Friday, June 4, 2010

Here it comes. Cyclone Thet heading north over Sur, Heavy rain in Muscat. May beat Gonu for total rainfall...

Joint Typhoon Warning Center update from 12pm Muscat time Friday.

Well readers. The latest news is as expected - Cyclone Phet has continued to go north, and right now (about 1pm Friday) the eye of the cyclone should be a few hours away from passing over Sur and heading out to sea.

This means the wind should peak here in Muscat around 6-9pm this evening. Heavy rain, though surprisingly still relatively mild winds, is in progress in Muscat.

The rain meanwhile will just keep coming, possibly into Sunday morning. So while things look OK now, this is temporary (as we saw during Gonu) as the ground saturates and the run-off from the mountains moves down, expect flooding in low lying areas and essentially anywhere it flooded during Gonu.

McDonalds in Qurm was still bravely pumping out the burgers late this morning. During Gonu it ended up 10 feet underwater, so this is rather brazen!

Main thing will be if power can be maintained, as this will impact availability of water and AC. Though thankfully the temperature is a lot cooler than when Gonu hit right now, By Monday it'll be HOT.

I haven't heard how bad it got in Sur yet. Anyone in Sur encouraged to give us a comment update (please state time/date).

Meanwhile I'm drinking champagne and watching the weather from a high and dry vantage point. If the power goes though my internet will go out...


  1. I too am watching out the window thinking I should have moved the car to higher ground this morning but its a rental and in any case, i'm in Al Ghubra and the streets around here flooded already so I couldn't get out anyhow. Busily blocking up the leaks through window frames (building standards here atrocioius!) but have a tube of water sealant to deal with that... ho hum!

  2. Muscat shud have heavy rains and winds of 150kms per hr by 6pm onwards
    Heavy flooding to be expected but this time around the floods will not rise to Gonu levels bcos Phet is moving from land to sea unlike Gonu which was Sea stationed resulting in High-tide and water from land could not move into the sea Hence got accumulated in Qurum-Wadi submerging the areas in 12 to 15ft deep water

    close all glass-windows tight
    Those staying in very-old depleted buildings specially in Ruwi, Hamriya,muttrah and muscat areas stay for a night at friends and relatives place is advised

  3. Thank you for all the updates. Its hard being away and wondering what's happening on the ground or in the sky's. Inshallah you are all safe.

  4. Hey it's the only excitement we have after the cable of greetings so, what the hell – i'm all for it

  5. Just been to Carrefour at Qurm - very quiet, ideal shopping conditions. Why though, were the checkouts (about 5 open) manned by non-national Arabs rather than the usual Omanis? Could none of them make it to work today?


  6. The Lane near Indian school Ghubra was somewhat flooded. No other things reported. Malls functioning normally but with a much less attendance. Power still there!
    No reason to panic.
    We are at madinat al Ilam and it looks nice and green

  7. To the person who went to Carrefour today, were they sold out of fresh produce? I need to get groceries tomorrow for a party I am (hopefully) haveing on Sunday and am concerened it will be all sold out and maybe no new deliveries. Has anyone been to any other supermarkets? Lulu? Al Fair?

  8. Ghubra area is flooded once more !!! I'm becoming a veteran in dealing with floods.First Gonu, now PHET !!! I wanna start a consultancy in disaster management.


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