosexuals, and apparently 2000 Filipino hairdressers were deported in 2002.

The Al Menbar bloc, not content that the penalty of fines, imprisonment or deportation acts as a sufficient deterrent, called on tougher measures to “stamp out homosexuality”.
The proposal - ratified by parliament - called on:
The Interior Ministry to stop granting residence permits to foreign homosexuals.
The Education Ministry to monitor students, and punishing those who veered towards homosexuality.
The Industry and Commerce Ministry to monitor massage and hair salons to ensure that they have no closed rooms and that violators be prosecuted.

See Pink News UK and MidEast Youth

A set of proposals approved by Bahrain's parliament targeting homosexual activity in the country should be implemented, according to a politician in the Gulf state.

Brotherhood MP Shaikh Mohammed Khalid Mohammed wants the government to begin a number of initiatives designed to rid the country of gay people.

In April parliament demanded that the Interior Ministry stop granting any residence permits to foreign homosexuals.
The ministers have called for homosexuals to be 'rooted out' of hair salons and massage parlours. The proposals will see teachers on the look out for homosexual tendencies in children and 'punishing them accordingly.'

Homosexuality has been considered illegal in Bahrain since 1956 when, as part of the British Empire, it was given the Indian Penal Code.Homosexuals can be given up to 10 years in prison though this is rarely put into practice.

In 2002 the government deported 2,000 allegedly gay Filipino workers for homosexual activity and prostitution.


  1. That is sick! don't they know that they can't change ppl from gay to str8! if bahrain's youth is gay it will be so!

  2. UD,

    Couple or more excellent posts recently - well they made me LOL anyway. Some of these articles defy belief hey? No one could make them up if they tried.

    So do keep them coming. Meantime I am doing what I can to get your readership up amongst my mates!

    Slightly less funny are the BM and GE share prices that have cost me a few rials, but nevermind, as you rightly say, they were a punt and taken 100% as such! Can't win 'em all! Cheers.

  3. Anon
    I know... Sad isn't it?


    Thanks for the cudos. I'll keep trying.

    As for the shares, remember to value them in Canadian $... that should cheer you up a bit!

    And BM is a strong hold at less than 0.9... be patient!

  4. This is why I don't like organized religion. It seems to aim for exclusiveness instead of inclusiveness.

  5. They can pretend all they want to turn a blind eye, or create the so called "legislations & bans", but come on... give me a break.. Like as if these things can be eradicated.... We all know whats happening around us, but we choose to accept rather than pretend otherwise.

  6. Uhm yeah, of course it's the gay FOREIGNERS who corrupt the poor innocent straight Bahraini boys. Has nothing at all to do with the fact that they are sexually deprived and have to attend single sex schools their entire lives and are starved of female affection (or presence) for that matter.

    There is a boy school in Dubai called Rashid School for Boys. Growing up there (me), I knew many boys who attended that school. It was particularly enlightening to me, when I was all of 14 years old, to know that the Emirati boys at that school didn't think you were gay if you were, how shall I put it, the 'giver'. You were, however, gay if you were the 'receiver'. Now the baffling thing about this was that apparently many of the older boys (High School) would 'rape' (for lack of a better word) the younger boys, because somewhere in their sick twisted minds they believed that "that would turn them into men"... and this was back in 1992.

    If Dubai is an example to go by, as homosexuality there is also illegal, then I'm guessing a similar thing is happening in the neighbouring countries. And if so, it's ridiculous how they always blame the foreigners for this behaviour. How do you explain born and bred Emirati boys of ages 11 to 17, who have yet to meet any 'foreigners' in their sheltered segregated systems (expats are not allowed to attend government schools)? In Rashid School for Boys' case, there were a few expat kids... but trust me.. they were the kind who were not 'deprived' of female attention and in Dubai in particular, there's plenty to go around, sadly even for the younger variety... Just talk to any expat Latifa School for Girls, Dubai College (particularly!), English College, etc. female students!

  7. the way I understand Khaleeji mentality - you're only gay if you're the bottom. You're two times the man if you're the top :)

  8. They should just ban George Michael from using public lavs and Cliff Richard completely and let everyone else be.

  9. UD,
    Said the cousin nobody talks about. I love it. It could be sitcom gold. I wonder if Tash Ma Tash would ever go that far. It would be hillarious.


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