Saturday, May 14, 2011

123Orion May charity gig huge success (as usual!). Government patience snaps in Dhofar, everybody arrested

As the powers that be open up a giant can of military-backed wuppass on the peaceful demonstrators in Salalah, using a huge force of army troops + ROP & ISS + teargas, and switching off south Oman's entire mobile phone network and internet for 2 hours while doing so, it's good to know good folks have been keeping it real in Muscat.

123Orion's sell out charity gig in Muscat on May 5th raised 360 rials [US$900] for the Japanese Earthquake victims.

Photo" 123Orion rock the house for earthquake victims.

Well done JON G. Wish I could have been there.

Meanwhile in Salalah, things are going to get worse I suspect. Hopefully no-where near neighbouring Yemeni levels, but Dhofaris are not the sort to take being forced to shut up lying down. Keep checking Dhofari Gucci for latest news folks.

Sitting around in a roundabout calling for investigations into Ministerial corruption is, of course, extremely illegal in Oman.

Someone's patience has clearly expired.

As posted in a comment on Muscat Mutterings, the Oman News Agency explained the situation quite clearly, here repeated in the Oman Observer (The Government owned newspaper):

Provocateurs held
Fri, 13 May 2011
MUSCAT — An official security source said security and military authorities yesterday arrested a number of provocateurs in Muscat Governorate and Wilayat of Salalah.
The source said deliberate inciting of rioting and public disorder by the detainees has reached a level that necessitated intervention to prevent them from continuing to break the law and stop their attempts to incite sedition, which has nothing to do with the public interest.

The source said security authorities commends citizens and those who co-operated for they know the real intentions of those persons who committed the unacceptable and who have no justification to continue gatherings and sit-ins. The authorities affirmed they will not hesitate to apply the law and protect the security of citizens and the nation.

Quite right. Sit-ins are very provocative.


  1. UD here is an interesting link.
    UAE is raising a foreign army to take care of any rebellion and that too by the same blackwater guys of Iraq.!!!! It seems they are watching hollywoods flicks like terminator.

    There is also news that the airbase in Pakistan from where drones are operating is owned and operated by UAE.

  2. Its mine, d'ya hear. All mine.

    Nuffing changes eh?

    The African Queen

  3. By the way dear Mrs and Mr. Dragon where are you? You can't disclose ur identity...hmmm Ok But y nt the place where u reside nw.... bcoz if u tell the name of place u won't be caught and u can hide and make sure tht nobody knows hwtever is being said is by u.y r u so frightened/ So many humans inhabit earth... (I am sure u r not on Moon or Mars).


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