Sunday, June 20, 2010

Absentee Landlord? News, gossip and a translated Supreme Court Injunction.

Dearest readers. I can be a LAZY dragon sometimes. Although apparently I was in Spain...

There was just no decent news, and it was HOT, and... Nawras have decided to block all encrypted VPNs for some reason, so I had to go back to hated OmanHel. This is the life.

I was also busy at work, earning treasure for my lords and masters at the Ministry. They fortunately took my advice about avoiding the British Petroleum call option, at least for the moment, and saved a few squillion as BP's share price subsequently proceeded to continue to plummet harder than an oil drenched pelican. This is how one earns a crust, dear friends. (But, if you're interested, next week may be a good time to strike, if you're rich, diversified and of a speculative mood.)

So, what's been happening here in Oman?

Well, the Abu Dhabi royal family sorted out their ownership of Blue City's most influential bonds, and celebrated with a mini-PR campaign celebrating the news in Abu Dhabi royal family controlled newspaper The National. Naturally.
All great news for Oman, obviously, and the press flurry included a delightful puff piece by normally quite solid reporter Bradley Hope on the tribulations of poor CEO Richard Russel and how it was all doomed before he even started. Wonderful.

More to come next week on Blue City, as there is lots of stuff settling down behind the scenes on-going, what with Bahraini co-initiators of the project AAJH now backed by also rather flush Qatar, Blue City forced to post loads of interesting documents and letters by the insurers of Anees' vast debt, and AAJH securing an injunction from the Omani Supreme Court while the lawyers do battle again as to who owns the almost bankrupt development holding company...

Supreme Court ---- Judicial decision
Issued at the session on Wednesday, 21st, June, 2010.

From the Supreme Court (Trading Department)

Formed of vice-chairman of the court, attorney Khalifa bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al Hadhramy, the membership of lawyers;

D. Muhammad Salih Muhammad Sayid Ahmad
Ahmad bin Ayashy Al Jandoobi
Muhammad Jamal Al Deen Sulaiman
Kamal Amin Abd Al Nabi
And Secretary Thabit bin Said Al Humaidi

(Firstly) to look into the request for a stay of the ruling presented in the appeal No. 90/2010 in Verdict No. 349/2008 by appellants:

Oriental and African Strategic Investment Services, Ltd
OASIS Middle East Holding Company, Ltd
Represented by attorney Mona Tahir Ahmad Amer from Qays Al Qasimy and Mona Amer Lawyers and Legal Consultancy Office.

Appealed against:

Al-Zawbaa Company (LLC) represented by Yassir Al Salami and his Associates Lawyers and Legal Consultancy office.

(Secondly) to look into the request for a stay of the ruling presented in the appeal No. 95/2010 in Verdict No. 349/2008 by appellant:
Al-Zawbaa Company (LLC) represented by attorney Yassir bin Obaid bin Mosa Al Salami from Yassir Al Salami and his Associates Lawyers and Legal Consultancy Office.

Appealed againt:
Oriental and African Strategic Investment Services, Ltd
OASIS Middle East Holding Company, Ltd
AAJ Holdings Company represented by Qays Al Qasimy and Mona Amer Lawyers and Legal Consultancy Office.

(Thirdly) to look into the request for a stay of the ruling presented in the appeal No. 98/2010 in Verdict No. 349/2008 by appellant:
AAJ Holdings Company represented by attorney Ez Al Deen Muhammad Othman Al Sharif from Salim Al Suneidy and Ali Al Kasby and Associates Lawyers and Legal Consultancy Office.

After review of appeal papers, it is discerned that the grounds on which the request for a stay of the ruling is based are serious. Thereby, it is difficult to remedy the grave danger in case the ruling is performed prior to the decision subject to the appeal. Consequently, a temporary stay of the ruling will be granted, in accordance with Article (245) in the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedure, by all appellants except Oriental and African Strategic Investment Services, Ltd for its appeal is not accepted due to removing it without a capacity (according to the document by the notary public in the UK which confirms that Mr. John Willoughby Giles Catchpole is the director of Oriental and African Strategic Investment Services, Ltd, which is different from the appellant, as well as that the power of attorney of the company’s attorney is not signed by Mr. John Willoughby Giles Catchpole. The signature attributed to Mr. John Willoughby is set in a paper independent of the power of attorney, which lessens the validity of it.

For the reasons aforementioned:
The court ordered to suspend the ruling of the impugned decision for appellants Al-Zawbaa Company in appeal No. (95/2010) and AAJ Holdings in appeal No. (98/2010), as well as appellant OASIS Middle East Holding Company, Ltd in only appeal No. (90/2010), pending a decision on appeal and the legal proceedings.
Rejected the request for a stay of the ruling presented by appellant Oriental and African Strategic Investment Services, Ltd. The request expenses are imposed on the appellant.

So a hint of promise for AAJH. Their new lawyer (Saddam Hussein's ex-defense brief) will now at least get a chance to enhance his reputation.


HM has been on a visit to Kuwait.

Photo: HM meets the Emir of Kuwait. The party scene at the Emir's pad near Ras Madrakka is probably not HM's sort-a gig... (ripped form the Observer)

It would probably have been easier for him to meet the Emir of Kuwait while he was on one of his very regular (every few weeks or so) private visits to his shag tranquil palace in the south of Oman coast. It seems the tedious constraints of life in Kuwait are not applied in Oman, so cue boats, broads and booze mango juice in his personal paparazzi-free party pad. He flies straight down in his private jet to lands at PDO's nice new airport in Marmul, apparently.

Who can blame him?

In oil and Gas news, yet another new operator decided to quit Oman, with Aussie battlers Oilex deciding to exit Block 56 in south Oman, claiming bigger fish to fry. Sad. They have such cute accents.

