Sunday, February 8, 2009

ROP investigation states alleged sex attack at PDO Club did not happen.

News release today forwarded to me by a contact in Petroleum Development Oman [PDO], the big national oil company based in Qurm.

The ROP have formally investigated the report of a sex attack in early November at the PDO fireworks night and concluded it was made-up.

Still to be answered: why the hoax? And by whom?

Serious Incident Allegation at RAH 08-02-2009

Follow up Message on Serious Incident Allegation at RAH on the Night of the Annual Fireworks Display

Further to the note on 11th of November 2008, regarding the above subject, we confirm that the ROP has responded to PDOs request to conduct a formal investigation of the alleged incident at RAH at the fireworks display in November 2008. The investigation confirmed that the incident did not take place and the ROP described the allegation as (baseless) and (false).

While safety and security is primarily the responsibility of each individual, PDO management would like to give all staff and their families the assurance that their safety and security is taken very seriously. Any concerns in this regard should be raised through appropriate channels and will be followed up.

However, when concerns are widely communicated prior to establishing the facts, it can create unnecessary anxiety. In this regard, staffs are reminded of PDOs Business Communication Guidelines and PDOs Disclosure Procedure and are requested to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumours.

Finally, I would like to thank all of those who contributed to the investigation. Their willingness helped the process take its course in an objective and transparent manner.

Mohammed Al-Ghareebi
Corporate Security & ER Manager


  1. Some reasons top of my head

    1. Inter- Expat psychological wars: Scare everyone else out of the place so you can enjoy it yourself.

    2. Delusional white expats fears of local or colored people uprising against them.
    Rape of white women by Black people is classic colonial style fear mongering tactic.

    3. Omanies making use of No 2 and having fun with scaring the chickens out.

    4. Dehumanizing of local people. (See No 2) but for different reason.

    5.Lack of faith and trust between expats and locals in which rumors are easily spread and believed.

    6. A classic case of infinite universe of human stupidity.

    7. Non of above!

  2. The email containing the allegation didn't say that it was a European who was supposed to have been raped. All sorts of rumors went round afterwards, many to do with housemaids and the like.

    And bear in mind that although a properly-conducted ROP investigation concluding the allegations were false is very reassuring, it isn't proof.

  3. I shall not go into much detail here (leaving that for my blog /shameless promotion:)) but to see the cause, we have to see the effect this rumor caused. It allowed the ROP an almost-free hand in the hallowed halls of the PDO area, knocking doors, asking Qs and generally satisfy their "need to know".

    It is a relatively new requirement/idea of ROP to have an arm (or a leg) in areas that are totally under its jurisdiction but are protected by erm, tradition, more than anything else. Either that is a logical followup of the increased population and the problems that go with it, or a new agenda in decreasing the slowly creepingly increasing problems for the RoP, there are definite efforts in this direction.

    On a side note, although I believe the force is better equipped and better than anytime in its past, there is a noticeable lack of patrolling blues'n'whites on the road. Or maybe I just travel the forsaken roads! :)

    On another side note, just came across your blog a few weeks ago. Really nice work. Muscati's was one I was plugged into regularly, but you complement the local blogosphere nicely. Looks like I need to get my head out of my shell more!

    Good job.


  4. Salmonella

    I like the lack of blue and whites on the roads! :)


  5. You blogged on the ROP investigation into the "kidnapping" attempt at the airport before. Did you finish it by saying that never happened either, it was a misunderstanding and if the mother continued to push the subject and distribute her homemade sketches she would be deported.

    Best to keep a low profile and hope it never happens to you while livin' the dream.


  6. If the police did nothing , everyone will shout and scream that they are left unprotected. The police investigates, conspiracy theories are flying.

    What needs to be done to satisfy you people???

    Just love the way Polarid laid it out, simple truth is always a beauty :)

  7. I'm not so much amazed at the story being created - a classic growing-out-of-any-proportion-chinese-whisper type of story based on what was actually (just?) a fairly unpleasant atmosphere on the night.
    What struck me was how many people mindlessly re-distributed the allegation that PDO management was covering up. Says something about trust ...

    But if indeed an incident had happened, with all this attention the victim could safely come forward ... the fact that no-one has come forward is for me the proof that nothing happened - thankfully!

  8. JD,

    From where you are now, shouldn't you 'like' it!!?? :)

    But yeah, atleast I can chat with fiancee while driving! ;)


  9. It did happen, it has happened before and will happen again.

    My wife was almost dragged intio a car. One of my staffs wife was actually dragged off in a car, the Omani were driving a compnay vehicle with logos and all, they got 7 days!

