Friday, February 6, 2009

Massive Cross dressing themed party planned for Muscat!!

Sometimes it's spooky how things coincide.

Yes, earlier readers will be relieved (I'm sure) to learn that Boxster doesn't have to do his drag-streak in City Centre to test the Sultanate's approach to the issue of cross-dressing ...

The legal status of a bit of face paint and a frock on a bloke will instead be tested handsomely at this year's annual (and famously awesome) ANZO Ball.

Theme for this year: Priscilla Queen of the Desert. A famous and quite excellent Aussie movie about 3 drag queens on a road trip in Australia (since remade in the USA, and a world-wide musical too).


I must attend this soire!!!!!!!! Oh yes. (I'll try and get tickets for you too Mr. T, if you and the misses want to have a very safe walk on wild side...)

I must say, keep the party low profile, it will be one heck of a party, and we don't want it spoiled by party poopers.

I actually hope this will truly demonstrate Oman's more sensible approach to such matters: if it's a private party, with no-one being silly, hey, why not? Its just those crazy Brits and their Colonial brethren: everyone knows how they like to dress up as girls.

The Rocky Horror Show. Wonderful. I'll be using it as inspiration for my outfit.

And lets face it, they are mostly here in jobs working hard to support the country, and it IS their culture.

So see you there. Tickets will be hard to get, so befriend an Aussie or a kiwi today!

Oh, and all the uptight readers should first treat themselves to actually watching the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert before harping on and getting all worked up about something harmless and huge fun.


  1. Yes, its de je vu all over again. UD, hope you have a good time at the party. Are you going to cross-dress or only be an observer? It all boils down to one principle- what are your intentions? If your intention for cross dressing is to have a good time by making a fool out of yourself, like at a party or panto, then have at it with no problem. If your intention for wearing feminine make-up when you’re a male is to prepare yourself for a movie role, it is OK, just don’t get caught in an Emirati Mall. However, if your intentions are ‘less noble or idiotic’ you better take a hard look at yourself. It may be a sign you need some help. But we need to ask “what are our intentions?”

  2. UD
    Its OK go ahead get out of the closet... free yourself.
    The world will not end. If it is a private party, Omanies under current system dont give a fuck what you do.

  3. Way to pour on my parade! Mrs. boxster is thoroughly disappointed.

    Yes, Abdullah, sometimes those intentions are simply aimed at pleasing one's partner. A very noble intention in my humble opinion :)

  4. Great minds... I was just coming over to comment on the last thread, having just returned from Qurum City Centre. There we saw a happy and well-behaved group of apparently Oman shebab enjoying some shopping - two of them well-muscled in tight tees and jeans, and the rest resplendent in pastel dishdashes and the result of what looked like fairly major stops at one of the Mall's many makeup counters. They hardly got a second look, except from some startled Brit-types and some envious looking Philipinos...

    But I suppose they're not likely to attend the ANZO Ball, which could indeed either be a hoot - or absolutely ghastly, with not much space for any possibility in between, no?

  5. UD

    you faq lover .. people are worried about paying thier bills and saving and you are bitching about your right to cross dress !!

    Enjoy homosexuality faqqot.

  6. Come on people don't be so harsh on UD, after all we should be thankful for all the good he is doing in his blog.

    UD I will be very happy to accept your invitation where can i meet you so i can pickup my tickets???? and what made you think that i never walked on the wild side before???

    I was in Dubai for the weekend and that got me thinking:
    What if someone could propose to the UN a resolution to shift all gays, cross dressers and alike to the north pole!!! that way they can live freely and keep each other warm all the time ;)

    Side effect: They would probably speed up global warming.

    But I guess we are willing to take our chances with global warming over living with cross dressers ;)

  7. Abdullah,
    Oh, it'll be a blast. But I won't make a fool of myself - I look pretty darn good in drag as long as I can get heels the right size (big feet).

    Gay and Happy
    I'm figuring the party will proceed without incident. I know this is NOT the UAE. But I'm not gay.

    Well, you could still give City Centre a go...

    Nice story - and the ANZO has always been the best ball in Muscat, according to those who I feel best able to judge such things.

    At least I can spell fag, or have a keyboard with a working 'g'...

    (hey, but take Gay and Happy's advice: come out of that closet, MAN. These days everyone knows such homophobia is just an indicator that you're a rampant suppressed dishdasha-lifter. Its not true I'm afraid that you're only gay if you take it...). I won't tell your mum, honest.

    Mr. T
    Ummm. Your attitude to a bit of harmless cross-dressing, I guess? The website will explain how to buy tickets. See you there!

  8. Queers are god damn stupid. How can you ignore such beautiful creature God have created called women. What? Don’t tell me the woman trapped in a man’s body excuse. You people are sick and filthy. You do nothing to the community but spread your foolish beliefs. If you think your way of life is right then too much of it should not harm should it? So imagine a planet full of queers. You think life will be normal? I think there is a half stupid and half fucked up psycho inside of you. Get help filthy people, please.


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