Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mass murderer finally gets what he richly deserved

Quick one: Mass murderer Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi man who had done more than anyone in recent history to degrade the reputation of Islam, finally reaped a bit of what he sowed last night when American special forces raided his compound near Islamabad and shot him. He had killed innocent civilians across the globe.



  1. I hate conspiracy theoristsMay 3, 2011 at 8:56 AM

    Advisor: "President Obama, our allies in Europe are freakin' out, oh and so too are the Brit, Aussie, Canadian and NZ folks for the ridiculous surge in oil prices. Libya is a disaster, and now, finally, after sending in our snipers to trigger off Syrian unrest, we really need to mobilise our forces and pull much needed troops out of Afghanistan."

    Obama: "Hmm, well the birth cert ploy worked, so we're sort of on a roll. Let's try a hat trick before re-elections. I'll get Bin Laden - although he's already dead, and his Al Qaeda network - although that doesn't really exist outside of our CIA informants that are posing as the trouble makers... and heck, we'll go into Syria and Libya in the time honoured tradition of Yankee *effing* Doodle Dandy!"

    Advisor: "Yeah, and if they ask for proof, we'll all of a sudden honour Islamic burial rites and claim we've dumped him in the sea! Even though we've basically abused every right, be it Islamic or basic human in form, with all the shit we've done in Guantanamo over the last few years. We'll get our special military division to handle it... you know the one we now call 'the media'.

    Obama: "Justice or just us?"

  2. May Allah make his tomb as agreenland as paradise.

  3. As has the American and British Imperialist war machine!Although he was a truly evil man I personally believe he should have been captured and given a fair trial as is a basic human right. Once again western hypocrisy comes to the fore. Al

  4. I agree with you Al and I'm from the UK.

    It would have been difficult to arrange a fair trial but it should have been attempted. However, I can believe that he would never have allowed himself to be taken alive.

    I would also have landed his body in KSA (with or without permission) and let the Saudi's arrange burial.

    Finally, I would have ensured that the media and the country leaders expressed regret that it had ended the way it did and I would have stopped all these inappropriate celebrations.

    I would not have been difficult to take the high road but sadly they didn't.

    Obama will just be happy to get the increase in ratings.

  5. Why was his body was not displayed to media like that of Saddam? Why the sudden burial in sea? Is this another cover up for withdrawing forces from Afghanistan or to boost image of Obama? When many people still doubt whether 9/11 was inside job, this one also will never be beyond doubt.

  6. Basic human right ? Like the innocents who had their heads cutoff live on the internet then had their corpses dumped in the desert ? Oh yeah , hypocrisy alright .Pot , kettle , black...

  7. Saddened and other Bleeding Hearts. I would like to make two points. 1) When the World Trade Towers were destroyed at OBL orders, thousands of people died and there was nothing left to bury of many of them. 2) OBL had declared 'WAR' on the USA. The results of war is death. Lesson- mess with the US, they will track you down, kill you, and feed you to the fishes.

  8. If only the British still had an Imperialist war machine!

    However, I too firmly believe in the rule of law and maintaining the high ground in counter insurgency warfare.

    That said, the Yanks have always had a policy of rough justice. When the white hat catches the black hat - he whacks him!

    ps. Just seen a classic on FB:

    Even though we both speak the same language, it's amazing how there are some subtle differences between American-English and proper English:

    They say "sidewalk" we say "pavement"

    They say "pants" we say "trousers"
    They say "buried at sea" we say "naked and chained to a metal bed frame with a car battery connected to his bollocks whilst being beaten for answers"


  9. Give me a break ! He became "mass murderer" and wanted man number one only when Americans and Europeans were killed. George W Bush instigated the death of much more innocent people. The Israeli thugs are killing Palestinians on a daily basis. Bashar Assad is killing innocent people too, so is Gaddafi. He may have degraded the reputation of Islam, but there are many in this world today who are more murderous than him.

  10. This is not about law it's about war and the rules of war are not obeyed by terrorists! The right thing was done, taking him out and feeding him to the sharks. Gadaffi is next.

    By the way; the term 'sidewalk' originated in Bath, England where the ladies wore long frilly dresses and walked on raised boards called sidewalks. They were copied in the states as wooden platforms so the ladies wouldn't get their dresses dirty. Pavements came in when bitumen took over!

  11. Abdullah

    I am not a bleeding heart but the response to terrorists is not to take the road they have taken but to show that there is a higher, legal method of doing things. That's what America has forgotten.

  12. Isn't it ironic that Arab/Muslims on here have plenty to say and voice their opinions....something no Arabic country allows!

    Seems the Western freedom of speech is contagious as is democracy!

  13. In some other msg board I responded to the news of the killing of this mass murderer in ONE single word "HALLELUJA".
    A bullet is a mercy to him. What I would have done had I found him first is tie his hand and feet and put him in huge pot with boiling oil alive. That is the punishment he deserved. Anyway may his soul fry in hell forever!


  14. Said - you give US a break please .Check your facts . You will find that Bill Clinton tried to take OBL out after he had mass-murdered hundreds of Kenyans and Tanzanians , or don't they count in your memory bank ?

  15. "Seems the Western freedom of speech is contagious as is democracy!"


    What a load of bollocks. The only thing contagious is the "give me more money" attitude. Democracy?

    @Devil's Advocat, rules of war? There is a rule for killing people - by shooting them in the face when they are unarmed?

    You are a bloody moron.

  16. Good riddance, the world is now a bit safer.

  17. Saddened- You speak of taking the higher, more legal path and that Americans have forgotten this way. Oman is now my home and Islam is my religion, but I would match the morals of average Americans to the morals of average Middle Easterners anytime. And I think on the whole, Americans are more moral.

  18. LOL @ "Western" Freedom. Pathetic, that's all.

  19. Safari- Clinton was responding to threats to American interests. He was definitely not rushing to protect the Kenyans and Tanzanians. The targets were the American Embassies, remember. Grow up..open your eyes, man.

  20. Its strange to know that there are many people in the region that still believe in Usama bin Ladin. Usama's mass murder of the innocents will surely put himself to hell. No right-thinking Islam Arab would ever do such horrible thing. He is pure fanatics and he puts his religion to shame.

  21. World is not safer just because OBL is no longer there. Many OBL's are not even Muslims. The violent ones are totally heartless, the super imperialist, suck and continue to suck blood of their victims in all form of scientific manner, Austerity Measures, Food Shortage, Diseases, Wars, Economic Disasters, Pollution, Human Degradation, Human Trafficking, and the list goes on and on of abuse and mis-use. No, the world is certainly not safe.


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