The story on BG's exit (broken here) eventually made the mainstream media too.

HE Jashmi, Undersec at the MOG, was quoted in Reuters today that, surprise surprise, 100% Omani Government owned and EP Operator wannabe Oman Oil was "in discussions with the MOG" on taking over the block where BG has proven has lots of (expensive, hard to produce) gas.

As the Deputy Chairman of Oman Oil Co is also, as it happens, the Minister of Oil and Gas, HE Dr. Rumhy, that must have been a rather schizophrenic discussion... LOL. Like I said, expect a deal involving using the gas to develop some heavy oil elsewhere soon... You heard it here first folks.

Is Israel about to hit Iran? There are reliable reports they have secured a Saudi air corridor. There does seem to be a concerning flurry of diplomacy readers.

I do hope not... But then one can hardly predict the Israelis... Advice: Avoid Thumrait and Masirah, and secured high bits of Mussandam, for the next few weeks.

Just a thought!


  1. nawras logic: why does anyone need encrypted vpns unless they have something to hide. yeah, attractive pitch to the multinationals looking to have business here.

    i've seen the kuwaiti getaway spot. it's nice. i'd have one too :)

    md wrote about saudis denying reports of the flight corridor for israeli bombers. maybe part of the "we'll look the other way" promise that has been talked about.

    if strikes will take place then perhaps as a retaliation for the act of war brought by the iranian red crescent ship sailing to gaza?

  2. All this action in one post! regarding VPN's the internet always finds away :-D oh and best of luck to the Spaniards in the world cup!

  3. Sorry don't buy that stuff about kuwaiti emir. If it was true, we could see it on google maps etc. Its just speculation as usual about people of importance.

  4. Quis custodiet custodes ipsos?
    (Who watches the watchers?)

  5. @Anonymous1 - The Kuwaiti Emir's palace can easily be seen on the coastline nearest to Marmul - look on, it is even identified as his palace (written in Arabic).

  6. Here they come...

    11 US Warships Cross Suez Canal Into Red Sea

    Joe Weisenthal | Jun. 20, 2010, 8:16 AM

    It's not clear what exactly the situation is, but there appears to be US strategic activity in the Middle East this weekend.
    According to reports, 11 US warships used the Suez Canal to move into the Red Sea.

    According to the report, traffic in the canal was halted for several hours in order to allow US Navy vessels, which included an aircraft carrier and carried infantry troops, armored vehicles and ammunition, to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

    It was further reported that eyewitnesses detected an Israeli warship among the vessels. No confirmation has been received from Egyptian authorities.

    Willie D.

  7. Willie, you missed the last paragraph of the article;
    "Retired Egyptian General Amin Radi, chairman of the national security affairs committee, told the paper that "the decision to declare war on Iran is not easy, and Israel, due to its wild nature, may start a war just to remain the sole nuclear power in the region. "


  8. The US ships are there as the usual showmanship. Any excuse to show the world what they "have", but primarily to have a good old snoop at what is going on, particularly should the nuke rockets start to fly!

    Israel will not run a joint military strike on Iran with the US.
    It is not in Israel's interest to do so and it is CERTAINLY not going to do any favors for the average American citizen minding their own business at home.

    Israel are more than capable of solving the Iranian strike by themselves.
    That's the way they've always done it.
    And rest assured - apart from some sabre-rattling and letters of condemnation - no GCC or close border country is going to lift a finger in retaliation.

    Seriously - even if they all bandied together and made an Arab League Army - we all know they couldn't organize themselves out of a paper bag, and by the time they all realised that they were at war, Israel would already by putting its flag up in the town squares.


  9. InshaAllah not. Israel & Iran = bloody awful mess.

  10. Yes the Emir's palace is on the coast (as you would expect) near Fararah.


  11. JD, I thought the "Greater Iran" was just a myth to cover up the energy demands of the West... but the 2 page article "Saudis: Green Light for Israeli Attack on Iran" gives the real politics in the area..


  12. On a lighthearted, unrelated note, is the Undercover Dragon a football fan? If so, any news on why the Intercon's World Cup village still isn't allowed to serve booze?

  13. Dahda, dahda, dahda,, dahda,, dahda, da...

    Report: IAF planes spotted over Saudi Arabia
    06/23/2010 15:57

    Israel Air Force aircraft have been spotted in recent days at a Saudi Arabian military base unloading military equipment in the city of Tabuk, in northwestern Saudi Arabia, according to a report from Iranian news agency FARS.

    The base will reportedly be used as a forward operating base by the Israelis as part of an offensive on an Islamic country.

    Willie D.

  14. Jet driver,

    Thank you for your strategic analysis of ME situation. You are the best, keep it coming. We all benefit when highly educated and analytical indivisual like yourself explains stuff. I get shagged from behind for pleasure if thats helps.

    Arab Gay.

  15. Re: Report: IAF planes spotted over Saudi Arabia

    This is just releasing old news. Israeli AF have been in UAE, not KSA. They were involved in training UAE armed forces, but stopped after Mabhouh saga. Iran is slowly releasing old news.

  16. Arab Gay

    I don't think you getting shagged up the arse is going to have much of an effect on the ME situation in general and it certainly is no help to me.

    My ANALysis of the situation in general is just that.... mine.

    You don't have to agree with it. But one thing is for sure....if this all kicks off over in Iran - loads of people are going to be f*cked in a variety of ways!


  17. I need a VPN that works with Nawras, not that i need to look at anything dodgy but i would like to get my Skype working as it costs a fotune to call canada, plus with skype my parents can see our kids. JonDoe works for unblocking websites but not with VOIP. Go trusted works with omantel, does anyone know of a VPN that works with Nawras mobile broadband.


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