Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gone in 60 seconds. British Gas 4x4 stolen from Al Sharooj car wash

A contact forwarded me the incident report below, sent out by British Gas Oman.

Someone pretty brazen simply walzed into the Al Sharooj car wash last month, paid the cleaning charges, and drove off in a nice new Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to British Gas.

Photo: Al Sharooj car wash in Shatti - a good place to pick up a cheap 4x4!

What a cheek! I wonder where the poor car ended up?

So, take care folks. There have also been reports of people driving off in cars left with the engine running outside service station convenience stores too.

Reports that the thief was Angelina Joli are mistaken

Report from British Gas Oman: Vehicle Theft from Al Sarooj Car Wash Facility nr. BG Oman Office

BG Oman Toyota Land Cruiser No. 9912 RY was being prepared for issue to newly arrived BG staff member. Following a mechanical service the previous week, the vehicle was delivered to a local garage/car valeting facility in close proximity to the office at 11.00hrs on Saturday 21st November and the keys were left with the car as has been the normal practice.

At 16.30hrs the same day, the BG staff member went to collect the vehicle but was told it was not ready, so he decided to leave the vehicle for completion overnight.
At 07.00hrs on Sunday 22nd November, the BG staff member returned to the facility, but was told that it had already been collected. Following phone calls to other BG Oman Admin staff, it was ascertained that no one from BG Oman had taken the vehicle and the theft was reported to the Royal Oman Police (ROP) at 11.00hrs the same day.

From initial discussions with the ‘night-shift’ personnel at the car wash facility, it appears that upon completion of the cleaning, a third party arrived and, claiming to be the owner, paid for the cleaning and was given the keys to the car.

ROP have taken statements from BG Oman staff and are now interviewing the relevant car wash staff. The investigation is ongoing.

Oh Dear.


  1. In Cars We Trust: All Others Pay Cash. lol

    It's scary and stupid. I witnessed a car theft when I was younger. I don't believe it's a common phenomenon in Oman though.. lol (again).

  2. It's really a genius maneuver when you think about it! Took guts!


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