Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Russian Foreign Minister in Town

I guess you'll read about it tomorrow, but the Russian Foreign Minister,

Sergey Lavrov

is in town today for a couple of days. He'll meet Salim bin Mohammed al Riyami, and if he's sensible maybe score some free fishing and snorkeling.

Sergey is a professional diplomat (which I very much prefer to political apparatchiks). And a heavy smoker. Dude, you gotta love the ... ah fuck it! attitude of the Russians...

David Miliband subjected to 'F-word tirade' from Russian foreign minister Lavrov
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, was allegedly subjected to a tirade of four-letter abuse when he spoke to his Russian counterpart over the country's invasion of Georgia.

The Daily Telegraph can disclose that Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, reacted with fury when Mr Miliband and [sic UD] he spoke on the telephone. Mr Lavrov is said to have objected to being lectured by the British.

It was alleged that such was the repeated use of the "F-word", one insider who has seen the transcript, said it was difficult to draft a readable note of the conversation.

Mr Lavrov said: "Who are you to f------ lecture me?" He also asked Mr Miliband in blunt terms whether he knew anything of Russia's history.

The incident is set to add to pressure on the already strained diplomatic relations between Britain and Russia. [no shit, Sherlock - UD]

Mr Lavrov insisted that he had not sworn at Mr Miliband and accused the Foreign Office of trying to smear his reputation. He said that he was taking the "unusual step" of declassifying and releasing the Russian transcript of the conversation.

Excellent. When a professional diplomat tells you to fuck off, you really should start to look inward a little more I suspect. And lets face it, would you want Mr Miliband defending your corner in the big, bad world? Or Someone called Sergei who smokes and has been doing serious diplomacy all his life?

I'll go with the guy on the right. Perhaps not as a son-in-law, but as Foreign Sec? Yep. I want to go drinking with this guy. (I hate this British system of talented amateurs when it comes to important stuff like Foreign affairs)

Discussions here will undoubtedly NOT involve the F word, and will instead be immensely cordial, and will be focused on the situation in the middle east, Israel & Iran, Oman's interests in Kazakhstan and the wider FSU+ perhaps [like Belarus and Bulgaria], and opportunities for mutual trade, investment and cooperation between the two friendly nations undoubtedly [ref recent visit by uber-connected Mayor of Moscow].

My boys in the Foreign Ministry seem awfully keen to give him the super VIP treatment. Hmmmm? Maybe the Russians really want access to a fantastic warm water port?!!? I'm pretty sure a large investment into a place called Duqm would do wonders for Omani-Ruski relations right now...

Just a suggestion Sergei.


  1. too late. Should have found time this morning... http://en.rian.ru/world/20090217/120189572.html


  2. Duqm? Sounds exciting! Wonder what the US with their assets in oman will have to say with Russian presence in the Khaleej.

  3. Oman is an American subsidiary and hosts the largest US Navy base in the region on the island of Masira. No Russian presence (especially military) will be tolerated until Iran takes over the region.

    Have no illusions about Duqm. Best case scenario - Lavrov is here for the sun and the diving (let's hope the boat doesn't sink). Worst case scenario - he's counting on Omani kindness to give Russia some needed cash.

    "Russia is interested in activating the cooperation with Oman in the spheres of Oil + Gas as well as nuclear energy. "During this period of the financial crisis, close cooperation along the lines of our banking institutions takes on a special meaning". Is that a diplomatic way of saying that he's here for a handout?

  4. Bring your Russian ladies and we will welcome you with open arms :)

    They sure will add to Omans already beautiful nature.

  5. Mr T

    est7ee 3la waghik.

  6. Omani:

    I apologize to you and everyone else for that stupid comment.

    and you are right I should be ashamed of myself, which I'm now :(

  7. 'largest US naval base in the region on Masirah' ?? Where exactly - I've never seen any US ships there. How about Diego Garcia, Bahrain/Qatar?

  8. Boxter

    "Oman is an American subsidiary"? Is it? never heard of that, do yourself a favour and enlighten us, or else your creditability will be fragile.

    'and hosts the largest US Navy base in the region on the island of Masira.' yea yeah, STOP waffling if you don't know what you're talking about. please, do us afavor and spare the crap. Thank you.

    Ooy T, you're fine there mate. can't agree more. extra on the shine, just more joy.


    from one previous topic, somehow miss you too, if you know what i mean. damn. this is awesome.

    and for the Russians, they're 'fucking.. oh come on i said it again' fucking good if again you know what i mean.-ladies: excuse my french, couldn't hold it-. We welcome this as loyal citizens, yeah we do.

    Lavarov, welcome mate, we're watching.


  9. I don't know how some of the commentators here are surprised about the fact that there is a huge ass US navy base in the island of Musairah. For real, you've never heard about that before? It's been there for ages.

  10. Russains & US are competitors and they want to have a control on the warm waters in the area... They should go to Help the Baloch People in Balochistan who are being destroyed by pakistan to serve these two countries. So Why dont they directly contact Baloch Nation and help them for their freedom from Pakistan and control the warm Water and the Sea Gate from there and we in Oman always their friend. cheers... hardrock.

  11. Show me a picture of some US vessels at Masirah and I'll believe that it's 'the largest US navy base in the region'.
    What is on Masirah is USAF prepositioned war reserve materiel (WRM), also found at Seeb and Thumrait, but that doesn't make it a 'huge ass American base'

  12. Sorry last line should have read:

    that doesn't make it a 'huge ass US navy base'


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