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Oman rescues Xmas for Canadian Navy. Ex-Galfar subsid in dock in Brunei

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Galfar is had seemed to be in a spot of bother with its creditors in their Brunei based subsidiary, currently facing multiple winding up orders in the courts from creditors over some $25 million.

Post-publish--correction Dec 29 2009: Galfar have issued a press statement yesterday (as reported in the Muscat Daily) that the company named in court winding up orders in Brunei no longer has any connection with Galfar Engineering and Contracting Oman. The statement says that shares previously owned by Omani businessmen Sh. Al Araimi and Dr Haji P Mohammed Ali were sold "some time ago" to the local partner (one Haji Roney bin Haji Roslee). The Borneo Bulletin article is factually incorrect and misleading, said the statement.

Photo: Galfar subsidiary accused of not paying creditors in Brunei

Significant shareholders are were Omani businessmen Sh. Al Araimi and Dr Haji P Mohammed Ali.

Here's an excerpt from the apparently incorrect Borneo Bulletin report:
Court Records Show Company Owes $25M In Total

Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei's biggest bankruptcy since Amedeo Corporation went on the block has been put in motion yesterday with a court action against Galfar Pembinaan & Perusahaan (B) Sdn Bhd, one of Sultanate's largest construction companies.

According to Brunei Supreme Court documents, there are 12 other companies given notice to be present at a winding up proceedings against Galfar. They are owed $25 million in total by the once star performer, court records show.

Galfar, a leading construction company in the country involved in various large government projects, is basically a joint venture between local and Oman interests.

A search of the official records reveals the local partner is Haji Roney bin Haji Roslee @ Haji Roni bin Haji Rosli who holds 900,000 shares in the company. The rest, 3,000,000, is held by Sheikh Salim Saeed Hamed Al Fannah Al Araimi and the late Mohamed Rashid Al Araimi. They hold 699,999 shares each, records show.

An Indian national who has business interests in Oman, Dr Haji P Mohammed Ali controls 700,002 shares.

The company came to Brunei from Oman well over a decade ago and soon established a name for itself but got into difficulties in recent times until it faced its current problems.


Meanwhile, the Omani's saved Xmas for the Canadian Navy when apparently we sent a mail barge to get Santa to them on time.

Photo: The Canadian Navy await Santa on tour in the Gulf of Oman

Ah, a heart warming Christmas tale, compliments of the season readers!

Sailors try to get into the Christmas spirit

The 250 sailors aboard HMCS Fredericton, currently deployed to the Gulf of Aden, celebrated Christmas several thousand kilometres from home.

Many of them weren't up to partying on Christmas Eve, but a few dozen sang Christmas carols on the exterior bridge, forgetting for a moment the distance separating them from their families.

Santa also came by with presents for each sailor.

A barge, which came from as far away as the Oman capital of Muscat, dropped off late Christmas mail.

To fix an Air Canada mistake, it took a four-day trip at sea to deliver the three tonnes of packages and presents in time for Christmas.
The operation cost at least $60,000.


  1. Re: Canadian Navy, I love it. It's so Canadian.

    I remember reading an article about a plane-load of Tim Hortons coffee & donuts arriving in Afghanistan for Canadian soldiers.

    Sentiments from home. Love it.

  2. Well the Canadians have their priorities right... and have a Tim Hortons outlet actually on the main compound in Afghanistan ;)

    It will be interesting to see if there'll be any fall out here from Galfar (Brunei's) seemingly inevitable demise.

  3. I want to say a UGE thank you to all who made this possible! It is so hard to have our loved ones away during such a special time of year and we were all so disappointed to hear that the packages sent were going to be delayed. So to whoever was involved in getting the gifts to the ship, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



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