Monday, February 23, 2009

Mayor of Paris visits Oman

In a follow-up to the recent visit of French President Sarkozy, yesterday Oman, was visited by Bertrand Delanoe, Mayor of Paris.

It is perhaps not surprising Bertrand and Sarkozy didn't come together, as the debonnaire Mr. Delanoe is tipped as a likely Socialist candidate to run against Mr. Sarkozy for the next Presidential Election, and they do not get on with each other very well at all.

His visit will be seen by many as connected to his build-up to run for the French Presidency in 2012.

Bertrand, pictured here at last year's Paris Gay Pride parade, is (to quote the UK Times newspaper) the first senior french Politian to openly declare his homosexuality, which he did on a TV show in 1998 before his election.

The rather dashing Mr. Bertrand Delanoe, Mayor of Paris
Photo Credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen, Wiki commons

He has also done a pretty fine job of running Paris, being re-elected soundly last year, and someone who has worked hard to improve the livibility of Paris. The beach he had built on the river Seine being especially popular.

He is on a short tour of the region, having gone on to the UAE on his way back to Europe, but I would expect that a visit to homophobic bigots Bahrain will not be on the cards.

However, Mr. Delanoe has long had very close ties with Oman, especially since becoming Mayor in 2001, and clearly has a strong affection for the Sultanate and tremendous respect for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

He met HH Fahd, and did a round of the great and good. I must say I was surprised that the Oman News Agency did not report him meeting with His Majesty.

Oman also shares informal family ties with France, as several senior Cabinet Ministers are married to French wives.

I must say it was tremendous to see Mr Delanoe receive such a welcome here in Oman, and it serves to demonstrate why Oman is more sophisticated, open-minded and mature than the other GCC states.

Now, if only he could convince the Muscat Municipality to hold a Gay Pride parade here in Muscat...

Fahd, Paris Mayor discuss ways to boost cooperation
ONA Sunday, February 22, 2009 12:01:07 AM Oman Time

MUSCAT — His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said, deputy prime minister for the Council of Ministers, received here yesterday Bertrand Delanoe, mayor of Paris, who is currently on an official visit to the Sultanate.

Sayyid Fahd welcomed the guest and the delegation accompanying him, reviewed the march of the growing good relations between the two friendly countries and horizons of future cooperation, which were established on mutual trust.

During the meeting, the conversations were focused on relevant means to support and promote cooperation between the Sultanate of Oman and the French republic in a number of spheres. Current issues at the international arena were also reviewed during the meeting.

The guest expressed his delight and that of his accompanying delegation to visit the Sultanate whose leadership is widely respected by the international community for the growth achieved at the domestic level and for its leading role with regard to its external relations, thanks to the wise vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

He underlined his country’s interest to enhance the strong relations with the Sultanate, which was crowned with the latest visit of President Nicolas Sarkozy to the Sultanate and its positive outcome in achieving interest of the two friendly countries.

l Sayyid Al Muatassim bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, minister of state and governor of Muscat, also received in his office Bertrand Delanoe and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the Paris mayor expressed his admiration of the economic development and construction boom witnessed by the Sultanate in general and Muscat governorate in particular. He hailed the pioneering role persuaded by the Sultanate’s government under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in pushing forward the development wheel in the country and establishing cooperation and friendship relations with other countries.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged cordial conversation on the existing relations between the Sultanate and the French republic, as well as the tourism, historic and cultural potentials of Muscat governorate. The meeting was also attended by Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrazi.



  1. UD- Why have only a Gay Pride Parade, why not a Straight Pride Parade, why not a Blogger Pride Parade, why not a Lion's Pride Parade, why not a Cross-Dressing Pride Parade. You could put the Drag back in Dragon by marching in it. Abd

  2. Man you've got to respect gay people, I mean the way they support each other is just amazing (UD).

    I don't think Oman is ready for a gay parade yet, but maybe with your efforts and hard work UD Oman will one day be there. (it's about time you came out of the closet)

    I have no problem with gay people or what they do, it's their life, but to try and make parades and functions in public, is a step too far.

    I once read that South Korea had an issue with rats, so every time they would catch one they will not kill it, instead they would glue (or stitch) its A** **** and release it back!!! Why you must be asking??? Well they found out that rats that cant shit become violent and start killing other rats. That way they got rid of 10 rats for every rat they glued.

    How is it related to the subject???

