Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cyclone Phet... come on down! New prediction says... here she comes.

Models. Computer models that is*.

Never better than a good guess. Latest update has Cyclone Phet missing that well sign posted right hand turn rather badly (hey, it's in Oman after all!) and sliding on through to, errr, here.

Yes, here!

Luckily, by taking the direct route, that giant-air-sucker Phet will be sucking sand rather than moist warm sea air, and will then have to cross the formidable barrier of the Oman Mountains, before heading off to Pakistan.

So, prepare as previously advised: rain and moderate to strong winds. Possibly accompanied by power cuts. It's coming this way.

* Nothing wrong with models per se (in a GQ-Victoria's Secret-esque sense. Those models, well, I confess Muscat Confidential remains a fan) See below, as purchased from a public book store in Oman a few days ago.

actually, the version in the mag was a LOT racier... But this gives you an idea. So much for press censorship in Oman eh?

Photo: Not all models are bad readers, at least in a 'bad' way. See the latest GQ on sale at a bookshop near you.


  1. WOW...that woman is gorgeous and sexy.

    Here's to me being presumptuous: I bet OMR and the other fools who claim to be pious and defenders of virtues will be deriding you with vitriol ...typing with their left hand as their right hand is get the pic.

  2. i have seen what is worse(or more beautiful, to some of us) than that

  3. They seem to be back to the previous one. See here:

    Oman Air is also canceling some flights and sending equipment to Masirah to get people out of there.

  4. Ha ha ha - nice one Shatti - oh dear.

    Odd isnt it exactly 3 years to the day since Gonu - so Oman has move onto the path of cyclones now. Sad really as Omanis are just managing to survive and the last thing they need is another Cyclone to drain their meagre salaries.

    Praying for your safety - inshallah.

    A. Al Busaidy

  5. where is the ENGLISH news??? None on tv...or should we wait for 8pm ???!!! nice one Oman

  6. Best update this Dragon, and bring the alert state down a bit. WM

  7. u are putting a naked women!! with this cyclone issue is going on !! really come on get real

  8. Oman = FAIL in terms of serving the English speaking community during a crisis.

  9. Oman is a country where so many expatriates reside, and so its very essential that an update in English also should be provided.
    Kindly try to include the translation of the news in English at least during situations like this. We had to wait for the news in other channels instead of getting first hand information from the country we reside.



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