Thursday, December 31, 2009

So that was 2009. Best wishes for 2010 readers.

The last day of the year. So, obviously, Ms Dragon and I are off to one of the many NYE parties in town. Lashings of champagne and some dancing to bring in the New Year.

A big thank you to all my contributors [you know who you are] and readers for supporting Muscat Confidential and for all those emails and comments. 2009 has been the best year yet in terms of readership, with around 17,000+ visitors a month from all over the world, and the number keeps growing.

It will be interesting to see how the coming Ministry of Manpower's nonsensical crack down on so-called 'free visa' expats works out. After all, we all know how vast numbers of Omanis are desperate to get those laboring jobs digging holes for 5 rials a day or to be part-time housemaids for 1.5 rials an hour. I'll be posting on that soon.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Muscat Confidential reader Stephen Thomas, OBE, who was just given the Order of the British Empire by her Majesty in the New Years' Honours List. He is currently CEO of Renaissance Services, Oman's home grown (and so far quite successful) international oil field services company. Many of his staff seem to like him too. So well done Stephen.

Photo: Stephen Thomas, OBE, and CEO of Renaissance Services, Oman.

Stephen started OPAL, Oman's oil and gas operators and contractors organisation, that has grown well and helped lots of Omani SMEs to become successful companies too (also thanks in no small part to the support of John Malcolm, Petroleum Development Oman's current CEO).

Order of the British Empire OBE
Stephen Rowland Thomas. Founder and former chairman of OPAL, Oman. For services to British business interests and to the community in Oman.


  1. 17,000 visitors a month?? wow [O.O]

    Happy new year to everyone, and bye bye to the first decade of the 21th century.

  2. UD
    After thorough investigation it was found that the story regarding transfer of ROP fines was false. The guy didn't reveal the source and he is arrested. Big red letter news today in TOO.

  3. Only 17k visitors a month? ;)

    Happy new year dragon!

  4. That the guy didn't reveal the source & was arrested means that he has huge balls. Not that the story is false...

  5. As per the report committee went into all instances of such transfers and found that the transfer was done by competent people authorised to do such transfer in genuine cases and not with malafide intention.
    It is miracle that even this much news has filtered out from the system in Oman.

  6. Happy New Year UD...

    I was surprised to see the investigation report on the newspapers, I didn't expect any transparency!

  7. Its good to know that competent people, authorised to do such transfer, made the fine transfer between one vehicle and another


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