    I was thinking if this gay parade ever happens I would be waiting at the entrance with a whole lot of super glue. It would be a fun parade ;)

  3. I would write such a rude comment??? and not take credit for it????

  4. I think all the Gays should come out, the more gays the better (or merrier!)...that means more women us normal guys!

  5. Best comment of the week award goes to Abdullah for "put the Drag back in Dragon"

    This Blog Slays me. Get it? Slays? Ha.

    And what's with all the hating on Gay folks? They're not fucking You, Anonymous. Or are they?

  6. I wasn't aware that HM would of had a significant interest in the frog mayor... thanks for that nugget!

    And as for the anonymous poster suspecting that the dragon is a homosexual demon from homotopia? Oh he's probably right ;)

    Liked the play on words sub :)

  7. Wawoo … An interesting subject, lot of gays around in the country, but they are afraid of Super glue????? So they are underground.

    They are well organized and have their own companies, own gathering and own plans to go further for more membership.

    So, Let is wait and see till when they would be underground... They may come on the surface after 20 years....

    Gay is A Gay nothing can be expected from them?? Let them enjoy their life anyway they don’t harm us.

  8. from my personal observations, this country has a higher ratio of homosexuals than france, if only for the fact that there are so few women to go around ;)

    all the male adolescent jokes here are homo centric - take khoosh for example - nothing like this exists in france !

    but then again, here you're not gay if you're the "giver", you're only gay if you're the "taker".

    oh, and all the homophobes reacting so viciously - you're in denial about something that most of you did in high school and are too ashamed to admit to your wives (though you're probably single, hence all the free time to be hating on blogs like this)

  9. It seems as if boxster is speaking of personal experience.

    Another gay coming out of the closet.

    I guess we will be needing more of that super glue at the parade.

    By the way all: I'm the one that posted the anonymous post about the super glue, I pressed enter before putting down the MR. T name.

    Nothing to be ashamed of here, I don't hate gays, just want them to live on their own private space.

    All you people who are supporting gays, I think you are nothing more than gays yourselves. Why can't you just be gay about it and say it out loud.

    It amazes me how many gays just wont admit that they are gay, if there is nothing wrong with it, then why hide in the closet????

    Any of you can recommend a good glue brand???

  10. he looks he needed a fuck in that picture!

  11. Is having a different sexual orientation haraam?

    Forgive me for my lack of knowledge on the subject. Looking for insight.

    *Ducks for cover*

  12. Don't we all need a fuck sometimes?

    Mr. T, you're missing the point here.

    There was a time in humanity's short history where people would say: I don't mind black people, as long as they live in their own space. We got over it, we even elected a black president.

    We got over the people saying: I don't mind women, as long as they live in their own space. Women can work now, equal, if not better than men.

    I've witnessed times, at the turn of this century after some unmentionable events, where people would say: I don't mind the arabs/muslims/towelheads, as long as they live in their own space.

    Those of us defending homosexuals are not doing it out of pity or our own sexuality. We do it because we are all human; we are all here by Allah's will, whether you like it or not. Shame on you for hating His creations! We should all have equal rights and freedoms to pursue our own happiness. Black or white, woman or man, gay or straight.

    To defend the minorities, the oppressed, is the morally right thing to do, in any major religion, belief or philosophy.

  13. Dear boxster:

    Women and blacks are created by god as women and black , but i didn't ever read anywhere that gays are created by god gay.

    I told you before and i will say it again, I don,t hate gays and I don't hold anything against them in my heart, but there is a limit to how much gays can do in public without offending us )straight people)

    Gays are very smart, well dressed, have a high taste, usually are very successful in their professional lives. I know and respect that.

    Are gays really a minority?? not anymore. They might seem like a minority, but add the ones hiding in the closets and straight people will be the minority.

    If we all became gays what would happen to humanity??? we will be extinct. we can all be blacks, arabs, muslims, jews, white and still humanity will continue.

    Makes you wonder??? maybe dinosaurs made the same stupid mistake and all became gay, the rest is history.

  14. Iceland have a lesbo prime minister and french will have a gay president.

    You white trash are fucked up. I hope we develop the nuclear deterant before you sick minded people decide we are " to be freed and become democrapic like you "

  15. Wow- Al Amry !!!! Do you feel better after writing that? You must have your spell checker turned off. Do you mean 'deterrent' or 'detergent'? Either one could fit the meaning. Check out, you can write lots and lots of crappie comments.

