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Thank you to followers of Muscat Confidential... and a repost of Muscat Mutterings Rock Bottom assault

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But, time for a very quick repost of Muscat Mutterings report on the violent assault upon a patron by the infamous steroid-muscle-building-mullet-squad that are the 'bouncers' at Rock Bottom, night club of the down-market Ramee Guest Hotel in Qurm. It seems being charged a special cover fee for being Indian-looking is company policy there. And if you get uppity, you get a free GBH!

Photo (file): It's hard to beat Jet Driver's classic snap of the type that bounce at Rock Bottom.

Muscat Mutterings: Rock Bottom's Racism and Violence continues.

There were 4 bouncers wearing white shirts in the entrance area to the club, 2 chased after the man, the other two went into the club and presumably called in reinforcements.

Outside, the first of the two bouncers ran up behind the man, who was now walking away, and with absolutely no verbal warnings just smashed his fist into the back of the man's head, dropping him to the floor. More white-shirted bouncers appeared onto the scene, a total of around 15, and proceeded to kick and punch the man who was now on the floor. A white companion of the victim on the floor attempted to pull people off his friend and pull the man up from the ground. This man took a reported 8 punches to his face from the bouncers, and did not throw one single punch in his own defence - purely only looking to save his friend on the ground from a very serious mauling. Thats some dedication right there I'd say.

There were many witnesses, including the Manager of the hotel, a certain "Ms Mimi", who then threatened the white man that the ROP were coming to the scene, and that she had video evidence of assault on her staff. 15 men kicking the living sh** out of one customer victim (of racism) on the floor apparently constitutes assault of her staff.

Now, this may sound like a drunken story of a typical night gone wrong involving bouncers. Except this is an all too common occurrence that happens at the Rock Bottoms club here in Muscat, and these bouncers appear to think that they can get away with stuff like this. And evidentially, they are getting away with this outrageous behaviour.

If you are going out this weekend, consider visiting another bar. Why take the risk of being abused like this, why give an establishment that allows it's staff to act this way your patronage? There are other options out there. Have you experienced problems with the staff at Rock Bottoms? Let us all know below.

So please go post your opinions on Rock Bottom at Mr Sythe's blog.

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  1. This is very disturbing. I've seen people being "bounced" out of clubs, but it all ends at the door.

  2. The yob (bouncer) looks 'dead ard ,dun he ? What a mess,only his mother could love that. What a waste of space. Go and get a real job in the real world mush and stop pretending you are God's gift and something important and that goes for all the hooligans sorry, bouncers at this seedy club.

    Can you imagine when asked "wot do you do in the ME ?"
    Answer- (deep voice before coughing) "I kick peoples heads in for a living, "

    Get rid of that look,necklace,haircut,hard earned tan ,pose,attitude. and get on a plane and go home to the council house you came from.

  3. anon,

    err, the bouncers are Omani. Not from UK!

  4. Now there's a curious thing -


    The founder IS Indian and is somebody who "cares"...

    "Raj Shetty is a down to earth human who welcomes every one with open arms and shares his experience and success with his team, fellows and his guests. He dares and he wins….He cares for his organisation and his people to grow together as The Ramee Family…The Ramee World."

    Perhaps he needs to be told?

    1. The Ramee Group is alias-owned by Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood is an international gangster of Indian origin. He has multiple business interests in the entire Gulf region.

  5. congrats on tht, we all apprecaite ur efforts.
    keep up the good work!

    May I request u to plz publish our comments related to Dhofar Power Company's indian management at whose hands we have been suffering for the last 5 years plz.

    We believe that HM is being regularly updated of our comments and opinions and grievienaces, so please publish the comments wihtout censoring.

    Thank u

  6. Are these steroid boys? My advice would be for bloggers and newspapers to push for a boycott and for injured patrons to pursue a case in the courts.

    Otherwise, lots of bad publicity until the ROP do something.

