Thursday, December 3, 2009

How can an Expat hire a maid in Oman?

A question for my readers: assistance required!

How can a newly arrived Expat legally hire a nanny or housemaid? What if they are in the wilds of say Nizwa or Ibra?

What's the best way to go about it?

In my experience, the company or employer usually takes care of it, as I think only an Omani or a company can be a sponsor of an expat maid, and I've never heard of an Omani maid. But what are the options?


  1. I believe the process is almost same as of for the Omanis, with exception that Designation, salary statement of employee is required. & yes the employer do come in more or less like a spouse visa, where you have to furnish marriage certificates and visa is issued on behalf of employer. There are lot adds do come in newspaper classifieds for agencies which arrange housemaids.

  2. I think your question could be answered in two ways. If you want to hire locals who already have visa and they like to work extra hours or some time you might find relative or might be illegal residence. There are many like those in the gulf region. They get encourage by Expat or even the local so they don’t have to go through the hassle. Many prefer what we call in US (live out) helper.

    The other answer, if you want to bring someone with you who already works for you, or from another country you have to submit salary statement, all that individual documents- valid passport, health like any other employment except the sponsor is the employee ( but the employer have to approve such too) , and some time a letter from her/ his spouse. Also the embassy of that individual should have documentation such like Kuwait I know more about their system, because there were many abuses and some helper run away through the embassy. Kuwait has many agents to do all the work for you asking for commission for their services which is easier.

    On the long run, some individuals after settling they bring their own relatives like advertising for each others. It is a messy job if you don’t go through the legal channel especially today, I won’t trust anyone to leave my children with.

    The Omanis I knew they have their own crew, like having the whole family which is nice too. These laws keep changing every time they have an episode or scandal.
    I’m sure many will respond better ……

  3. Not an answer, but more questions. Supplementary perhaps.

    What are the options if one does not need a full-time help, rather just a few hours daily?
    I guess some companies (more of the public sector) do get visas for their employees to bring in house-hold staff, but can all companies do this? Won't this affect the Omanization count?

    Guess there is a good market out here to start a house-keeping service business. You already have it for the offices, now need one for the residential sector.

  4. We, back there hire some "helpers"(mostly the baldiya guys/ housemaid of our omani frnds) without going through all the hassles and pay by time + their transport!

    some individuals after settling they bring their own relatives like advertising for each others LOL! too true!


    UD: I hope you don’t mind me adding this link for more people to read also since your article is almost about the same subject. I will appreciate if you encourage more reader as I care for human rights too.

    Hiring the helpers is not the procedure, it is after that. ALL governments specially the gulf regions, then secondly other regions or to be explicit, the people who think by having more money and hiring desperate people into this job it is OK to hire them to gain some perspective to help their own families, BUT, it is not OK to have them treated any less than any member of the family or to be abused in any form.

    We have to address such issue loudly and widely worldwide. This article (CNN) might be addressing one nation. If you Google: Jewish Ethiopian, also after they have been promised of their going back to the promised land, read about the Mexican who enter the south border of US to work in agriculture to provide some money for their children. SO, no country is better than the other in abusing human rights. I don’t believe all UN and UNDP doing enough to have each country to participate in this rather in wars wasting all the money of killing more innocent people.

    Thank you UD for bringing up at least how to hire these people, I will extend your question: How to treat them. May be Nadia or Reality will open with new title about such.

  6. Hi
    I have been following your blog spot with interest. I'm coming out to Muscat in the next few weeks and will need to find some recruitment agencies for maids and health care staff. Can anyone point me in a useful direction so I can get started?
    Many thanks


  7. HI,

    Yes, having names of a few reliable agents would be great !

  8. I am relocating to Oman hence would like to know the procedure to take your live in maid from India to Oman?



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