    Hey Man- Chill...... Abd

  16. The perfect UD blog.

    Evening cocktail posting, with a touch of wry humour and a local twist,inviting light hearted discussion of a geopolitical issue. We look forward to a pleasant and informative cyber social.
    Local xenophobes invade the comments section of the party with personal insults, Freudian transference and naive arguments demanding ‘all expats go home’.
    The phobic troll is fed a few nibbles of reason which only encourages him to further repetitive rants.
    100 guests observe the boorish aggressor at the party. 5 Oman Taliban Lights hold his jacket and take quick kicks at the host’s dog if they think no one will know who they are. 20 expats sneer at the rudeness of the phobes and have their worst fears confirmed. Most expats and other Omanis are appalled, but titillated and guiltily amused, at the regular display of bad behaviour. Hopefully they realize that the crazy abuser only represents a minority with bad manners. The civilized Omanis feel a slight sense of shame and feel tempted to apologise for the ignoramuses that threaten to convey a false image of their fellow nationals. One, Noseyguy, is glad that he remains anonymous because he does not want any taint by association.
    We all leave the party having learnt a little about the original issue and lots about the less fortunate gatecrashers.Perhaps next time they will read the invitation and disclaimer of their host?
    The gatecrashers gather in a local alleyway to vomit, ‘talk a good fight’ and congratulate themselves on how they showed up those pinko commy expats.

    A good blog is had by all.

  17. So let me get this straight:

    It's ok for gays to have parades??? if yes, then why not also allow people who are into bestiality or zoophilia have a parade as well on public streets with their animals.

    If you start allowing gays to perform whatever the fuck they want sooner or later everyone will jump on with their own parade.

    Now imagine how would your kids react to the "zoophilian" parade??? Am sure the kid will be asking, "is that why we have a dog dad???"

    You people are sick for supporting such stuff.

    Anyways, noticing the increasing no. of supporters for such a parade, I sure need a whole lot more super glue at that entrance.

    Keep 'em coming.

  18. Mr.T, this is way too much information about your private demons – even for a Noseyguy! Your comments are the psychological equivalent of watching a deranged suicide disembowel in public. It is now impossible for you to ever “get it straight” or Golden Retriever your image. Please keep the lid on your personal cesspit of repression. Learn to love yourself.

    What will adults tell their kids if T comments are accidentally left on the screen of the home computer and viewed by the little innocent ones?
    “It’s OK kids, its just a classic example of an Authoritarian Personality in rant mode. When you go out to play don’t practice ethnic cleansing, Jew baiting, book burning, gay bashing, bullying, home invasions, pet invasions etc. Don't let the dog play with sTrangers. Mommy and Daddy have brought you up properly with good values and characters so we know that you will not imitate or become everything that you see in this complex and multi-layered world. Our family pride in nationality, religion, education and reason is too strong to be threatened by seeing a ‘foreigner’ at school or work or by reading the comments of a fool. Be compassionate to poor T who is lonely and lost in a world of hate. If he could get rid of his self loathing his future might be happy. He feels that his only hope is that when we... add the ones hiding in the closets, straight people will be the minority...”

  19. From WOOF
    Mr.T believes that if you are not homophobic you must be gay.
    Mr.T writes about “dog dads” (!?) and kids asking why their father is of this ilk.
    Does this make Mr.T a “dog Dad”?
    Sorry T. I know that Dalmation dogs have cute coats but, to look at, I prefer male gays – at least they often have good dress sense and they only bite your a##e if you volunteer.

  20. UD

    I would like to ask you a question

    Do you welcome other people point of view on your writings on this blog ? From all sorts of people with different backgrounds be it Omanies or any one else?

    Or do you only want supportive and opinions which are same to yours like what your carbon copy Nosegay wants all omanies to do?

  21. Al-Amry:

    Don't waste your breath (as I did), this is the most die hard gay blog out there, if you write anything else, then all attacks come down on you for not supporting gays.

    Well learn this: there will be no parade. You wanna have a gay parade please go as far away from Oman and have whatever parade suits you.

    There are people like me allover the world (the majority) who dislike such parades and can't stand it. You continue promoting such parades while we continue stocking glue.