  7. I had an Italian friend who had his first visit to Oman and wanted to go clubbing. I regret until today our choice was RockBottom. It all started with bar attenders. As soon as you order a few extra drinks then they rip you off those little thiefs. We informed the so called "Ms Mimi" and she backed them up and we never received the rest of our money as they always get away because you are drunk and they are sober. Next, was those bouncers who simply kicked us out and the drama started ending up with a ridiculous nite !!
    I used to hear that they rip you off when you start drinking there taking advantage of their customers as the chance appears and then it simply happened to me. I would never ever advice a friend to lower him or her self to that bad reputed club surrounded by pimps and all that shitty business. There is something about that place which I am not able to figure out.

  8. Oops, sorry wrong nationality!
    Forget the council house then call it hut.

  9. As I commented on the 'other' blog which seems to mimic this blog...anyway..it is NOT racism. All things in Oman are race based. Salary, housing, taxi prices, being overcharged for drinks in bars or charged for drinks your group didn't order...if you are WESTERN. Westerners suffer the most in the Gulf from racial discrimination. Being ripped off at every chance by Indians and others alike. I have yet to hear an Asian support the rights of Westerners to not have to pay 7 OMR to go from Shatti Al Qurm to the Rock Bottom. If you are Indian or Asian you pay about 100 to 300 baisa at the very most. Western 7000 omr at very least.

    Rent, Whitey pays more. Rental cars, Whitey pays more. Having to put up with harassement and bad drivers...... there is nothing wrong with having a balance at clubs in Muscat.

    The Rock Bottom Cafe was the only club that tried to balance the women (few and far between as they are) to men ratio. And to not have ALL LOCALS AND ASIANS and two Western women in the joint. The have been setting standards to attract Western clients. Cuz we spend more money and that is a fact.

    I have seen many many Westerns paying the cover fee. I have seen many many Indians walk into ZOUK for FREE, while my friends were asked some insane cover charge that only a GREAT Club in New York City would dare ask. But Zouk, hahaha...we popped in our heads and saw only Indian men. Well, it's not racism, but we are just not interested in being in a club so unbalanced. Zouk is off our list, as they have very unfair practices.

    Back to the issue. The bouncers were unprofessional as was the customer. I suspect this case could go to court, but if the bouncers are Omani locales we all know you have no chance. Better to forget it and to learn that you are in a non democratic country and violence is not acceptable.

    Locals can get away with horrible things. We all know this. So live with that knowledge.

    Back to the real issue. Race, when do ASIANS speak up for Westerners who are mistreated at work, lied to (everyday), cheated (everyday), and stalked, stared at, and leered at by .....everyone who isn't Western.

    Never Asians have no interest in seeing Westerners not being ripped off. In fact you may have found a new Asian girlfriend, insert her name here ______________, she needs a passport from anyone Western, no matter how matter, she will 'love you' from your first day. As long as you pay for everything, and her family, and her holidays, and ya, she needs your passport. And when you leave, the next Westerner who walks through the bar door will have her digits within the hour, and she will cling to his side so that another Asian girl won't move in for the 'kill'.

    Fair ? ! Honest? Racism is rare? lol. The entire Gulf is based on race relations and usually being Western, means your presence makes everyone rich. Your presence at their parties gives them 'status', your 'friendship' validates their self worth.

    Race ....it will always be there....but cry me a river about the Rock Bottom. Clubs have every right to be selective about their client list to atract the kind of customers they would like to have and be known for.

    The Rock Bottom is known as a decent place that attracts Westerns who have money. All clubs in EVERY country around the world select who can get in and who can't, i mean NIGHT CLUBS. This is true in London, NYC, BOMBAY etc.... they want a certain prestige...and with that comes selectivity and BALANCE.

    IN the Gulf there are not that many Westerners and women to be specific
    So they are just trying to ensure it is balanced so people can be relaxed and enjoy themselves.

    Personally I would like to see the balance even tighter...

    I support the ROCKBOTTOM and it's right to choose who to let in and whom to not allow in. If you want ..go to Ruwi...that's always free.

  10. Hi.. Please give me the details of the person looking after the advertising part at Muscat Confidential. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers


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