    I know of a Thai air hostess who left a taxi screaming, cut and bruised with torn clothing but the ROP said there was little evidence! She, like others have left never to return. It is not safe for women to walk alone here - FACT.

  10. Devils Advocat: how safe is it where you come from???

    Highly doubt it's much safer unless you come from Gay land.

    Stop bashing the locals as if you have come down to us from heaven. Google the horror stories of your own country and then go around bashing here and there.

    We all know every country has its share of crimes, its not just happening here. Give a solution or an advice of how to tackle a problem rather than adding to the problem itself by giving us stories.


  11. Hmmm. The not knowing is unfortunately the problem.

    Yes Mr T,
    it happens everywhere I guess. But in those other places people know about it, investigate it, and do things about it.

    Your attitude is 'lowest common denominator' .... oh, its OK that its crap here because its really really crap there... etc.

    No wonder people are accusing my blog of being low brow.

    This whole defensive and paranoid response - here and on other comments - is typical of the strange hypersensitivity to criticism commonly found here.

    Yes, Oman is a proud nation.

    Yes, you have your own sovereignty.

    Yes, its your country and as a nation, somehow, you can set the rules.

    That doesn't mean every criticism is a violent attack on all that, you moron. Stop, think a bit more. And stop dragging it down into the gutter.

    And, while you're at it, stop coming across like the architypical Liverpudlian.

    And the rest of you, stop encouraging him/them.

    I don't find this approach useful. More on this.

  12. Humans are always open to constructive criticism, but what some of your "friends" write here is just annoying and points in one direction.

    I'll be the first to admit that Oman has its own share of problems (social, financial and political), but please state a problem and give us suggestions and possible solutions instead of just adding more examples and stories to prove your point.

    Why didn't you comment on what Devil Advocat wrote??? What's his point mentioning such stories??? That stuff like this does happen in Oman??? Yes it does, what's new??

    If you want me to " stop dragging it down into the gutter ", I will, just to see how much better your arguments will get.

    By the way I noticed that all are "hypersensitive to criticism" when it comes down to their country, race or any other sensitive issue (Gay issues in your case)

    Next time you wanna argue something in a constructive manner, please do so with facts and solutions to a problem so we can comment in the same manner. Stop with this stuff of my sources and friends informed me!!! give us facts and suggest something that we can use in dealing with the problem and see how our replies will change.

    Till then have fun being Undercover of whatever you are.

  13. Mr T,

    You devaue everything you say when you revert to insults. Ecery country has its problems and in my country, the UK it has plenty. However, we do report it and when causght a fitting puishment is placed. Nothing is reported inthis police state and we only have to find out through rumour and blogs like this. Are you proud of that? Are you defending that? Ostrich mentatlity!

  14. Well said Mr. Dragon.

    Talking of selective media coverage and denial...we can't even publish that Oman has the highest accident rate in the Arabic world (and there's not much worse than the Arabic world. It was pulished on the front page of a Libyan newspaper...because they were second worse. Now if the Libyans can admit they have a problem why can't Oman?

    PS Dragon, if you want a copy of the publication let me know how best to get to you.

  15. Mr T = FACTS?
    Fact is Oman has one of the worst accident rates in the world and FACT is Oman goes into denial over it. FACT is the system for learning to drive and being examined is corrupt and therefore making money out of people, mostly Omanis dying!

    Whatever the subject is we should be able to discuss, debate and even argue a conclusion. The point you are missing is the press hit their keyboards with handcuffs on!

  16. I promised in my reply to UD that i won't be insulting others in the process of defending my point (but got to say i was so tempted in your case).

    I read in so many articles about this issue from ROP encouraging people to drive safely and publishing death and accident rates & statistics. Yes they might not have mentioned we have been crowned champions by the Libyan newspaper.

    By the way just to correct you, Kuwait has the highest accident rate in the world (google it), I don't understand how Oman came in first.

    Still I don't understand how your stories with the Lybian report have to do with anything related to the topic

  17. Devils Advocat:

    Since you keep running in circles I'll be the one to tackle the problem.

    * ROP should become more strict with offenders
    * Legal system has to be more flexible in passing on punishments
    * More awareness seminars to be directed toward public
    * Improve on the process of obtaining driving licenses.
    * Make fines more than just a money
    earner, people should get their licenses suspended for repeated offenses.

    I hope that's more useful than just arguing with you for the sake of arguing.