  22. Carbon Copy Noseyguy writes:

    Al-Amry, perhaps you did not read my latest comment?
    I take some guilty but slight amusement in the parade of different poinTs of view and case study paThology. However, I also admit that I would prefer to be confident that readers understand that personal rudeness towards the (blog) host is not an acceptable part of our culture. Incidentally, I suspect that the views of yourself and oThers are not representative of those held by most fellow Omanis.
    By all means continue to be transparently ridiculous (as you are aware, UD seems to hold this view of your freedom to comment. I don't think this excuses your intrusive and rude style). More important to me, is that those who visit this blog are clear that you and your carbon copies are only heroes to yourselves.
    Maybe a little less about pets and attitudes towards Russian girls might increase the decency level? Or do you only want supportive opinions, lifestyles, religions and nationalities which are same as yours?

  23. Noseygay

    Westerners are welcome as long as they respect local traditions and accept fact that omanies are not some brown westerners who are just in "lag" with western civilization and soon will be - like some British told me- "be like us ".

    We have our culture and religion that go deep in history and don't be confused when we drive new maxima that we are just on our way to become like them.

  24. As much as one cares to deny it there does seem to be many troubling issues writ large in Oman vis-a-vis the outside world, and sadly it would further appear that they can only unfold through blog's like UD's. This is as much the issue as anything else in society in Oman. Folk need to relax and lighten up a bit and welcome everyone. Forever Skewing your xenophobic paranoia will get you nowhere. That route will lead you directly back to the caves. Mr T? Take a careful look around you. You might be surprised what you will see if you could but open your mind.

  25. Noseyguy writes to Al-Amry:
    Of course Westerners are welcome.
    Like Omanis, Westerners come from diverse backgrounds, have diverse personalities and aspirations and are socialized as members of complex, sometimes contradictory cultures. “Westerner” is not a unitary concept. There is even greater variation amongst Westerners than there is amongst Omanis – because individuals who could be assigned to the category Westerner number 100’s of millions with origins in scores of nations.
    Oman has derived great benefit from the import of technology, ideas and labour. I have absolute confidence that our diverse culture is robust enough to assimilate what is useful to finding our own dynamic destiny. I do not accept that our heritage is so weak that we require a hate- filled and paranoid patrolling of the cultural barriers.
    Some Westerners can delude themselves about the vitality of our culture – that is their loss. My family will not forget their heritage because they eat a hamburger, travel or study in ‘the west’, have western friends or tolerate the right to be different. We know who we are and what we value.
    One thing that we value is the exchange of ideas in a friendly and rational fashion so that individuals can agree to disagree while respecting and tolerating different views. Personally I feel strengthened in my faith in all things when I open my eyes and ears to this wonderful world. As individuals and as a Nation we have much to learn and share. We have wise leadership to take us along a pathway that avoids unnecessary conflict.
    You know my opinion of your style of ‘communication’. Cultural ‘purity’ is the last refuge of the inadequate and afraid. You rarely address the issues raised so the discussion is repetitive. Is this lack of understanding or lack of an answer – or both?
    I have found our exchanges mildly interesting but they have only confirmed my prejudice against simple minded rabble rousing. Also it was nostalgic to remember many years ago and my superficial study of Freud that you so perfectly brought back to mind. Our exchange is now ended.
    Please call me noseygay if it makes you comfortable. From my perspective my sexuality is my business so I won’t dignify your playground taunt with a denial. If I was gay I would not defend this to you: if I am heterosexual I will show your “noseygay” to my wife for a laugh. In any case I am sure that a few readers will understand that my remarks have really been addressed to them in the hope that they understand what rare creatures you and your fellows are. I apologise to any such readers for the way in which your sTandards of commentary provoked the snob in me. But get a life.
    This evening I will begin a period of travel for pleasure so you will not be reading any more comments from me.

  26. Noseyguy:

    I have gay friends and I don't mind that they are gay, thats their choice and that's their life. I respect that.

    But i can never support them in running a parade, that's crossing the line i drew to my morals. You might not agree, but that's ok.

    It's not up to me to decide if such a parade will be held or not, but it's my right to state that i hate gay parades. What's wrong with that???

    While on travel, please check some parades for us.

    Safe trrip.

  27. Yeah UD - get your finger out.

    I hear you can even update your blog from the First Class aircraft cabins now ;)


  28. The local establishments are not known for their wi-fi/internet access...

  29. Where is UD?????

    He is in the closet afraid to come out.


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