Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Injured Omani in Thailand motorbike accident allegedly found with drugs

Just take care on holiday kids. And say no to drugs.

Local Thai Newpaper Pattaya People reported that an Omani tourist, 31 yr old Abdul Khalil, who was injured in a motorcycle accident, was allegedly found in possession of drugs.

what a bummer. Busted up in a road accident and busted for a stash.

I'm sure he was just holding them for a friend.

Photo: Pattaya People pic of Omani tourist (and suspected drug possessor) Abdul Khalil after his motorbike accident

(Yaba, BTW, is the Thai version of methamphetamine aka crystal meth.)

Drugs Find
Pattaya police received a call from staff at the Pattaya Memorial Hospital on the evening of the 26th December that a tourist had been admitted with injuries after a motorcycle accident on Thepprasit Road. However, on searching the man’s clothing, they discovered a quantity of drugs. Police went to investigate and question the 31 year old man, Abdul Khalil from Oman about the possession of yaba, ecstasy and sleeping pills. However, the man was in a semi-conscious condition to answer. Police are now guarding the man who they believe is a drug dealer until he sufficiently recovers to give a statement about the drugs.


  1. wonder what the local authorites will do? Wonder what his employer may say?

    mmm maybe his customers will be s bit disspointed!

  2. We have this problem here. Some time back a guy took a gun, went to Ministry of education and shot and killed many senior staff including women there. He was reported as drug addict. ROP gave a hot pursuit and shot and killed him and it was reported even by Times of Oman.
    Unfortunately due to this many good medicines like cough syrup containing morphene, very useful for children who have incessant cough, and cough whole day, are banned in Oman.

    Funny thing is that much of the quota of liquor given to expats is bought by locals. If alchohol is available over the counter for those who want it, then there will not be any need to drink cough syrup, floor cleaner and similar things.

  3. ahhh yes DRUGS..the time tested excuse for sloppy criminals, un-lucky party animals and dip-shits the world over!
    "The Drugs made me do it your honor", sob, sob, weep weep.
    OK, have a coffee, a cigarette, 2 sheeshas, 3 ibuprofen, 2 Prozac and a little lie down and all will be better.
    remember-only users loose drugs!

  4. Why ain't this a bitch!
    People already judge Omanis for going to Thailand, we don't need this bozo making it worse!

  5. DA
    Don't make his day even worse! Think of all the shagging time he's loosing...

    a real downer...

    IS there a meth problem in Oman?

    Yeah, it seems drugs could make even the most upright and sane Sheik become a psychopathic torturer and even everyone around you assist in the torture too, as a purely hypothetical example.

    True. I've heard a lot of Omani men really do like the temples.

  6. UD, yes, the little boys will be resting up!


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