  18. Mr T being more strict isn't the point. It's being more fair! There is no syllabus or recognised marking system. The test is 'strict' but a very low standard. Whereas in the UK it is not carried out in a strict or formal manner but a very high standrd!!!! Those who pass and have accidents (obver 90% Omani by the way) should never have passed in the first place. Some of the worst drivers I've seen ar Driving Instructors and ROP.

  19. Mr T being more strict isn't the point. It's being more fair! There is no syllabus or recognised marking system. The test is 'strict' but a very low standard. Whereas in the UK it is not carried out in a strict or formal manner but a very high standrd!!!! Those who pass and have accidents (obver 90% Omani by the way) should never have passed in the first place. Some of the worst drivers I've seen ar Driving Instructors and ROP.

  20. Mr T being more strict isn't the point. It's being more fair! There is no syllabus or recognised marking system. The test is 'strict' but a very low standard. Whereas in the UK it is not carried out in a strict or formal manner but a very high standrd!!!! Those who pass and have accidents (obver 90% Omani by the way) should never have passed in the first place. Some of the worst drivers I've seen ar Driving Instructors and ROP.

  21. Funny thing about the ROP and my experience is limited here but there is, I am aware of unfortunatley , a number of pedofiles from the UK operating in Oman and they are recent arrivals. Given this activity I am sure the ROP would cover any sex attacjks as I am aware they are probabley monitoring these sex offenders too.

  22. Yes, Paedos are evrywhere and some in prominent and repected positions. Getting them out? MMmmmm well I doubt it. Didn't Mohammed marry Aisha when she was 6 and consumate the marriage when she was 9?!

  23. Please help me understand in what sense do you feel that it's strict, but low standard. What is low standard about it? The process, the ROP, the instructors?? I'm not saying I disagree with you at all.

    Please keep in mind that very high standard usually translate to very high expenses which most Omanis and expatriates can't afford.

    On the subject some of the worst drivers are foreign soccer moms in MQ, driving SUV.

    It's always good to know that I'm not part of the 90% Omanis with an accident record. I guess i can call myself a "chosen" one.

  24. Come on Devils advocat if you are facing a "B.G.S" case don't take it out on other people religion ;)

  25. I could go into great depth and detail here but this post has already gone for a wander.

    There is no format or structure to the ROP test. There is no structure or syllabus to the training! There are no recognised qualifications for thetrainers or indeed the Examniner and the training and testing is not accredited.

    Ask yourself why the Araboc world and in particular, Oman has a consistently high accident rate and such poor training and testing.
    Any exam you take must be bsaed upon the training you've had, evidently, it is not.

    The standards need to rise but the term 'strict' has no part!

  26. Totally agree with you, I believe if the standard is raised we will have far less accidents and driving down Oman roads will be less stressful.

    I have to wonder though, are you at work?? I mean aren't you supposed to be working at this hour??? just curious
    Thanks for the input

  27. Yes I'm at work. My friend I have tried to bring advanced qualifications in Driver Training as well as NVQ's in driver education to Oman. I have been prevented from doing so!!!! Oman is a leading Arabic country, It's people are the most educated of all Arabic countries, indeed this country was build on education and will progress because of it. Sadly, that does not spread to driver education. Even PDO, who recorded theirt highest ever accident rate in their history are cluelss. Never in the history of PDO have they empoloyed a driver training or road safety expert - only HSE people who have less than a rough idea of the subject.

  28. Please be patient and remember that Oman and its people still have some way to go. I believe Oman has a far more civil society than the other countries in the area, but change is rather slow in certain areas of the society.

    I really hope and wish that Oman will continue its progress forward.

    If some of us sound very defensive it's just out of love not ignorance.


  29. I agree with all of what you say however with regards to Road Safety..."there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see"!

  30. If this doesn't get the message over nothing just keeps getting WORSE every year!

  31. 'Your attitude is 'lowest common denominator' .... oh, its OK that its crap here because its really really crap there... etc.'

    @ UD: Thanks for the term 'Lowest Common Denominator' to describe that kind of attitude. I see a lot of that attitude where I live and have always wanted a concise way to describe it.

  32. Try going to Morocco and see how long you last on the streets there. You don't know what unsafe is until you've been to Morocco.

  33. Nancy, comparing with another country doesn't make it less of a crime! I'm presently in Papua New Guinea where an ex-pat woman (American) was dragged from her car and gang raped on the side of a highway as cars drove by! Police? We only see them went they stop vehicles and want money!

    A crime is a crime but Oman has been living in denial by not allowing the publication of crimes. Some say it's getting worse, others would argue that it's the same it's just that Muscat Daily and others are now daring to print the truth!


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